Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harrah's session...Neteller...and TonyG

I am a little pissed as there was a tournament at Boomtown today that I missed because I forgot about it. I think wildbill and goondingy were able to make it. I played last night at Harrah's. I posted a small win. There were lots of out of towners and tourist playing. There are having the Arena Bowl in New Orleans. I played one hand bad that I will outline below. I had an aggressive lunchbox from Biloxi in a trap, and instead of getting paid off, I checked to trap and he sniffed out the trap. I am in a 1-2 game in the BB and we see a flop with 6 limpers. I have Kh4s and the flop comes out Kc4h2d. Sweet flop for me. I make it $15.00 to go and get 4 callers. The turn brings the 6c. From here I make it $50.00 to go and the only caller I get is the lunchbox. River brings the Ks. I have the nuts and "Check" to set the bear trap, and he goes in the tank and starts asking questions. "You have a straight?"...and "You in the BB?"...I know I blew it when he asked this...he turns over KdJh without betting. Everyone at the table got a good laugh out of it.
I know that he would have called a $100.00 bet without even flinching.

Some Poker news:
Neteller is finally going to pay us all our money. As most of you know as I have posted before, Neteller owes me, and lots of other p[layers in the U.S. some cheese. I am going to go with the check option. They claim they will send you a check in the snail mail.

You guys got to read Newhouse's post about neverwin...looks like they have also sold their site to Something about Neverwin and Tony G will be playing heads-up for a percentage ...or something. I wonder if Newhouse would get his money if he started yelling at neverwin like Tony G will be doing?

Speaking of Tony G, looks like he is at war with the cardplayer people. Looks like the Shulman's were "cheesing out" on posting the WSOP chip counts. You can read about it here.
Cardplayer family stealing from me.

I would also like to post a link to an article I liked alot. It breaks down the friendships of 2007 WSOP main event final tabler Hevan Khan and Brendan Keenan. It goes into the dynamics of dealing with variance and downturns and the importance of having support groups in place. It points out that this is crucial in bouncing back after loses when you have people there to pick you up. Just being a sounding board for a friend could be crucial in his comeback. You guys can find it here.

"The next one after "Queens Boulevard" is a studio picture: I'm talking franchise, baby. We'll get you the lunchbox and an action figure" Jeremy Piven's character Ari Gold in "Entourage"

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bury them under the Jail

Thought you guys may be interested in this...It was bad enough that all us poker players had to fade that crappy ass TV that ESPN put together called "Tilt", but now this. This is the reason that we can't go to family functions and admit to our relatives that we are poker players. Some people play golf...some people play pool...some people play tennis...we play poker....and NO...this does not happen in our games.

"What do you call a thousand lawyers buried up to their necks in sand? --- What? ---Not enough sand" Christopher Walken's Character Mike in "Poolhall Junkies"

Today is my Birthday

Today is my B-day. I plan on relaxing, spending some time with my wife, and playing a little poker. I think I already posted this last year, but I have the same B-day as Negreanu, and I will take a lead from him and post my day:

Had my teeth cleaned today as my wife has been on my ass to get this done. That stuff they clean your teeth with really taste bad. I can still taste it in my mouth. I am having lunch with my wife. I then have some appointments and conference calls for work. After work I plan on getting together with some friends and drink a few cold ones. Get my presents from my wife, and then head on over to the Amelia Belle where hopefully, there is a game. I have already gotten numerous e-mails and phone calls wishing me Happy B-day. My aunts and uncles...lots of people.

