Monday, September 06, 2010

Ivey walking...

This was filmed recently...His daddy's some proud...big file

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Back from the Beau...

Got back from the Beau early this week,and I couldn't make it back over there as we had to Baptize Ivey this week. The Baptism had been planned for some time, so I didn't even get to play in any of the Mega's. I cashed in a tourney and ran well in the cash game for an overall nice score on the 3 days I was there. I may head there tommorrow night and catch the Final Table on Tuesday...especially if Jon Little/Monk/Kai/Ricky King...or any of the other locals make it that far. I had heard that Tyler was already donk down...and none of the other regulars made the trip. If its a "Friends and Family" FT...I probably will head west.

I was able to get in a $340 donkament and would wind up min-cashing +1 for $740. I went out 18th right behind Clint fact...I looked down at 8-8 with 5 1/2 bbs left and we were going to have to re-draw. There was some question about whether Clint and I would split the pay jump since it was the same hand...but the ruling was that he had already landed in 19th...I called and slammed into 99. That's a wrap...

I want to talk about a few hands I witnessed. The overall play of the tournament I witnessed was best. I play in a lot of the low level MTT's online($2.20 to $25.00)...and you don't see many saw them almost every hand that went to showdown.

The 1st hand I want to discuss there was chatter after the hand...and a local older player from Biloxi most of my regular know... "Fedora Bert" and I discussed the hand...and we took opposite sides of the "chatter". I respect Bert's game, and I am not trying to be critical of his play...this hand just exemplifies the "Older players vs Newer-Online Players" mentality...Bert was involved in the hand...and played out below...but let me set the stage a little 1st.

Bert is 2 to my right and there is an older gentleman I have played with that is very nice and chatty on my left. The kid on my direct right with a Okl Sooners hat on(between me and Bert) had one of his buddies walk up and say , "Dude...I just won my seat in a in the tourney" which our "Oky" buddy say, "Cool...I won my seat last night"....Hmmmmmm...I immediately put the kid on "newbie...recreational" player.

I am almost positive (but could be wrong) that Bert was in SB and Oky was in BB...we are in the 1st round of the tourney...maybe 15-20 hands in deep (25-50 blinds) and everyone folds to Bert who completes...Kid raises 3x...Bert calls...they see the flop of K-Q-7 with 2 spades. Bert leads out for about 1/2 the pot...Kid raises...Bert calls. The turn brings another K. Bert knuckles...Kid Open Shoves...Bert snap calls...Kid Q-Q...Bert K-Q...our young Oky friend says his goodbyes to the table and walks away saying , "Theres nothing I could do?"...shaking his head.

That is wear the disagreement started...I seem to think there is something the kid could have done and said, "I don't like the way he played the hand...I wouldn't go busted there", to which Bert was adamant about, "No way...I am getting it in right question....I have a Queen high full-house...I am getting it in there". There was a guy at the table that asks me, "You fold a queen high full-house there?"...I answer..."I don't know if I ever would have folded there, but I hate the open shove... when Bert calls my raise on the flop his range tightens...I know he has a good hand and KQ/KK/K7 are all in that Bert checks the turn...I check...Bert value bets the river and I call...I lose the hand...and still have plenty of chips to play....we are in the 1st round of a tournament"...Bert stays adamant...not sure if he was just doing a mis-direction or not...but he says he sticks it all in there.

The 2nd and 3rd hand will be a little quicker analysis...but I believe this gives you readers a basic understanding of what the play was like. We are several levels into the tournament at this point and the blinds were 25/150/300. There is a pre-flop min raise and 5 callers. There is a guy OTB with around 17k...50 bb range. The flop hits the board J-J-5 rainbow...lead out....raise....OTB 3 bet snap shoves....gets called by the BB. They table their hands and OTB tables J-10...he is also saying while walking away from the table talking to himself, "what can I do...I flopped a set" as the BB tables J-5. Yeaaaaaaaaa. 1st off buddy did not flop a flopped 3 of a kind...2nd of all...the 10 was not the greatest kicker...and to shove 50 bbs into that pot/situation was not good.

The 3rd hand was from the final table in the tourney I played...yea...I was railing Juicy (Jason Lipscomb...GCP Blogger) and a couple of other people I new when the guy in the 1 seat got crushed and was down to fumes (sorry about this Peter). The 1 seat was in the sb...and had just a few chips left...a player open shoved a medium-small stack with 6-6...and got called before it went to the blinds...of course the sb folded...and the player went busted....the 1 seat moved up a pay grade and pocketed an extra $800 or so...he went out 3 hands later.

I am just checking out Brian Hepinstall's updates on the Beau facebook page and they are on Dinner break. If Jon Little/Monkey/Kai make the FT...I will probably head that way to sweat.

Going bullet points from here:

-Ben "The Destroyer" Mintz showed up at my table 4 hands after the hand Bert above...It was good to see and chat with you Ben...take care

-I was able to score a suite at the Beau (no offense...nice...but not as nice as Hard Rock/IP...although it was 2 full rooms as the IP was just one room with the couch)...and shared it both nights...once with Brian Hepinstall and the next night with the "Tiltin Texan"...Jason "Tex" Henderson.

-We apologize about the news feed updates on the site...seems we having "Technical Difficulties" with the hosting company again...sighhhhhhhhh...their working on it.

-We should have the next issue of the Magazine out soon...we are finalizing the advertising.

-We baptized Ivey today...he is officially a Catholic

-Entourage is not on tonight ...bummer...but Swamp People are on....Hahahahaha...lets just over sensationalise being a coonass

-I killed it at work this month...finally getting some traction

-You want to check out a cool video...go to cardplayer and checkout Haralabos Voulgaris pad...Haralbob is cool as shit...and his pad is even cooler

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