Friday, October 23, 2009

New Magazine...and ramblings

I have been touring our demographic while distributing the new magazine that we rolled out, and I have been able to play some live poker in some of the rooms around that area. I would not make it out to Tunica for the Magnolia State Tournament...too busy with work.

Some Highlights:

Amelia Belle: I cashed in the Monday donkament they have there when I lose a pot with 5 people left ...3 ways...that would have given me the CL going into 3 handed play. I have KhKd...other 2 donks have QcJc and Qh10s...I flop a set of Kings and ended the hand in last place as the board ran out min cash behind my man Rob Ratliff.

Harrahs: Played the weekly there and cashed 5th again...but this was a huge tournament and I picked up $850.00 for 5th. I was at the FT with Bo and Barron Whipple. I felt comfortable the whole way as they were the only 2 I was worried about. I even felt comfortable when I was the short stack and they all discussed that they were going to chop if they could knock me out before the dreaded 1000-10,000-20,000 level kicked in. I 3 bet shoved with 2 bbs with a weak ace...and Barron woke up with pocket 10's...of well.

IP/Beau: Bounced to the coast and got some live action in at the well as played the Beau nightly last Thursday. I went out 11th when they were paying 9. I was down to 7-8bbs when I shoved from the button with K-Jo...old guy in the BB called me with A-3o. I had Kirk Flom on my left for the last 3 tables...I also met Monks wife Squirrel for the first time...good stuff

Isle of Capri in Lake Charles: I had a nice run there earlier in the week. I booked a solid cash win win I was in for $400.00 and out for over $1000.00. I hit some hands that paid off...and made moves with air/weaker hands in the right spots to take down some nice pots. They are just like Shorty's over there as they are some slowrolling mofos. Im in a hand where I call a 3 bet from the button with AKo. Flop comes out K-7-J. Everyone knuckles to me and I fire bet...get only one caller who was original 3 bettor. Now the turn is an Ace which gives me top 2...and your boy pushes out a stack of redbirds which came out to $115.00. I tank hard and ask him some questions. I say, "Damn man...I got a good hand...I just dont know if thats enough for me to fold here"...I eventually call ...and before the river cards is dealt he says, "Check Dark" which I immediately say "Check"...and the river card hits the board. I immediately say "Top 2" and table my 2 pair. Your boy stands up...looks at my cards to which I say, "Am i good here?" ...guy sits down and looks at his cards and I say, "Damn man...your not gonna slowroll me here are you?" which he calming says, "Yes...I am"...and table pocket Jacks. Not only was this guy a piece of shit slowroller...but he even admitted it to me BEFORE he showed me his cards...unbelievable.

Paragon: Made my first drive up to Paragon in Marksville...Talk about a brutal drive. I was thinking it was like get off on 165 and head north...and you eventually will run into Coushatta...not here my friend. I got off on the 2nd Bunkie exit and 3 towns later with numerous turns and forks...I finally see the Paragon Casino. Now the casino makes sure that there are signs to guide you on the way through the maze of backroads and country towns...but going back...was another thing. No signs telling you how to get back to 1-49 into you get into Bunkie.

Anyhow...were looking for some feedback on the Magazine...feel free to email your input whether thumbs up ...or down...we just want to hear from you

"A wise man once said: There are no perfect men in the world; only perfect intentions."
Morgan Freeman as Azeem in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sessions at Shorty's...and NWP Radio

I decided to stop on over at Shorty's in Cypress Bayou a few times last week for a couple of cash sessions, and I booked a loser both times...not much though. Got myself in a few situations when I had to make river calls with the 2nd best hands, but that’s how it rolls sometimes.

There’s always one thing that aggravates me about playing there is the "slowrolling" Mo-Fo's that play there. It just drives me crazy that these people cannot understand that this is Bad Poker etiquette. I saw 5 (five) "Blatant" slowrolls ...and I was a victim of the 4th one. I was in the 7 seat and when I called the guy in the 10 seat out for slowrolling me...all he did was just look at me and Roland in the 8 seat, and Roland says, "Man...they don't even know what a slowroll is". I started to believe him.

