Monday, October 27, 2008

Win at Shorty's...or was it??

Headed to Shorty's yesterday and to play some poker, and I booked a winner although I am somewhat flustered by it. I booked a winner in the end, but had a nice stack of chips at one time and I knew I should have pulled up, but didn't. It's just one of those sessions that you chalk up and move on.

I get to Shorty's at about 2:00pm and there is only a 3-6-12 game going with 8 people in the game, so I take a seat and pull out a hundo. They had the 'High Hand' hourly daily special going, and I was able to get an extra hundo between 3-4pm with quad 4's. I decided to play snug and was able to catch some cards and was able to get my stack up to $360.00 with the hundo from the high hand.

We sat with 5 people on the 5-5nl list for some time, and when it got t0 4:30, we had Me, Mr. Albert, Fred, MarkF and some lady that I never played with before. They asked me if i would start the game 5 handed, and I agreed as i was not sure how long Mr. Albert was going to be around. I take out the hundo I started the limit game with, and took the $260.00 to the NL game on a freeroll of such. First hand I look down at JcJh UTG ad limp as everyone else limps also around to Mark who started with $200.00... and he pops it to $25.00. We see the flop heads up and the flops brings the Ac5dJs...sweet...I flopped mid-set. I knuckle and he fires out $40.00 and I now put him him on A-K or A-Q. I try to figure out what can I do to get all his chips. I think of a raise that would make him think that he can't call without gettin it all in in. I raise in $75.00 to make it $115.00. He starts to look at his chips...he cuts out the $75.00 and looks at the 2 stacks...then grabs them both 2 handed and sticks them in. My chips crossed the line the same time his did...I show the set and he shakes his head and mucks gracefully. I kind of felt bad because I like him, and thats just cold-decked on the first hand.

So I sit tight until the game eventually fills up. I win a couple of small pot of Mr. Albert and my stack gets to $560.00. My wife is getting off of work at 6pm in Lafayette, and we decided we were going to give Rik Rak a shot at knocking off Bambo from last weekend. MikeO from Houma shows up and Jack and Cody show up a little later. We chat about how Mike and Jared hit that Bad beat jackpot...Mike got over 20k for the bigside and Jared got over 40k for the Bad beat. Thats a sweet payday. I have been at the table for several but I have never been involved in a BB hand...much less for that much...Thats sweet.

From this point I have played perfect poker and I am right where I need to be for my session range. A $500.00 score is perfect for me here, and I know I should pick up and wait for my wife...but the last big session here was rolling around in my mind and I stayed in the game. My first mistake of the day comes when we see a $20.00 preflop raise ...3 ways. The guy to my left had $160.00 and I have played with him before and I know him as some what of a solid player...doesn't get out of line much. He called and did I as the raiser was in the 3 seat. The pf raiser c-bets $50.00 on a A-5-4 and I have AQo. I think for a second and I call. The guy to my left moves in for $140.00. The pr raiser folds and its $90.00 more to me. I do the Math ....cost me $90.00 to call with a chance to win $300.00....around 3 to 1...I make a crying call knowing I was probably beat...guy shows down a set of 4's ...GG...NH.

That was the catalyst. I went on to make another bad call that didn't cost me too much, and then I started playing bad. The river became brutal for me when it killed me when I flopped a set of 9's when the villain hit a runner-runner straight...and I went to the felt.

Damn...I was now dead even. I pulled out $300.00 more and cashed out and hour and a half later with $465.00. Oh was a win none the same. I kind of laughed now because that high hand became most of what I won on the night. I was still a little tilted that I did not follow my instincts and pulled up with the $500+ win.

