Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Winning weekend at Shroty's...I guess

I pulled a couple of sessions at Shorty's last weekend and busted out 2 wins. Nothing big, but wins none the less. I got in the game Friday night with $300.00...went all the way down to $60.00...and cashed out with $675.00. It all happened pretty quick too. I am slowly chipping back up and got my stack to about $80.00 when I triple up with pocket Queens against pocket 10's and a KJo. 2 hands later I double thru when I flopped a set of 5's against Doc's bullets and we get it all in on post-flop. It is amazing how quickly things can turn around for you in certain situations.

I went back on Memorial Day to play and they had the usual suspects...Frenchy, Doc, Devin and Johnny. On a non-poker topic, I want to say speedy recovery to a local poker player that was in a terrible car accident, and He was in the hospital in intensive care for weeks. His name is Vinny and we call him "Houma Vinny" or "Flattop Vinny" as he wears his helmet in a military style high and tight, and he is from Houma...anyone who plays poker in Southeast has probably played with him before. Great guy...solid player...get back to the felt soon Vinny!!!!

So on this session, I show up and there is one seat open, sweet. As anyone who plays at Shorty's can tell you, sometimes the games can be "Hit or Miss" as some times the games is full with a list, it breaks up too early and sometimes, there no game at all. I always call first and would suggest you do too. I personally think that they could get more NL games more often if they would advertise on GCP.net...(Hint Hint...wink wink ...Ken Foreman)...but I digress. So, I call before I go to make sure they had a game on Memorial Day...they do...there is an open seat.
Ken tells me, "GeneD...its a 5-10 game today"...What??? I look at the suspects...5-10??. Normally it is 5-5. I get $400 and head to the table, and it is just as I thought...there was an average of $400 per person on the table. I sit down and start asking who wanted to play 5-10, and they all started saying "The Table" wanted to. Everyone starts to kind of gang up on me thinking I am trying to "question" their poker wisdom. I start to explain to all these old guys about # of BB's per your opening stack, standard Starting stacks per the BB's ...and I see it in their eyes that I could just as well be explaining quantum physics or how to split the atom...I give up mid sentence. I eventually just explain that it is my fault, I should have asked when I called...lets play some poker. I play good ...solid poker and cash out with $630 a couple of hours later.

Last Tuesday, I made my monthly pilgrimage to the Belle Of Baton Rouge. There were several of my friends there. Of course Dana was dealing and Clint Shafer was there...Cigar Mike...the regulars. They open a game 5 minutes after I get there....sweet!!! ....NOT!!! I played terrible. Made 2 terrible calls, and moved in with 2 pair on a board of KhQd10d against this tight women with a busted shoulder. I had Qd10s...she goes in tank and ask me, "What...you got a flush draw" Damn...I knew I was in trouble. I now have her on K-10 or K-Q. Maybe she will be spooked and think I flopped a set...no can do. She calls and tables KdQs...she even had my diamond re-draw busted.

I have been playing on Stars alot trying to get my online bankroll up to try to shoot for some WSOP satellites. I am planning on playing in the $370 super on the 15th. They are guaranteeing 200 seats in the Main Event, and last year I think they gave away something like 267 seats. I have been doing OK...I guess. Stll lots of beats though. I played last night in a $12 sng with 180 ppl. Results below:

PokerStars Tournament #90445423, No Limit Hold'em Buy-In: $11.00/$1.00
180 players Total Prize Pool: $1980.00 Tournament started - 2008/06/01 - 00:58:49 (ET)Tournament finished - 2008/06/01 - 02:47:46 (ET)
1: modaddy (San Jose), $594.00 (30%)
2: GCPGeneD (Houma), $396.00 (20%)
3: heino80 (Bexbach), $235.62 (11.90%)
4: Serdar A. (Chesterfield), $158.40 (8%)
5: wolop (Penticton), $128.70 (6.50%)
6: natecfc1 (Plymouth uk), $99.00 (5%)
7: NastyNateBR (Brighton), $69.30 (3.50%)
8: poisonivey99 (Dallas), $51.48 (2.60%)
9: fuzieduck (Calgary), $33.66 (1.70%)
10: mikeyb101 (Brownsville), $23.76 (1.20