Lets talk some poker...Played in a couple of sessions in the last couple of days and I am right at even. One winning and one losing session. I stopped at Shorty's on my way back from Lafayette Tuesday, and got in a good game. I was able to pick up some nice hands and get paid off on them. First hand I am in the mid-position in the 3 seat and look down at A-Jo with about $300.00. I limp to see where I am at. Lunchbox in the 10 seat, who I saw make some bad plays earlier, makes it $35.00 to go. 1 seat calls and I call. Flop comes down Jc7dJh. I know this guy is known for over playing his hands, and sure enough he beats out $80.00. 1 seat folds and I smooth call. Turn brings a Kh. He now slams $150.00 in the pot. I ponder for a second, and count out the chips. After I call, this would leave me with another $110.00 left. Instead of just jamming because I want the rest of his chips, I again, smooth call. River brings a Qh. he asks me how much I have left and I tell him. He says, " I put you all-in" and I insta-call. He tables big slick off-suit. I show my hand and he gets a "ship it to the colonel" from me as I double up.

This hand went down on the 3rd after 9 of us started the table. I was not involved, but i was interesting. Keep in mind $300.00 is the max buy-in for a new table. Young kid with hood raise to $15.00 and gets called by grubby looking older guy. The lady on the end re-raises to $45.00 and they take the flop 3 ways. Flop comes out Ks7s4s. Hoodie checks...grubby checks and the lady makes it $100.00 to go. Hoodie and grubby smooth call. Turn brings the Ad. Hoodie checks. Grubby makes it $100.00 to go...The lady re-raises all in. Hoodie calls as does grubby. They turn there cards over. Hoodie has As3s for the nut flush, and he has to fade the board pairing. Grubby has a set of Kings, and the lady is holding AhKh for 2 pair. River brings the sick

I cashed out a $350.00 winner on this session. Went with wild Bill to Harrahs last night and we got to sit right next to each other at a 1-2NL table. I donked off the $350.00 that I won the night before. We could only start with $200.00 in this game. I got cold cards and I made the wrong moves at the wrong times. As an example. I get down to $55.00 and I look down at pocket 9's in the BB. Button raises to $15. I jam...he calls with A7o...and he spike an Ace on the turn. That was how my night went. I think Bill's streak was also broken last night. Check out his blog.

I saw that Phil Laak and some other guy beat a AI program named "Prodigy"...go read about it here...Somehow it does not seem that they actually won...I don't know.

Looks Hellmuth will not be "Snapping into a Slim Jim" with Randy "Macho Man" Savage on the latest Surreal life...I think its the 7th episode. I think that Carrot Top, the new buffed up version, will be on too. I'll bet that Carrot Top and the Macho man will trade roid "tirades" often, and I would love to see the Brat mixed in with that Chaos. His new line would have been ..."I can dodge needles baby". You can read about the rumors here. From what I read today...this is bogus.

"How bout this... GO GET MY DAMN BEER YOU FRIGGIN MORONS!" Oliver Platt's character Jimmy King in "Ready to Rumble"

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Poker...and so on

I will go ahead and post some interesting stuff that I thought you guys may be interested in. I will be playing tonight at either Shorty's or the Amelia Belle. I will try to get some hands tomorrow.

--We have Wild Bill on a mission this week as he has made a deal with his girl that he will play everyday this week. I think the deal was to play until he booked a loser. I told him that he may just want to play every day this week, and just do the math to see were he is at. Even though he books a loser on one day, if he wins 5 out of 7 days, that would be considered a huge win in my book. Lets keep an eye on Wildbills Blog as he said he will be outlining lots of the action, and breaking down lots of hands

--Anybody who plays this game and has taken a huge loss at some point needs to read sbrugby's blog. I have posted a link. This is one of the most prolific online/live players in the business. He is one of my favorite players and I read his blog often. Of course this is Brian Townsend.
It hurts to get caught in a stone cold bluff and get you ass handed to you. I felt the kick in the gut when I read this blog...He lost 1.8 million on 1 hand on a stone cold bluff against Bobby Baldwin in the "Big Game". You will read where he says he ..."Just got caught up in the Bluff and could not get away from it"...good stuff

--I heard on poker radio show that there was "reliable sources" that when Matusow got 2nd place in the Bellagio Cup where he lost to Kevin “BeL0WaB0Ve” Saul that there were numerous people sweating him in the crowd and cheering. It would be great to have that many folks watching your final table only these were debt collectors and repo guys for mob types. This reliable source said that Matusow supposevily got out of the Bellagio with around 50 large after paying off all his debts to these "sweaters". Hmmm...lets see win $670,000 and leave with $50,000. Dude ...lay off the sports betting.