I saw that MikeO had the Beef Teriyaki from Rik Rak's and I tried was great...absolutely Delicious. Julie had the Beef Pho Soup, and the whole meal was Delicious. I would give them both a tie between Rik Rak and Bamboo.

a couple of things:
--We are working with the guys with the server as it seems our last update did not get up on the site.
--With that I would like to send a Congrats to Tim Hebert for snapping off another tournament. He won 1st place in the 9th event for around 19k
--For you 2+2 fans...and other forums lurkers...check out the forums at Pokerroad. Barry Greenstein has built a forum topic for "Red Pros" where only they can post. The logic is to have a forum for documented pros where they can posy without having a bunch of knuckleheads responding with non-sense. There is another "Mirror" topic where knuckleheads can post...anyways....pretty cool.

With the presidential election coming up my quote this blog is going to be somewhat ...coded.
If any of you listen to Walton and Johnson in the will know exactly what I mean.

"Wolverines"!!!!! from the movie "Red Dawn"

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wild Bill's Wedding...weekend in New Orleans

My wife and I headed to new Orleans last weekend for the wedding of Wild Bill. We got to spend the entire weekend in New Orleans as we got in Friday night and planned on staying until Sunday. We had a great time, and Bill's wedding was a blast. Obviously, there was some poker that was played also, but I wanted to highlight the weekend as it has been awhile since Julie and I got to un-plug.

Friday night: I left the office about 5pm and headed downtown. We booked our rooms at a Hotel where we had one of our "Dead Money" final tables...The Queen and Crescent. I have stayed there before, and I would give it a B- overall. We got 2 nights for $150.00 which is not bad even though we got hit for a parking ticket for $20.00. I was texting TK to grab a beer with him and Mike until Julie was able to get in New Orleans to come meet me. Julie gets into town and we head to Harrah's and hit Masquerades for a couple of drinks. We ate at Bambo in Harrah's and it was excellent. I got the Won Ton soup and Julie got the Shrimp with Honey and Wasabi...excellent. After we ate I went tot the tables and Julie hit the slots and it went like this...First hour...Gene wins $80.00...Julie dumps $80.00. Second hour..."wash ...rinse...repeat".

I figured we were not going to be able to get anything going so we pulled out. Texted Bill and they were at Pat O's. Julie and I head there and joined the party...We had a great time. I got to meet Shoats who blogs on the site...Got to hang with Austin Martin and Mayor Ed ... drank some hurricanes...NH...GG.

The wife and I wake up Saturday, and head into the quarter. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Cool breeze and hovering around 65-70 degrees. Those of you who know how brutal the weather can be in New Orleans...know just how great that weather is. We wander around the quarter and eat at the LA Pizza Kitchen with Bloody Mary's. While wandering around, Julie and I talk about how cool the quarter is and act like tourist even though we live only 45 minutes away. There is just something about the culture of the French Quarter that is New Orleans. There nothing else like it. Here are a couple of cool MPEGs for those of you that love New Orleans. You may have to click on it...let it play....then click it again to see it in realtime

The first one is of some swing dancers in the Quarter and the 2nd one is of a Jazz band. I pan out to catch my wife sitting on the steps

We go back to the hotel to relax and catch a nap and head to the wedding. We had a blast!!! Hooked up with whole crowd as well as shared a table with the Tiltin Texan and Stacey. We also got to hang out with Silky Joe and his wife...great people. We had a blast. The food was great. Sunday was spent relaxing and eating lunch at Gordon Beirch and watching the Saints game on the patio before heading home.

I was able to grind out 3 separate sessions during the weekend including Monday Night Football where you get free squares on a football pool. Joe B and I crossbooked our numbers for the pool, and I get 0-7...we just missed hitting on halftime and 3rd quarter. Oh well. Booked a small winner every session, but not enough to talk about.

