Thursday, August 30, 2007

Ist day of the WPT event in Biloxi

Ok...back from the Beau and I busted out of the first event of the WPT event. I was card dead most of the way, but played pretty good none the less...under the circumstances. We started the tournament with $2000.00 in chips which is not very much. I played the 5th hand with AsJs and raised from the button to $150.00. The BB raises it to $350.00 straight and I call. Flop comes out Jh5s4d. BB taps and I bet $200.00 with top pair top kicker, and check-raises me. I have to lay this hand down, and he showed me pocket Kings...OK...1/4 of my stack gone. This is how it went for me most of the day. I had 10% of Wild Bill and 5% of my buddy Ross. Lets see...a couple of other hands I had...

I limp in from the button to a 5 handed flop on the second level with 8h6d. Flop comes out 9c7c5h. Sweet!!!!. Everyone checks around to me and I make it $200.00 to go. The old guy with the WPT Bellagio hat hat did not play a single hand the whole tournament so far calls. Great!!! The last person I wanted to fact...I didn't want anyone to call. The turn brings the 8c. This is the last card I wanted to see. The older gentleman fires out $500.00 and I muck. The best I can do is chop and the worst I could do was lose...I felt I could find a better place to stick in my money.

I get in a hand with a Online Pro names "TimKrank" with Ah5d fro late position. 4 of us limp in the pot. Flop comes out Ad10s5h. TK checks...check...check...I knuckle. Turn brings the 10d. He bets out $200.00 and I call. River bricks out and he checks as well as I and he tables AsJd and I lose...sick...oh so sick. I really like TK though...really nice guy. He plays in the highest cash tournaments online. I pointed him to the site so if you are reading this TK ..."Cheers Brother...Have a cold one on me!!!!". Funny story...he asked me about the site, "You guys have any good players posting or blogging on the site". I said "Nope...Just me and my fellow knucklehead Donkfish" ;-)

We will be adding another blogger to the page soon. It is one of our condo mates names "Verge". That is his name in the FTP forums and online. I like the name...Like "He is on the verge of greatness". Look out for big Verge joining the ...Network.

We are in full vampire mode now with a condo full of poker players. We will have some pics up on the site soon!!!!

"In the quiet words of the Virgin Mary... come again?" Alan Fords Character Bricktop in "Snatch"

Snapped off the $100 Wednesday weekly at the IP

Finally...1st place ...short blog as we are heading over to the Beau. I can;t say that there was no discussion about a chop, but this Asian guy did not want too...he ended up getting 3rd place for a little over $400.0o....I walked away with over a grand after tips...small deals...percentages given away...etc

I am pumped...Its been awhile since I won first

more later...

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Harrah's Session...GCP Condo...and clock work

Wild Bill and I headed over to Harrah's Monday night to get in a quick session, and we were able to sit at the same table right next to each other as they opened a new table right when we got there. We played 1-2nl, and everyone started with $200.00 which is the starting stack. This was one of those sessions where we both played the best poker we could under the circumstances, but cards just weren't cooperating. Wild Bill got his good hands run down, and I had the best run of cards I have had in a while. I got the the cards slapped up side my head, and still could only muster to book a $100.00 win. I caught Aces once, kings three times, queens twice and Big Slick several times also. I won with the aces when me and another guy got in all in where he flopped 2 pair, and I counterfeited him on the river when the board paired on the river...finally. I had to lay down kings twice when an Ace hit the flop and on both hands they were played out and shown and I would have indeed lost the hand. I had to lay down queens once with once again, the hands were shown down and I would have lost. I laid down 2 pair once, several straights and a couple of flushes also. The hand that sent me home with the $100.00 winner is below.

I limped in from the button with 5c7c, and 3 of us saw the flop. Flop came out Ac2h2c. The one seat bets $15.00 and we both call. Turn brings the 6c. The one seat beats $25.00 and I call reluctantly and very suspiciously. River brings a brick and the one seat fires $35.00 and the other guy jams all in with about $115.00 more. I go in the tank for just a second, and flash my hand to Bill and lay it down. One seat calls and he tables Ah2s, and the other guy shows Kc4c.