--If you guys have not checked out Mark Newhouse's blog about Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf, it is for good reading. When Mark won his WPT event last year for in Borgata, he was at the table with Chris Bell who pulled him on the side before they left the stage and gave Mark some solid advice. This was Mark's first "Big Win", and the program I listen to said he was seen as a very nice guy but was kind of a loner and he wanted to be "accepted" in the pro poker crowd. Bell supposedly pulled Newhouse on the side and told him, "That he needed to take out a sheet of paper right then and down on that sheet of paper your 10 best friends in the whole world. When someone ask you to borrow money you need to take out that sheet of paper, and if there name is not on it, don't do it"
Pan down to the post "Neverwin is a scumbag". Also, neverwin is dating jennicide as her name comes up in the blog in case you did not know.

"Am I my brothers Keeper?" Wesley Snipe's Character Nino Brown in "New Jack City"

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Local tournament...Amelia belle

We were able to pull together a nice tournament last week in Houma posting 24 players without even having 2 of our GCPers there as Bill and Ray could not make it. We had a first place of over $1000.00. Buy in was $100.00. I want to thank everyone for coming and taking part. The tournament got started at about 7:15 and finished up before midnight...I think. I left when the last three players were working out a deal where they all took x amount, and then they played for the remaining prize. I should have some pics up on the site soon. Tex was the chip leader and Ruttley and Paul S. were the other 2 players involved.
You guys can check out Tex here:

You guys have read about Ruttley here on our site in the last New Orleans Circuit Event $10,000 championship event:

Per K Minton's blog--Seat 6 raised to 8,500. Brandon Ruttley called, Lou Esposito called, and Phil Gordon (button) called. Flop was 2 4 9 . Seat 6 checked, Brandon bet 30K, Lou folded, and Phil moved all-in. Seat 6 mucked and Brandon went into the tank. After a few minutes (the level had ended) Phil called for the clock. Before they got the clock started, Brandon called and showed pocket Jacks. Phil held pocket 4s for the set. Last two cards were Q 8 and Brandon was busted in 39th place. Phil adds more chips to the mountain--

And Paul was actually on TV at the WSOP circuit event at Bally's. This was the one where Kido Pham won. He went out on the hand below with Scotty Nguyen.

Scotty Nguyen takes out Paul Shoultz
No Limit Hold'em
2005-11-21 19:07:28 EDT
Paul Shoultz pushed in pre-flop from the button and Scotty Nguyen called from middle position. The players showed:Paul Shoultz 1010Scotty Nguyen A8o Shoultz stayed in the lead through the flop and the turn when they came Kc9s7h2c, but when the river came As, Nguyen made a better pair to win the pot. Paul Shoultz went home in 23rd place

What a brutal hand...

Finally went check out the Amelia Belle last Friday night. I was pleasantly surprised as I guess I was expecting it to be worst that the Belle. Actually, it was pretty cool. Walked up and got immediately called out by a local girl named Kirby that use to bar tend at a bar where we played bar poker about a year ago. The reason she called me out was I didn't recognize her as she was the supervisor. Not a dealer, but a supervisor. She said, "You don't recognize me?". Oh well, sorry Kirby, you guys did a great job though and I am glad to see you are doing well. My buddy Matt has been moved to the Coast. Nice room with 5 tables. I didn't realize just how close it was to my house. In fact, it was so close I called Sunday and put my name on the NL list, left my cell number, and told them to call me if the game jumped off. They called at about 8:30, but I was in for the night.