Sweet...I now have my buy-in for the super mega on the 15th
Below is some of the hands Ive been getting plowed on

PokerStars Game #17834423578: Tournament #90445423, $11+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXI (4000/8000) - 2008/06/01 - 02:48:03 (ET)
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to GCPGeneD [Ks Qd]
modaddy: raises 219916 to 227916 and is all-in
GCPGeneD: calls 32484 and is all-in
Uncalled bet (187432) returned to modaddy
*** FLOP *** [5c 6h 8d]
*** TURN *** [5c 6h 8d] [Ad]
*** RIVER *** [5c 6h 8d Ad] [3c]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
GCPGeneD: shows [Ks Qd] (high card Ace)
modaddy: shows [8s Kh] (a pair of Eights)modaddy collected 82568 from pot

PokerStars Game #17764899210: Tournament #90084784, $6.00+$0.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level III (25/50) - 2008/05/28 - 23:43:08
(ET)Table '90084784 1' 9-max Seat #1 is the button
*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to GCPGeneD [Jc Js]
*** FLOP *** [Ks 2h 9s]
*** TURN *** [Ks 2h 9s] [8s]
*** RIVER *** [Ks 2h 9s 8s] [6s]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
Clay Bentley: shows [As 3c] (a flush, Ace high)
GCPGeneD: shows [Jc Js] (a flush, King high)
Clay Bentley collected 1505 from pot

I also want to say good luck to Monkey, Claudia and Gabe as I heard they are sharing a house in Vegas during the WSOP.

"Discovering the object of the game *is* the object of the game" Daniel Shoor as himself in "The Game"

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bayou Poker Classic Final Table MPEGs

The Video Above is the hand that Crippled TK

The One Below gets everyone

Updates...Circuit final table...WSOP Main Event prediction

I haven't posted much as I haven't had much going on recently. My circuit ended on Friday night when the following hand came up. Again, I am in for $200.00 and have my stack up to about $260.00. There is a LAG guy 2 to my left. I am in the 1 seat. The guy is talking alot, and he has about $500.00 in front of him. I figured he was winning, but knew he would donk off some of those chips. I am on the button, and look down at Kc10h. I limp and donk in BB makes it $20.00 to go. 2 people call...I am getting 4 to 1 on my money...I smooth. Flop lands 10s9h4c. Donk fires out $35.00 and we lose 1 of the callers. I call and we see the turn 3 handed...9s. I like this card. I don't have him on a 9...not at all. Donk fires $100.00....other guy folds and I call. Flop is the Jc. He puts me all in...I call...he tables KcJs...and thats a wrap. Even though I got unlucky, I feel that I played the hand bad. I should have jammed on the flop or turn. I should have never let it get to the river. lets see....I was a 70-30 favorite on the flop and moved to 85-15 after the turn. I pinned my hoped on playing Sunday in a mega on getting staked by 2 people, but neither came through.

I was able to get down to Harrah's yesterday to sweat TK and Gabe at the final table. Wow was it entertaining. They were down to 4 handed when I got there, and Gabe and TK were both still in it. There was also a local there, Floyd Vanderford, who nursed a short stack to collect over 100k. I was very impressed with him. I was also impressed with Nick Cici's game also. He actually only got half of the winnings as one of his buddy's had 50% of him...still a nice score.

