Friday, June 29, 2012

Vegas Baby...Vegas!!!

Getting super pumped for Vegas next week and the upcoming National Championship Freeroll. Can't wait to get there, and super excited that there will be a bunch of us all going out there at the same time...which is during this years Main Event. Wild Bill is already there hopefully winning us all money that got some of his shares....Monkey and Barth both fly in the same day as me...should be fun stuff.

I am planning on playing an event on the 4th although I am unsure which one I will play...Lets see here...the $600 buyin at the Venetian...the $240 Six Max at Ceasers...the Main Event at the Wynn for $2600...or the Opening events of the Bellagio Cup for $550. Choices...Choices...nice problem. Guess I will let my backer decide and just go try to make it happen. From there I am going to be playing whatever other tournaments I can get me hands on. Hopefully they will be running the "Daily Deepstack" tourneys in parallel with the Main Event.

I spoke to my backer and had several conversations with people I trust about the whole "Coaching" thing from my last post for the $10k event, and decided I was just going to roll with what got me there. I think my game is where it is ...and needs to be. Its not like I have been playing bad and getting it in with the worst of it...I just need to have some hands hold up and rock on.

Work could not be going any better. I am doing really well with my sales, and notched a $65,000/4 mile Fiber build last week that should get me a huge commission check. I have really been dialed in and making the right connections. The cable side the house seems a little easier to sell than the Telco side, but its all really about "activity" and getting out there and making it happen.

I have been approached by some folks about "putting together a package", but had to turn them down. Mostly some of my non-poker playing friends, as I think I am already in a good spot. I have a great backer that believes in me and he knows I won't try to take advantage of him and come and ask to play "every" event...etc. We have been very successfull at "picking our spots" and making some money. He gets 1st shot at my action, and if for some reason he doesn't want Uncle and some guys from Jacks Bar in Houma will pick it up...They had me in the Main Event at Harrahs in early Decemeber/2011...3rd in line is a very wealthy friend of mine that has put me in events in the past...she contacted me around Christmas and said "Whenever...Consider yourself sold" if I am ever in need of a stakehorse. Her son is a little older that Ivey.

I have also had a backer where we had a live deal that involved make-up. I only cashed once in our deal, and he even took me to Vegas with him one year. Some things came up on his end with his family, job and school...and he just stepped out the scene for awhile and took a breather. Actually...I can't "Thank" that person enough for believeing in me...and I kinda still feel like that "make-up" is still on me somehow. That person also knows if I ever do hit it big that I am taking him with me for the ride. All his buyins will be covered. (He also reads this blog...I Love Ya Kid ...and would do anything in my power for you)

People talk about staking deals and "selling packages" like their all glitz and glam. No... theres lots of worrying going on also. Its almost like I want to win more when I am backed...I want to do well...I take the losses harder. Lots of unforseen worries that some people don't see...and when you hear the stories of people "stiffing" their backers...WOW...what idiots. I heard a story about a guy that will be playing This years $10k Freeroll that stiffed his backer only to call him up crying, "Because I spent it all...its all gone"...and begged him for another shot...sigh. Now thats the things I don't understand about these deals.

Then you have your non-poker playing friends and family asking you...Typical conversation below:
NPPF:  " had to give half your winnings away?"...
You:     "Yes...thats the way it works...but I had no risk...all I had to do was play"...
NPPF:  "So you had to give somebody else $10,000"
You:     "Yes...Thats how it works"....
NPPF:   "Wow...what...did the Casino split the does that work"...
You:     "No...I collected the cash and went found my backer...unzipped my backpack...reached in and gave him a brick of hundreds still strappped up"...
You:   " just opened your backpack and handed him $10,000 cash????"

...siiigghhhh...Doesn't seem that hard to understand...

Twitter is taking had me sign up for a twitter account years ago...Like...May/2008. I never thought it would take off the way it has. I might go ahead and do my wsop updates on my twitter account. I don't know.