I played in the 3-6-12 game until the NL game jumped off, and picked up several hundred dollars there as there was lots of action. It was a good game. I moved to the 2-5 NL game and sat down with $400.00 (200.00 out of pocket and 200.00 I won at the limit game). Got in a couple of good hands and was able to build my stack. I was in the 8 seat and had Jose "Cisco" Santana from Thibodaux in the 9th set and Parfait in the 10th. The only hand to talk about is I picked up aces on the button, and made it $25.00 to go after seeing 2 limpers. Parfait also calls. We see the flop with right at $100.00 in the pot. flop "bricks out" with all rainbows...something like Jh8c3d. I jam trying to take the pot right there as the $100.00 was enough for me. Everyone folds and Parfait shows the Pocket Kings. Oh how I wished there would have been on those lunchboxes in that seat. Some of those knuckleheads would have went bust in that hand.
Cashed out with $565.00 for a total profit of $365.00 on the night.

We are still actively looking for bloggers for the GCP Blog Center. Anyone out there on the Gulf Coast looking to write about Poker...and anything else that is related to poker...let us know.
We are looking for a few good writers to help us bring content to the site.

"Sometimes when I think of how good my book is going to be...I can't breathe" Philip Seymour Hoffman as Truman Capote in "Capote"

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New blogger coming from the Austin Texas area

Guys, stay tuned for a new blog that will be added to the line-up. He already has 6 cashes in major tournaments, and his last was when we were in Vegas together in the Venetian Deep Stack Event. He is from Texas (Bubble Boy...where yat?) ;-)

We are having our local tournament tomorrow. We already have over 20 definites. We will be also putting up some pics of some of the local players on the site...stay tuned to

Anyone else looking to join the blog network please e-mail me at

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Mills: You're no different. You're no better.
Somerset: I didn't say I was different or better. I'm not. Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely. Apathy is the solution. I mean, it's easier to lose yourself in drugs than it is to cope with life. It's easier to steal what you want than it is to earn it. It's easier to beat a child than it is to raise it. Hell, love costs: it takes effort and work."
Interaction between Brad Pitt's character Mills and Morgan Freeman's character Somerset in "Se7en"

What a loser

You guys have to go check out the article below. This is the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. Not only does he just spout figures and "Stories" with no facts or references to back them up, but he has the audacity to slap Shannon Elizabeth's picture on the article. Like yea...I am sure she is a "Poker loser" with the quote below right next to her picture:

"High-stakes gambling is for addicts and idiots, which makes the World Series of Poker a celebration of the sad and the stupid. Watch this train wreck for yourself. It's available live on the Internet and will come to free television later this year thanks to ESPN, which can next build on this viewer experience by televising a DUI checkpoint or maybe a crack house"

Please join me in sending as many comments and e-mails to CBS sportonline "Trashing" this piece of crap. Gregg Doyle has probably been hammered for this, but I say lets keep the pressure on. Get this other quote:

"You won't hear about the man who called a gambling hotline to confess that he had embezzled $48,000 from his job and lost it at a poker table and now is afraid he's going to jail"

Hey Gregg...News Flash Buddy...if this is true which it probably is not, this person is a scumbag thief that deserves to go to jail. How can you defend this person by saying that this is because of poker. Oh ...its OK to steal $48,000 but the tragedy of the story is that he lost it playing poker instead of putting it in a coffee can and burying it in his backyard for a rainy day. How "Bass ackwords" is this comment? Lets see if I can think of an analogy...

This is like saying that a guy steals 48 large from his company, but because he is a no talent writer who is using it to fund this huge article he is writing about ...say about Baseball...lets just say the article is about Bonds steroid use...and he plagiarizes the entire now he is scared he will lose his job and go to being a writer is the actual blame for his downfall. Not that he stole 48 large. Does that work as an analogy?...Yea...I think so

Here is the link

Lets hammer this guy...

"But there is one thing in this story that checks out....There does appear to be a state in the union named Nevada" Steve Zahn's character Penenberg in "Shattered Glass"

Monday, July 16, 2007

Say it aint so...Scotty?