There was a time when Fish and I were talking to this guy, and we started talking chop. TK offered the guy a 50-50 chop when TK was 1.5 to 1 dog. His buddy could not understand why anyone would do that. We rationalized it to him that TK was a solid, proven poker pro. He admitted to us that Nick does not play much poker. I told him, "Hey man, I am not knocking your boys game or nothing...I like his game, but TK has already won major tournaments on the felt and online, he plays in the Sunday Millions on Stars...every Sunday...I think he was being generous myself". Well...he wound up taking it down. What do I know? ;-)

The banter at the table was priceless. I got to see the head games that go with playing in a live tournament for that much money. I am sure you'll have seen the hands on the poker pages blog. He was crippled when he held AQo and the flop comes down Q44. Nick called a pre-flop raise with 4-3...ballsy. If TK wins that last hand, he got it in with the best of it with Q-4 against J-7...again...the kid called and all in with J-7, and if TK doubles through there...that game is wide open again as he would have close to 800k.

Got to hang out with TK, Fish, Nick, DaRock and Lou Esposito after it was over, and we analysed the play. The kid made some weird plays that paid off for him in the long run...Congrats Nick!!!!!

As far as TK...He could not have been more disappointed, but I am sure he will bounce back like a champ. I think what hurt the most was losing to an amateur...Again no Offense to Nick...but compared to TK he is an amateur. If it was Phil Ivey up there he would have taken it a little better. I will have some pics up as soon as I can get them off my Camera. I got some good pics and mpegs of everyone...including tournament extraordinaire...Jason Lipscomb.

My Prediction on the Final Table of the WSOP Main Event....All the players will get agents/mediators and negotiate a straight chop across the board...then the WSOP people with conspire with all the players to play with fixed decks so the final table will be entertaining...It will be like wrestling...the powers that be will script the whole table and you will see set over sets...full houses over full houses...numerous 4 of a kinds...and the final hand will be right out of the Cinci Kid...Straight flush over 4 of a kind...you heard it here first.

No seriously....I think they will negotiate a chop like I said...they will agree to play for the bracelet and the legacy...They will be sworn to secrecy...it will be exposed weeks before the table and it will blow up in Harrah's face...That's my prediction.

"What I'd like to know is how you rob a bank without opening any doors" Samuel L Jackson as Roland in "Jumper"

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Brief updates...

Been playing some cash games and satellites at the circuit event since the start, but I have not played in any of the events. I am planning on firing a bullet at the event today at noon, and possibly the 7-stud event at 3:00pm if the nooner winds up hating me. I chopped a $65.00 satellite last night to get my buy-in for the nooner today.

I got to watch the final table of the first event a couple of days ago, and I am amazed at Cubs play. That guy is on fire. I got to chat yesterday with Gabe Costner, and he told me that they booked a trip to Vegas recently and Cub ran good the whole time they were there too. The guy is a machine, and I thought he was going to chew up Dr. Del. Actually, I am a patient of Dr. Del's. He has worked on me several times in my lifetime...a great guy and a world class Orthopedic Surgeon...and it looks like a solid poker player.

We also had another local regular player get 2nd in another event. Teddy Trosclair from Thibodaux picked up around 20 large for getting 2nd place. I saw JoJo and him last night in the tournament room. Congrats to Teddy and Dr. Del...hopefully the cajun contingent will keep pushing forward.

Cash game highlights...Not many...got in a 2-5nl game with a several good players. Antonio Esfandari's little brother Pasha aka "Paul" was the LWAG player in the game. He was raising with any Ace to $30-$40, and was calling and raising on all draws. He bet his draws and bet them high. I was playing tight looking for a spot to double up. He had already doubled -up several players and then snapped off Tom "Spoonman" Witherspoon when he called a solid pre-flop raise with 8-6o. Spoon had pocket K's but Paul turned the straight.

I was in the game for $250.00 and was at about $330.00 when the following hand came up. I am in late position with 10h-10s. Paul makes it $40.00 to go, and I call...as does Spoon. That worried me right there. I did not like that Spoon called here also. Flop hits 9s5s2s. Paul instantly moves $130.00 into the pot. I go in the tank and think..."lets see...I have him solidly on Ace-big...the question is does he have a spade. If he has no spade I am probably 70-30. If he does, I think it will be a coin flip. He will have 6 overs and all the spades. There is no fold equity...it is fold or Jam"...I jam...he insta-calls with AhKs....Great...Turn is the Qd...that puts me at 60-40...Kd on the flop and thats one buy-in down.