My son is really talking his head off these days. Looks more and more like his Momma but has his Daddy's hard ass head. Check him out in this pic and video...He hits the tee but he has a good stance for 2 1/2 years old

Friday, June 01, 2012

New Orleans...and the upcoming National Championship

I haven't blogged in a awhile and got some flack for it during the latest WSOP circuit event in New Orleans, but I have been busy...busy with my new job...more on that below.

I have been having the same internal feelings that Monkey is feeling when the WSOP kicks off, and all the post and comments on the Internet about all the excitement ...and you just can't get there to play. I think that there are lots of poker players that know that feeling. I have had lots of people give me tons of kudos recently for sticking to the job front, and not running off all "half cocked" thinking I am going to crush poker once I had the scores in 4Q/2011...nah...I never once thought I could parlay those scores into a career, and not sure whether I even wanted to. Its tough when you play well, and things go your way and you know you can play at that level...but with a 3 year old and a family...I have to keep a job where I can make some real money and have Medical Insurance...can buy a house...etc.

 I use to have people ask me all the time, "why don't you just play poker for a living"...and I use to answer them, "Because I have never been forced too"...I always have had a good job that I could play poker around. Well...that day came recently and in the 4 months I was out of work...I won close to $50,000 in tournaments (Including the $10,000k National Championship seat and not counting what my backer got)...and another $5000 or so in the cash area. Could I turn that into a career?...not sure...I just feel better playing when I am working...less stress/worries. most of the people I hang around with in the poker world all have jobs or own their own companies. It just seems to make sense to stay working for me at this time.

Is was great to take time off thru the holidays though...I traveled on the circuit and played some events...The Beau...Tunica...Jacksonville WPT...St Louis...West Palm Beach...I enjoyed the action and the competition ...but there was always something missing at the end of the wife and son. I know there are ways to Skype and keep in touch, but there is just nothing like holding him in your arms. I remember when I was in Tunica it seemed like he learned 30-40 new words while I was gone and it hurt...felt like I was missing something.

Things do seem to be going really good for us these days as a family as my job has turned out to be a god send, and my Sales Manager one of the best I have ever worked with/for. The company is a great company, and you never realize how terrible things were in your last job where you were unhappy...until you find yourself working for people that you truly respect and admire.

Ok...where did I leave off last blog...OH YEAAAA...Easter Time. What has happened in poker since that last post....nooooothiiing exciting...but I will talk a little poker here.

St Louis Circuit Event:
Spent the week in St Louis for the circuit event...and my new hire training which means that I had to go to training during the day thus could not play any of the ring events...and since I had to be "bright eyed and bushy tailed" for training...I wasn't going to play any of the nightlies either as they never end until daylight...that leaves SNG I come. Played bunch of SNGs and was teed up to play the $1k since they let us out on that Friday at noon...then my son came down sick and had to go to the Doctor..."Game Time" decision to play the $1k was made...I passed and came on home.

I went into the New Orleans event kind of pumped but also knew I couldn't play the daily events as it would conflict with my job during the week...that left the weekend events and the Main event playing the 7pm flight on day 1B on that Friday. I fired at those tourneys and came up empty even though I felt that I played well.

Busted the 1st mega when I limp behind UTG+1 from late position with Q-10o, and Jeremy "thechemist" Gaubert also comes along from the blinds...were both almost even with a little over 12 bigs left in the tourney and the flop gives us Q-10-2 with two diamonds...Chemist leads for a nice size...early donk hits the muck...I over shove...Chemist snaps...He cringes a little in his facial expression when he sees my hand and he turns up 6-2d probably thinking he also had the three 6s also as matter..."Diomeel" on the turn and he fades me boating up...I lose as a 60/40 favorite but am not bummed as Jeremy and I have become friends and I am glad my chips went to someone I like (He did get a seat and played great)