I, along with lots of other people in the poker community, was completely floored to go to bed knowing that Scotty had over 15 million in chips and was cruising to Tuesday's final table, only to wake up at 4am for a drink of water only to wander over to my still open computer to see he was eliminated before the final table. Hell...he was eliminated in less that an hour. I can only imagine the ESPN personnel on staff that wanted to cry. Having Scotty at the final table, with a bunch of chips, would have made for great...did I say great...TV. I now wonder how they were "Brainstorming" they just wanted to "Figure out a way" to get him to the final table. No, they had a plan to get Hellmuth to the final table, but they just could not figure out a way to get Scotty there. I am going to cut and paste from an article by Andrew Feldman called "Why Scotty...Why" as Andrew was there watching. I am going to make comments on the hands...etc. Keep in mind that Scotty is one of my favorite players and I am in no way going to second guess his decisions.

"He wanted to win this tournament tonight," Lee Watkinson said of Nguyen's usually dominant aggression. Unfortunately, that aggression is what essentially ended his improbable run at another main event title and the the poker world's hopes for a repeat champion"

This was the comments from Watkinson. I have to think that after seeing the hands that maybe he was thinking about Jamie Gold last year, and he was convinced he would need a dominant chip stack at the final table to win it all. Maybe he thought he would need at least 40% of the chips in play...I don't know.

"Even the supporters of his opponents cheered for Nguyen when their friends weren't involved in the hand against him. Imagine that at any other "sporting" event"

Sort of a..."The enemy of my enemy is my friend"...logic

In the first hand, Nguyen called a preflop raise only to have another player move all-in over the top. Nguyen folded.

Easy enough...

In the second hand, Lam raised from the small blind to $480,000 and Nguyen reraised from the big blind to $1.48 million. Lam called and the flop came Kh-5s-4h. Lam checked and Nguyen bet $700,000 only to have Lam call. The turn was another king and both players checked, slowing down momentarily. On the river, a jack came and Lam bet out for $1 million. After what seemed like minutes, Nguyen raised to $3.5 million and five minutes of deliberation later, Lam called and showed pocket 10s to take the pot. Nguyen showed 4-3 on his busted bluff attempt, and the negative swing continued.

The most crucial hand I think...thoughts ...comments? We all know that feeling. Being deep in a tournament on a stone cold bluff with your opponent in the tank seemed like an eternity...only to have him say "Call" ...and then you get that kick to the stomach...Ouch

The very next hand practically marked the end for Nguyen. With a board of Qc-6h-5d-Kd, Nguyen re-raised Him all-in and was instantly called to see a set of fives. Nguyen, with A-Q, was drawing dead heading to the river and was crippled.

Somewhat of a "cooler"...but I want to think that he should have gotten away from this somehow. He just lost a "Huge" hand right before this one . We don't know the pre-flop play but I am sure there was raising involved...I don't know

The agony ended when Nguyen called from the blind and pushed all-in when he was first to act on a board of Kc-7c-3s. Once again Him instantly called with a pair of kings (Ks-Qc) and Nguyen, holding 9c-10c, needed a club to stay alive. Missing both the turn and river, Nguyen was eliminated and grabbed hold of the microphone to acknowledge the support he's received over the past few days.

Jam with a club flush draw.

My heart hurts just typing this. What hurt me the most was as I was reading this, I knew what the eventual outcome will be...He busts out. What also hurt was I can just see myself in a similar situation making these same types of calls/plays...and then being totally pissed off at myself. I would call Bill/Ray/Tex and rant and rave about "How could that guy have called with pocket 10's"...etc. "Why did I continue to Bluff", or "Why fire that last bullet after the river...just call and keep 2.5 million". My wife would then have had to see me mope around for a week, and then dig my nose into yet another poker book to figure out "What went wrong?"...Not Scotty though

I still have a long way to go, and I will finish this post off with a quote from a true champ..."Baby".

