Saturday, May 15, 2010

OK...Back to posting about poker

I am going to spare you guys the brutal details of my last 2 blogs. I had typed up 2 blogs that will never see the light of they both were typed very "emotionally"...I decided not to post them.

1) Was 8 paragraphs on how Julie and I got screwed on a house because the seller "agreed verbally" to sell us the house at "x" amount...and then 3 days later...after we were prepared to do/give him what he wanted...the guy sold the house to someone else....and cost us a total of
over 7 large. (we got screwed out of the $6500.00 tax break/Appraisal/Home Inspection)
-8 could only imagine....
-The guy is a good person deep down...he knows he did Julie and I wrong...and I know that he is praying for forgiveness....enough said

2) Was about a "Bizarre" incident that happened at Shorty's several weeks ago. Some of you reading this may have been there...I will let that one be also

So back to poker and back to keeping my blog updated more. I made it over to play in the Louisiana State Poker Championship in Lake Charles a month ago. I like the concept (I actually tried to talk 2 other Casinos in the past 2 years to have one....and you can read my blog from several years ago where I talk about it)...and the location. LC is right on the Texas border and there were lots of players. The staff did well...and they were definitely "conforming" to what the players wanted. When they saw something not working...they tried to fix it. I think the staff and TD learned alot...and this event will get bigger and better.

I ran bad for a few weeks earlier in the month, but now am doing ok in the cash games. I had a session at Shorty's where I am in for around $ my stack up to over $900.00 over 4 hours...and then 5 hands before I was fixin to rack up...All I was doing was waiting for the button to get around to me where I was UTG so I could leave...and I flop set-over set with me having bottom set against my opponents the only person at the table that could felt me...BRUTAL!!!!

Everybody told me, "Set over set happens...your going to busted there"...and "If you get to the point where your starting to think about folding a set with that board texture of (rainbow/no connecting cards) might need to think about whether NL poker is for you"

I somewhat agree...but I cant help thinking about the fact that I was leaving in 5 hands...that I did not want to play a big pot here. I could have just took my win and went home at a time when my confidence need a boost. When I flopped the set ...instead of thinking to myself, "Ok kook...lets not get too crazy here...lets play this hand very cautiously...we have a solid win here and we dont want to get nutty"...nope thats not what I was thinking...all I could think about was "How am I going to extract as much money as I can out fo my opponents". I think I played the hand bad because of the circumstances even though I could tell people, "Yea...I busted set over set" and everyone would just shrug their shoulders and say, "Your going to go busted there".

A week before this I am in the 2-5nl game at Harrahs and I got my stack up from $400.00 starting to right under $1000.00 after about 3 or 4 hours...and run Kings into Aces...I know...I know...we have all been just sucks when it happens to you.

I have since busted out of the slump and have booked some solid wins these last 2 weeks. My confidence is back...I am playing better although still making mistakes...and working on plugging leaks. I seemed to find even when I am running good...I still make small mistakes that cost me money in a "value" perspective.

I have been staked in a few tournaments recently with a new backer and was able to make him some money. I "officially" got 5th place but there was a chop involved. I was a little low in chips but was very comfortable in where I was at. I only had 2 people at the table I was worried about which were Wild Bill in the 6 seat...and Ricky King on my right in the 9 seat. Hopefully...I will be able to make all my backers money soon. Our publisher John P was the bubble boy which sucked as it would have been nice to have all the Magazine Entities in the chop.

My son is finally starting to sleep through the night...he is saying "Da Da Da Da"...which is driving his momma crazy (I catch her saying "Ma Ma Ma Ma" when she thinks Im not around). The last thing I do before leaving for work is put him down...and hes the first thing I scoop up when I come in. I went drop 6 hundo on a professional camera this weekend, so I will post up a few more picks when I can. The best 15 minutes of my day is when he is just waking up and he sits there talking baby talk laying in bed with his daddy...the greatest!!!

That's the hardest part about losing that house...Me and the seller actually walked around the back yard and talked about what trees I would use to build his tree cabin. We always had a tree cabin when I was a kid, and all the newer houses were looking at ...dont have any big house we looked couldnt even "see a tree" from the backyard. My wife saw our son running around the backyard, and I had already picked out where is rope swing and tree cabin were going to kind of feels like it all "evaporated" before our eyes...

"You want real...everything is real...but...there's nothing more real than a mirage"
Aiden Quinn's character Henry in "Nine Lives"