Well, once the 5th one happened, I felt I had to say something. The 9 seat and the 1 seat (another guy named Gene) get it all in on the turn on a Js-4d-2c--9h board and they are both waiting on the river. Gene shoved the turn and got called by the 9 seat. Well a Kc hits the river and they both just sit neither wanted to show their hand. The dealer says, "Lets see a winner"...and Gene says, “I flopped a set of 4's” and tables his pocket 4's. At this 9 stands up...leans over the table to see Gene's hand and looked at the board again...then sits back down and turns over KhKs.

I said, " do know you slowrolled the f*%# out of him...don't you?"… To which he says "What are you talking about?" ...I explain that what he did was bad poker etiquette, and that he slowrolled they guy. "Sir...please tell me you know you had the nuts there on that hand?"...again...a confused look...and then he launches into a 5 minute tirade about how I was using bad poker etiquette because I had asked to see a couple of hands that went to showdown as I was gathering information. I dismiss him as an idiot, and I am now laughing as the conversation has not got "comical".

Well...everybody calms down and were about 2 more hands deep from when we had the conversation, and the 9 seat says, "Well...explain to me what a slowroll is then"....I told him to go home and Google "Slowroll-Poker"...and he should be enlightened.

Neverwin Poker Radio: I am starting to really look forward to the Neverwin Poker Radio Podcast as it has morphed into a character show that focuses on poker. It’s pretty rough for anyone that runs in the "Politically Correct" arena as there are no punches pulled. There is no love lost between the folks at Neverwin and 2+2 either. They rip on David Sklansky and Mason Mallmuth with complete abandon...and their not shy about ragging on each other either.The cast of characters is below.

Bryan "The Icon" Micon: Micon is the host of the is his show. He is a proud pot smoker...and you can tell by the way the show rambles sometimes. You all probably remember Micon from the Thriller Dance years ago in the Main Event. There’s not much you can say here except, "Well...Micon is Micon". I counted seven times when Druff used the phrase last episode, "There you go shit the bed again".

Dustin "Neverwin" Wolff: The site is named after Neverwin, and he is known as one of the top limit plays on the internet...that was until he detoxed off of all the opiates/pills he was the jury's still out. He is completely clean of opiates and he opened up about his addiction on the show recently saying he was taking 5-6 Oxycontin 80 milg tablets a day. He detoxed himself for a week...then he jetted out to Turks and Cacaos for a vacation. They have a running prop bet that Micon/Druff/Drexel...can make him pee in a cup at any point to check to see if he is using. As long as there are no opiates...he is good to go...THC is to be expected. Neverwin is also the “stud” of the site as he has dated lots of the hot chicks in poker…including Jennicide…Chantel McNulty…and more.

Todd “DanDruff” Witteles: Druff is the equalizer on the site as he is the super conservative…and is also a bracelet winner… and the best player out of the crew. Druff is the man and is the most intelligent guy on the radio show.

Brandon “Drexel” Gerson: (Brandi Hawbaker’s old boyfriend) I am really starting to like Brandon as he is becoming more and more a part of the show, He is a pro gambler, who has lived in Vegas for years and has worked in many of the Casinos as a Pit Boss. He is also the “stud” behind Neverwin as he has dated some of the hottest chicks in Poker also.

Pokerpages goes “Donk-Down”: That’s right folks…it looks like one of the oldest and most notable Poker Websites is going under. They are one of the only big poker sites to not have a “Hard Magazine” to go along with the website.

Magnolia Poker Classic: There may be a chance that I head that way to play in a couple of tourneys. I know that going to Tunica is pretty brutal…I may wind up showing up on some weekends to play a few of the events.

“-I had my foot on the gas as I left the road and blew out my mind
-8 miles outta Memphis and I got no spare
-8 miles straight up downtown somewhere
-I just dropped in to see…what condition my condition was in”
Lyrics from the song “Just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in) by Andre Previn