"First, I want to congratulate all the players here," Nguyen said. "I wish the best to all of you. But the most important thing is I want to thank the fans. Without you guys, we wouldn't have Scotty Nguyen. We're disappointed, but let me tell you, you guys gave me all I need"
Poker Champ Scoty Nguyen after being knocked out of the 2007 WSOP Main Event

Thursday, July 12, 2007

What do you guys think?

Wow...Check this post out guys from pokernews

Feats of Strength
It's perhaps a bit surprising that this sort of thing doesn't happen more often, but still--the player at Table 24, Seat 3 moved all-in with and was called by Jimmy Blevins holding . The flop gave both players a pair, but on the turn Blevins hit the to make trips.At which point the player facing elimination slammed his fist down on the table so hard that it made the chips on the table jump. And then, when the hit the river and he knew he'd been eliminated, he LIFTED THE ENTIRE TABLE UP OFF THE GROUND and sent the chips and cards scattering all over the place. The players were able to protect their chips to keep them from spilling into a great messy pile, and the player who lost the hand was quickly removed from the table. The security cameras caught the whole episode, and from what we've heard he's going to be paid out, and then escorted from the building. We're not mentioning his name because we want to make 300% sure we have the right name (the players at his table weren't sure) and we don't want to slander the innocent.

What do you guys think?

"I'm going home... clear a path you mother fuckers clear a path.I'm going home". Michael Douglas' character Foster in "Falling Down"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back to the Belle

I went check out the Belle of Baton Rouge last night as I stayed in town after working in our office there. It was definitely different from the old room on the 3rd floor, I say room, this wasn't even a room. It is just 4 tables placed on the 2nd floor out in the open with a podium. The room has shrunk from 8 table to 4. Good thing is that I got to see all the same smiling faces that made up the room before the initial closure. The dealers were the same old team also. It was good to see Hunter and Dana again. In case any of you didn't know Dana is the one that made it to the final table at the WSOP circuit event in New Orleans 2 years ago. This is the one where Feldman won. Dana (the horse) and he was in with 2 other guys, and they chopped something like 80 grand. The parking situation seemed to suck also as I noticed that I had to go all the way to the 3rd floor in order to find a spot. Then I noticed that they are stopping people from parking in the big space where they let the highrollers park, and you can't drive around to the other side of the levee and park under the walkways. I used to love that spot when I had my 4 wheel drive.

I got there at about 5:30, and it was "hot as hawbaker" out yesterday. I had to practically ring out the sweat from my shirt. It was a long haul in the sun degrees. Anyways, once I dried the shirt and turned a corner and "Bam"...I am in the poker area...its not a room.

They had 3 tables going with a 1-2nl and a couple of 4-8 limit hold-ems. I took a seat at the 4-8 game to wait for the 1-2 to open and hope that they might open another table. The game was pretty crazy for a 4-8 game. There was usually a raise pre-flop with 5-6 people seeing the flops. Some of the pots got huge. Below is an example of what a typical hand was.

I am on the button with 10c-10h and there is a raise before me to $8. I make it $4 more to go and we get 7 callers. Flop comes Qh-10s-7c. 5 of us cap it here. turn comes the 9h. 3 of us call a raise. River brings the 8c. The lady bets, and I call after the other person folds...we show down and she tables Jh-2c to win a huge pot. I was involved in numerous hands just like this that were $200+. I bought in to the game for $100, and cashed out with $386.00 for a smooth $286.00 profit. I flopped a full house once, and the nut flush twice.

Another one here were I made a terrible lay-down. The guy to my right was an Asian player that mumbles all the time. You can't understand a word he says and he was showing me his cards on every other hand. Ive got Kh5h and the we cap the raise 8 ways pre-flop. $100+ pre-flop in the pot. Flop comes all bricks with 2 paint cards, a Jack and Queen, and a deuce, we check all the way around. Turn comes the 5d, again, we check all around. In the meantime, again, I see mumbles hand and he has 5s8d. River comes the 7s. No flush or straights. Guy at the other end of the tables bets $8.00...mumbles reluctantly calls...I fold like and idiot because I think the guy has to have a higher pair, and the guy betting has Ac4d for Ace high. knuclehead mumbles drags the pot with his pair of fives with an 8 kicker and continues to ramble about something nobody can understand...I was pissed. What an idiot I was.