"Bridge, ya know, I mean, what I always thought was that there was this one, one perfect person for everybody in the world, you know, and when you found that person, uh, the rest of the world just kinda magically faded away and... and you know, the two of you would just be inside this kind of protective bubble. But there is no bubble, or if there is, we have to make it. I just think life is more than a series of moments, you know, it's... it's... we can make choices and we can choose to protect the people we love and that's what makes us who we are, and those are the real miracles! Stop me when it becomes glaringly obvious that I have no idea what I am talking about..." Ben Affleck as Ben Holmes in "Forces of Nature"

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nice score at Shorty's

Sorry I haven't been blogging much to the few of you who read this blog, but I have been pretty busy lately with the day job. I have had several live cash sessions in the past week, and Im looking forward to getting into some tourney's soon with the IP Poker Classic coming up.

Went to the Belle of Baton Rouge last Wednesday and stayed at the hotel there in the Casino...not bad digs. The hotel was pretty nice. Got into a 2-5 game for 3 hours and donked off a buy-in. Got the last of it in with 9c9d when I got called by KhQs. If I win that race I am right back where I started at. This was also one of those nights of "What ifs". On one hand I called a pf raise to $20.00 by this young kind named Jacob that I have seen running around the circuit lately. He was in Tunica my last trip and I didn't know he was from Baton Rouge...I digress...back to the hand.

Jacob opens with a raise of $25.00 and gets called by the player to his left that has made several questionable plays in the 45 minutes I have played so far. I looked down at 10d10c. I smooth and we see the flop 3 ways. Flop hits KdKh6c. Jacob c-bets $55.00 and the donkfish raise to $85.00. Damn...I go in the tank...I know what I need to do but some times you have that guys know it...that feeling where you just know its coming. That feeling has cost me lots of money and many of pots HaHaHaHa. I pitch here and Jacob calls obviously as its a no brainer in his situation. I had donkfish on K-x and Jacob on J-J. They turn over their cards and Donkfish has K-7 and Jacob has Q-Q...Close. Turn... "10 BALL in the side pocket"...river ...brick. Oh well...thats poker. I also mucked several gutter balls that would have hit also. Its amazing how you can be rewarded with bad play.

Went to Harrah's Friday night and ripped another buy-in. This night I played some hands bad...real bad. I made a hero call for $70.00 where I thought the guy had air...he had the nuts....Yeeaaaaaaaa. I find myself in the same boat I was in at the Belle. I have JJ from the button with about $95.00 left. We get 5 limper to me and I pop it to $30.00. I get 3 callers.

Flop hits 3d4s9c. I stick my stack right next to the line and I announce, "Im jamming". There is some discussion here and I continue to explain, "Guys...I don't know or care what you'll are thinking of want to strategize about what I am going to do...I am telling you'll I am going all in when it gets to me". They all check (Obviously) and I stick it in. Now I get 2 callers including this young kid that thinks he is the resident New Orleans pro. I have played with him before and he is always there. I can't be in a better spot...right? the turn hits the 2s and they both knuckle. I am calling for, "No paint...No Paint...come on dealer...No Paint"...river is the 10s. Superpro now fires out...other guy mucks and he tables 6s7s for the nice runner-runner flush where he called a raise of $65.00 with a gutterball with several re-draws....great play superpro...your the best!!

So now the part you have been waiting for. GeneD finally gets a nice score as the variance finally whipped my way. I headed out to Shorty's Saturday to play some poker, and get in the game about 4:30. There was only 1 table at this time, but a second table opened up fast. There were several people in the game that I have played with before, and knew I was in a good game if I could get some cards in the right spots. I got in the game for $175.00 and cashed out right before 9pm with a little under $2000.00. Finally had a good night. There are several hands that got me there, but a couple I want to talk about. The first one that was almost a huge mistake on my part was when I finally got a good hand when I looked down at QQ with about $135.00 left in my stack. I pop it to $35.00 to go and get 7 theres already over $200.00 in the pot. The flop hits J high and everyone checks around to me and I shove...and then I showed my hand to the table on accident and thats when Mike on my right says, " that...they will kill your hand here". I am like ..."What...kill my hand?"...thats right folks...they will kill your hand at Shorty's if your cards are exposed. That may be common practice here but I have been to lots of other Casino's where you can show your hand all you want. Its your hand. All that anyone is going to see is what you have so thats my problem...not there's. So...anyway...I get warned....and called by Mr. Albert and take down a nice pot to put me near the $500.00 mark. I would like to hear what is the rule at other Casino's on this...I am unclear and don't want to get my hand killed if my cards get accidentally exposed.