I was not happy with the hand...I think I could have found a better place to get my money in.

Heading to Harrahs...

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Booked a small win at Shorty's...weekend online

Stopped in at Shorty's on Friday night and booked a small win. I was not happy with the way I played at all. I got my self in some situations where I was playing too tight, and it cost me money. I missed 2 river value bets where I could have picked up some extra chips, but I just did not pull the trigger. The crowd was all the regulars that are there...Doc...Doc#2...Golf Tom...Jack S.

Bad Play #1:

I am in the game for $200.00. 3rd hand I play. I won the first one to get my stack to about $250.00. I am in mid to late-position with pocket 8's when Doc raises to $35.00 from UTG. He only has about $90.00 left in front of him, and he has that look on his face as he is not happy. Probably had taken a beat before I got there...not sure. There were no callers to me. I put him on A-Big...K-Q-J...and I just didn't want to flip a coin for half my buy-in this early in the session. If I could have gotten some other takers and gotten better percentages on my call, I would have taken the flop. I muck my hand after thinking for several minutes, and don't you know, the button and both blinds join the party. Flop comes out 8c3hKs...perfect flop for mid-set. Doc scared them all out with a pot sized C-Bet, so I did not get to see what he played with. I was kind of pissed, but shook it off.

Bad Play #2 (Missed VB)

Earlier in the session I took down the blinds and antes (7 limpers) with KcKs from the BB. I look down at AcAs from the same position. Golf Tom fires out $15.00 from UTG, and the only guy at the table I was really concerned about the whole session...smooth calls from the button. I decide to make it $50.00 straight to go for a $35.00 raise. Both players call. Flop comes out 8dJd2d. I did not like this flop at all...especially since I did not have the Ad. I knuckle...GT fires out $30.00 and the button calls. Damn...I don't like this at all. I smooth call also. Turn brings the 5s. Tom again fires out $30.00, and I call as we lose the button. River is the 2h...I actually like this card even though it pairs the board. It covers me in case GT has some hand like J-8s. He knuckles after the river, and I knuckle too. I show the aces and he mucks. I think I could have got another $40-50 out of him...I had him on something like Q-J or K-J post-hand.

I played online yesterday and didn't do well at all. Lost 1/4 of my online bankroll. I am now in the $5000.00 Guaranteed on Stars. I just doubled up with A-K. Lets see if I can do something with it....30 minutes later...I just donked off half my stack with a Q-4o from the BB when everyone limped around to me...I tap. Flop hits Q-6-5...I call the guy all the way down and he flopped a set of 6's...pitiful...absolutely a terrible play. The hand that knocked me out...I am the short stack at the table with 12 BB's left and I jammed with A-Js...guy looked me up with 10-10...board bricks and thats a wrap.

Didn't do much this weekend but hang out around the house and do honey-dews. My yard is really looking good, and My tomato plants are on a roill this year. I am really happy with them. Julie and I cooked all day on Saturday as it was raining until about 3pm...amongst other things.

We put a beef roast in the slow cooker and I fired up a pot of white beans with salt meat.

Looks like Wild Bill had a tough night last Friday. I am sure he will pull himself out of the down swing...and Tex...all I can get from Tex is... "text" messages something about him giving a NL Holdem lesson to some pro basketball players...whats up with dat? I hear Joe and Matt are doing well in Sin City. Big Ray is now a "Big Papa"...congrats brother and enjoy that child. My brother in Law (Another Ray) has again taken up online poker and has been running/playing well.

"The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences"Emile Hirch as Chris McCandless in the movie "Into the Wild"