"If you want to see this last card your gonna stop speaking Sputnik" Ed Norton's character Worm in "Rounders"

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Just talked to Wild Bill...

He is in another super to get in on the final day of the Main Event, 1D tomorrow. He was on the third level of play and he had about $5000 up from the $3000 that he started with. He will give more detail when he gets back on all the shenanigans they got into.

I do know that he has got in the money 3 times so far on his trip. Mostly in the daily tourneys they have at the casinos. He did win 1st in the one last night. If I am not mistaken, I think it was a $60 buy in at the Treasure Island. He picked up $540.00 for first...his entry into the Main Event super he is playing in right now.

I went to Boomtown looking for a game Friday night, but there could not put together a NL game? I mean, I got there at 5pm, and waited around to 9pm, but nothing materialized. I am told that usually they do get a NL game going on weekends. I wanted a change of pace, and decided to play some 1-5 stud to pass the time. I am a firm believer that you will need to be a practitioner of all the games of poker to be a true "Poker Player". Bill and I both played in the $300 stud tournament they had at this years circuit event in New Orleans. It reminded of the old days years ago when all I played was stud and was just being exposed to hold-em...hell...I can remember when the 4-8 hold-em game was the "Big Game" at the Treasure Chest casino in Kenner years ago. I can remember driving 2 hours to play stud years ago a place called Bayou Caddy's on the Mississippi Gulf Coast...Wow...That was a while ago. The parking lot of Caddy's is still there on the first Mississippi exit coming from Louisiana.

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Session at Harrah's

Played at Harrah's last night, and after about 2 1/2 hours of play, I picked up right at about $145.00 in profit. The room was dead last night. It was kind of weird to see the poker room at Harrah's so empty. Maybe it is because of the main event is starting or just the WSOP in general. Played with a couple of locals...Blue, Buddy and Sid the "Rock".

I bought into the 1-2 nl game with $300.00 (Max). The game had just started, and I came around about 20 minutes later. Right off the bat I get in this hand from the BB. Guy UTG I have played with numerous times, and I know him as a somewhat good player. He wears a Poker Room shirt from Harrah's. I look down at Big Slick off. Poker shirt guy looks at one card and limps. Of course, ha also announces this to the table..."I only looked at one card and I will play". I don't want to get in a big hand this early. I want to get to look at everybody, and get at least a small read before I start I "knuckle" the table and we see the flop. Kc7s3d. I bet $20.00 ...shirt guy calls does the button. Turn come the 2d. I bet $20, shirt guy raises and makes it $50 to go... button folds. I notice we have a drunk lunchbox across the table and he starts to comment on the hand before someone shuts him up. I have lots of "bells and whistles" going off in my head, but top pair -top kicker ain't bad...I liked my hand. River brings the Qd. With the flush out there, I check...and so does he...he tables pocket Aces..."AAHhhhhh this is how this session is going to go".

For the next hour I donked off some more cheese in several hands where I chased an opened end straight. I have 7s6s and the flop comes 8c5h2s. The board bricked out on me. I started to get a little shotstacked when I got on a semi-rush. I double up with 9c10c when the board came 6s7c8h5h2s...and a medium stack called my all-in with 9-3o.