Next hand was when I had worked my stack up to about $700.00 and I called a $15.00 pf raise from utg after limping with Ah-10c. The other 2 people in the hand where the 1 seat and Mr. Albert who was already pretty deep in this game. Flop hits 10d-7c-3c. I made a bet out of $45.00 and seat 1 called...then Mr. Albert nonchalantly just grabs a stack of chips and throws them out. Dealer counts them up and there's $110.00 there. I smooth as does the 1 seat. The turn is a 4h and we all check around. The river hits another 3h which pairs the board. I 1 checks...and Now Mr. Albert looks at his cards...looks at the pot and grabs 4 black chips and throws them in there for a $400.00 bet. WOW...What do I do now. I go over the hand in my head. What...he raised post flop with a 3 in his hand...I don't think so...Maybe a straight?? After digging deep and realizing that if I call here and lose...I am back to where I started. "I call" I say....Seat 1 mucks and Mr. Albert says, " called?"..."I have a straight" and then when prompted ...he turns over Kc8c.

Needless to say I stepped away from the table to catch my breath and calm down after kind of getting a little pissed. I did not want to vent a winner, but it just sucks for someone to do that. Announce something that you don't have at showdown. I just don't do that...that's just me.

That just about wraps it up except to say that once I was able to get my stack up at that point, I was able to play some of the best poker I have played in some time. I was able to make some good reads...good laydowns...etc.

I went back last night and couldn't get in a game. Tex, Allen, Mike, Jack Simpson and Vinnie were there. It was the first time I got to see Vinnie since his car accident. He looked good

Anything else out there...

--Wow...we lose Haralabos Voulgaris as a host of Big Poker Sunday on Pokerroad...That sucks. I think Scott Huff does an alright job, but Haralabob is just too f*#$%ing cool. He isn't scared to say anything about anybody...because he can back it up. You have to really admire people like him that shun the spotlight. He doesn't need any of that crap...he has sports to watch/research so he can make his weekly picks....Haralabob...YOUR THE MAN!!!

--Ran into a few people this past week that said they like the site ...and hazed me about not updating my blog...
--Shout out to Timmy Thompson- Thanks for the feedback last night at Shorty's. I thought there were only 4-5 people who read my I have 6 readers...moving up
--Derek Ridley booked a winner at Shorty's on Saturday also...He also told me he has been without Internet since the storms which is why he hasn't done much with his poolandpokerplayer blog.

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Kevin Smith as the Warlock: What, like, you a big fan of the Fett?
Bruce Willis as John McClane: No. I was always more of a Star Wars guy
"Live Free or Die Hard"

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Small win at Harrah's

I have been busy lately at work so I haven't been able to post much...much less play any live poker although I was able to get in a small session last night at Harrah's. I have been trying to put in some hands online, but even that can get tough at times.

I am going to keep this post kind of choppy. I am in Baton Rouge for work and plan on hitting the Belle tonight. Posted a small win last night. Ran into the man from "Parts Unknown" leaving the room, although I think Tex has posted a pic of him...JoeB. In his stock motorcycle jersey coming off a 28 hour session...he's a poker beast ;-).