Busted 2nd cheaper mega...can't remember hand...sigh

Busted 3rd Mega that sent me home in a tailspin...totally frustrated and flustered. We play down to where we need to knock out 8 more people to win a seat. I am sitting on bout 12 bbs and look down at two red Queens (QQ) in LP...EP player raises...I snap ship when it folds around to me...EP donk with a little more than me...tank-calls off his tournament with JhJc and I cruise to a seat...uhhhhhh...well that is what was SUPPOSE to happen...but no...villain goes runner-runner to the clubs and I am stunned...villain doesnt even see it and stands up and starts packing...then I get up and hit the bricks..see yaaaaaaa

Main event:
Started off and just loved my 1st  table...Barth M/Nic "The Greek" Gillepsis/Rodney "Coach" Shows/Local bar owner...everyone I knew and I was catching hands early. Chipped up to about 40k quickly...went card dead...broke the table...ended the day at 20 bigs...siiggghhh

Day 2 was also great starting table...Captain Tom on my left whose range is somewhat easy to polarize...Jerry Ard in 10 scary player...lets roll...I triple up early on hand covered my pokernews. I open shoved 10 bigs with 66 and Captain Tom calls...Jerry Ard re-ships over the top of CT...CT tank-folds A-Ko face up and I immediately ask Jerry, "You have that same hand don;t you?"...he smiles and also tables A-Ko...I rake the pot.

This was the 1st time all tourney that I had my tournament life at risk. The next 2 times I get it for my stack I was well ahead...QQ>JJ and then a little later I get it in AK>AQ. I got moved to the table with Daniel Lowery in the 2 seat and another big stack in the 3 seat...and I go card dead. I missed some spots where I should have got it in instead I choose to get out of the way and would have had an edge.

Player limps...I limp with 77...BB ships and I had him barely covered....Original limper tank-folds and tanks hard. I have to put him on an Ace there and the shover also...with one less Ace in the deck my odds push much better...I HAVE TO MAKE THAT CALL...siiiggggghhhhh. BB folds AKo face up when I fold and other guy admits he folded an Ace.

My Demise?...I am sitting on 8 1/2 bigs...2nd place finisher Andrew Nyugen on my right OTB...Im in the SB...he standard raises 2.3 the BB...I shove...BB folds and Andrew tank-calls with gotta love it.

My shove range there has him crushed here...guess he figured being a  70/30 dog there was worth the extra chips and his stack was not that big at this time...I cruise to the money if I can fade it...NOPE theres n Ace...shook his hand and packed up. I needed that double up...I wanted that call

Getting pumped for the National Championship. I am selling patch deals if anyone is interested. I have 3 spots left.

I am also entertaining a Coach for the tournament...Looking to give up a small percentage of my winnings. If you know me...have significant tournament winnings...and you think you can help me...hit me up

What else is happening...My wife has gotten a great job that she really likes with a good/growing company that is willing to work around her school so she can get her degree. I will be happy once she has her degree as its something she has been wanting to finish for some time. We are back in the House Hunting and we are looking at trying to possibly get a house that is in the family...and completely remodel it. Its in a great location with one of the best public schools but we just don't know whether we can pull it off.

Cool people I met this circuit event...Huy Nguyen was at my 1st table in the re-entry...really nice guy

Looking forward to getting to Vegas...and I plan on giving them hell in the National Championship...juts hope I don't Donk Out on national TV...  LOL

Beginning fight in Gangs of New York...Daniel Day Lewis at "butcher Bill and Liam Nesson as Priest Vallon
Butcherbill: At my challenge, by the ancient laws of combat, we are met at this chosen ground, to settle for good and all who holds sway over the five points: us natives, born right wise to this fine land, or the foreign hordes defiling it.
Priest Vallon: By the ancient laws of combat, I accept the challenge of the so called "natives." They plague our people at every turn, but from this day out, they shall plague us no more. For let it be known, that the hand that tries to strike us from this land shall be swiftly cut down.

Pic of me from Coushatta