Next came the hand of the night. "Drunkbox" wins a couple of pots on lucky 2 outers and such, and has accumulated a big stack. Everybody was after him. It was so, funny to see the game "Tighten up like a 16 year old cheerleader" when he went smoke a cigarette, and then open back up once he got back. I pick up AhQc in middle position and raise it to $10. Get 3 callers including drunkbox on the button. Flop comes Qs9h5c. I make it $20 to go and everybody folds around to drunkbox who raises it to $50.00 ...I call turn brings the 8h. I bet $30 and he calls and whispers to his neighbor..."He ain't got shit...I am going to smoke his ass with A-K watch". River bricks out with a 2s, and I go in the tank thinking to myself whether he was on a "Trap"...I keep saying to myself..."Did he want me to hear that or not", "I think he really thought I could not hear him"...etc. I really think he did not mean for me to hear this...I bet $50.00. He starts to laugh and says, "You ain't got nothing huh"...."Can you beat A-K?". I just looked at him and I said, "You don't have A-K"...He gets mad and says ..."Oh yea...I call"...and he indeed turns over A-Ko.


"I hate jail, it's got the wrong kind of bars in it..." Micky Rourke's Character Henry in "Barfly"

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Well...Here we go again to see if the video uploads

I am going to try to a video of us at the final table.

We all decide to introduce ourselves once we get down to 4 worked this time.

Good Luck to Wild Bill at the WSOP!!!

What more needs to be said. I have my plane ticket ready to go as soon as you make it to Day4, I will be heading that way to sweat you. I hope everything goes your way.

I am heading to Harrah's tonight to get in some action. I hope to be heading to the Gulf Coast next week. I plan on giving it hell at the IP and the Beau. I have still not made it out to check out the Amelia Belle. Damn...I need to get out there.

We will be posting some pics up on the site of some of the locals here around the southeast. I took these pics at the poker club we use to have in Houma...Sixth Street Social Club. I have pics of Tex, Joe B...etc.

We are planning a local tournament in Houma next week. It will happen on Thursday night 7/12. It will be $100 buy in...last month we had close to 30 people. Hopefully we will get enough people there to make a good tournament.

"Thirty years from now, when you're sitting around your fireside with your grandson on your knee and he asks you, "What did you do in the great World War II," you won't have to say, "Well... I shoveled shit in Louisiana."," George C Scott as General Patton in "Patton"

Monday, July 02, 2007

Last comment on the domain issue

This post is a reply to Kevin, Haterade or whoever???

I will try to keep this short as I don't have much time.
  1. All our gear will have "" on it.
  2. We also...Have put in for copyright with a lawyer that specializes in this sort of thing from New York. He also plays with us in the "Dead Money" tournament you will be reading about. Bill is meeting with him the WSOP.
  3. Please do not post on my blog anything more about this. My blog is for poker.
  4. If you want to discuss this, than e-mail me at with proof that you own the domain name. We do not know who you are. You could be some Internet kook posting on here just to cause trouble...we don't know.

Some things that we do know that are facts:

  1. They got in Jan of '06. was available then. It was available up until I purchased it and put up our site in Sept. '06. Our site has been up for almost a year now. Why did he not get the .net version then?
  2. We had our site up before they did.
  3. They are posting on our site as we have lots of traffic. None of our people are posting to their site. Are they trying to use our site to drive traffic to theirs?...I don't be the judge.
  4. Once they went to get the .com version, and then "Stumbled" upon our site. Why did they continue to get the .com version when they saw that we were already doing it?
  5. We are not anonymous...we are public, and our skill levels are proven.
  6. The picture on their site is not of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Until we know who were dealing with, not some anonymous poster on my blog that "Claims" they own the domain name, we are in a "Business as Usual" mode. We are not looking to get in a pissing match with anyone. Can we work with people...sure we can. If we meet the person that owns .com and we feel comfortable with him...who knows. It would be a combination of lots of variables.

Back to Poker...WE will be adding another blogger from the Tampa area that will be blogging on the Western Gulf Coast of Florida. He has 3 cashes in major tournaments with the results being public on poker sites, and He also cashed in last years main event.

Stay tuned...

"Guess what guys, it's time to embrace the horror! Look, we've got front row tickets to the end of the earth!" Steve Buscemi's character Rockhound in "Armageddon"