What else is up...Welcome to Juice for joining our blog team. I think with him and DaRock on board, we could get any type of question answered as far as dealer issues go. To give you an idea how fair J can be, he told me the story of recent mega tourney where they were giving away 10 seats into the Main Event. They were down to 11 and the tables were split with 5 and 6 people each when J caught one of the tables just sitting there and folding. I blogged about this kind of crap years ago when Wild Bill was in this type of scenario at Coushatta where they were paying 10 and there were 11 people left. The table that Bill was not on was "Folding Around"...not even looking at their cards. I was furious, and I kept bringing it up to the TD what was happening and I was being treated like it was none of my businesses. That I was causing an issue. Well, Bill gets blinded out on the bubble and got nothing. There has to be away to make people play, and J decided to move the 2 tables together and made them play 11 handed. Thats the way a TD is suppose to run his tournament. KUDOS!!

Congrats to Allie Prescott from Memphis, TN on final tabeling the UB Aruba Classic. I think he walked away with around 150 large.

Last night was kind of uneventful and then it turned at the last second to my favor. I played my standard game and couldn't get anything going. I was one of the original 10 players when this table opened. 3 people started with $200.00...3 people had $100.00...2 had $ guy came to the table with $60.00 (And stacked off the first hand and left)...I decided to start the table with $160.00. My low point was $85.00...cashed out 3 hours later with $335.00. There were several bad players at my table, and I could not get into a hand with any of them. When I flopped or hit my hands...they had nothing. Then the dynamics changed in my favor around 2 1/2 hour in. It was Tuesday night so there weren't alot of people there and our table got down to 6 handed. In Harrah's, this is somewhat unusual. It would be nice if Harrah's ...or any casino for that matter in our area...would run 6 handed live NL tables. That would be sweet....but I digress

Anyhow...I was able to put my foot on the gas a little more, and got better reads out of the 6 people left, and took over the table. I showed a couple of bluffs and then got into a hand 3-way with this guy in the 1 seat that earlier bought a pot I passed on. (Forgot about that one...I will outline that hand later in this blog). I raised to $15 pre with 4d5d (See that Davey...I am trying to open up my game more HaHaHa) and got 2 callers. Flop comes out 2c3d5h. I C-bet $20.00 and the 10 seat calls around to the 1 seat. He pops it to $60.00. I smooth the $40.00 as does the 10 seat. I know that seat 1 was on a steal from playing with him. Probably has 2 overs. Turn hits 6d ...gin. I bet out $80.00 and they both pitched.

The hand earlier I referenced....we are 10 handed and I call a $20.00 pf raise with does 5 others. We see the flop 6 handed. Flop comes out QdQc8h. Checkosolvakia all around. turn is the Qh. Check...Check...Check...Original raiser fires out $30.00 and I go in the tank. I know the play here. I know I am suppose to make a nice 4-5x raise here and take it down. Something about that 8 had me spooked though and worried that somebody elae might have a pp also. Someone could also be slowplaying never know. I muck and the 1 seat steals my thunder and raises the 4-5x...original raisers mucks as shows one shows rags...dirt. Note to self..."self...Follow your f$#*^en reads!!!!"

Oh well...what else. We plan on rolling out a couple of more bloggers soon. We have a coupe of upcoming projects.

On to politics...For those of who who think Mrs "Hottie" Palin is not fit...please read facts below

"Alaska is the first line of defense in our missile interceptor defense system. The 49th Missile Defense Battalion of the Alaska National Guard is the unit that protects the entire nation from ballistic missile attacks. It’s on permanent active duty, unlike other Guard units.

As governor of Alaska , Palin is briefed on highly classified military issues, homeland security, and counter terrorism. Her exposure to classified material rivals Biden’s and certainly by far exceeds Obama’s.

She’s also the commander in chief of the Alaska State Defense Force (ASDF), a federally recognized militia incorporated into Homeland Security’s counter terrorism plans.
Palin is privy to military and intelligence secrets that are vital to the entire country’s defense. Given Alaska ’s proximity to Russia , she may have security clearances we don’t even know about. According to the Washington Post, she first met with McCain in February, but nobody ever found out. This is a woman used to keeping secrets"

Peace out.

"When you make a move out of stress or anger, it always ends in catastrophe" Anthony Hopkins as John Casey in "Bobby"