I am really excited about this weekend, and the condo is really sweet. If anybody who reads this blog is looking for a place to stay in Biloxi for the WPT Championship...or anytime for that matter. Please Call George at Gulf Coast Resort Realty at 2287600554 or 8668511701. He will hook you up with a nice condo suite. The 2 bedrooms are going for under $200.00 which is what the rooms at the Beau go for on standard weekend night. You get a full kitchen, Plasma/LCD TV's/Marble...etc. I looked at the 2 bedrooms and you could easily sleep 6 people with 4 beds.
Tell George you saw it here and I am sure he will cut you a great deal.

Working the clock in a tournament...I have spoke about this earlier in a blog. I believe that the clock is an important variable in any tournament, and not keeping an eye on it would be a detriment in my mind. That is what I feel. When we get to final couple of tables, I want the round to end on my button so the blinds and antes will go up with me on the button. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. When the rounds end 15 minutes apart, that is one lap of the table with 9-10 players. People do "Stall" in poker tournaments. I don't feel like I do it "Excessively", but I will eat a couple of seconds if I need to. The thing about this is there will be nothing you can do about it. Other people do it and I will do it also in certain situations...again...not "Excessively". It was cool to hear the pokerwire episode after the bubble burst on this years main event. Gavin Smith talks about how much torture it was for him. They played like...10-15 hands an hour or something like this. There were close to 800 people left at this time. I play poker by the rules, and I will use an advantage in the clock if I can spot one.

I am bringing the camera also, so we will be uploading pics from the GCP suite during this weekend. Also, we are heading to Tunica for the championship of the circuit event there as Bill and I also have a business meeting there about the site. You guys will see some really exciting things going on with the site in the coming months...stay tunes to

"You gotta approach every day as if it's your last!" Heath Ledgers character Skip in "Lords of Dogtown"

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Finally...In the money in Tunica tourney

Decided to play in the $60.00 buy in tournament with $500.00 added at Sam's Town at 6:00pm, and I showed up just in time to get in as I had to work late at the office. I was able to win a couple of pots early, and decided to go to my room to get out of my work clothes and into something a little more comfortable. Touched base with Jonny ans Sam before I headed up to the room, and they were both doing OK in chips also. When I got back to the game, I got the typical hassling that comes along with coming back to the table..."Damn, he had to go to the phone booth and get in his superman outfit"...and "The transformation from a desk to the poker table"...etc. Oh well...It was all in good fun.

I think they had 5 tables, so there somewhere in between 40-50 players, and I was able to keep my stack healthy until we got down to 2 tables. I am in the top 5 in chips when I get in the following hand. I was in the BB with AhJh when I see that 3 medium stacks all jam in front of me. I counted out my chips, and I was getting 3-1 on my money. Even if I lost the hand, I would still have enough chips to fight with. Two hearts hit the flop, and on the turn appeared the sweet 3h. I rake the hug pot to put me as one of the chip leaders. I took a major hit when we were 7 handed where I lost a race with Big slick against pocket 7's. I went in to the clock mode now and only played premium hands and just sat tight as I worked the clock and my position. The blinds were raised twice on my button, and none of the players could see what I was doing. I took the blinds and antes in position both times. I think the dealer caught what I was doing as he kept seeing me glance at the clock when I was in "acting mode". We had 3 people left including me.

One was an older women who was a tourist from Florida. He husband was watching from the rail. They were cheering and carrying worries. There was a older fellow that was nervous and fumbled with his chips alot. He was not a threat also. Then there was a young kid from Memphis that I think was just getting started playing seriously. I heard him talking earlier about cashing in the tournament there Monday. He was the chips leader, and the only one I was worried about.

The dealers starts making comments and whispering to the TD standing behind watching when I would go in the tank to work the clock. When the clock expired and I was again on the button, they started talking chop. I sat quietly while they did the math and so on, and It came out to $400.00 each on a straight split, but the newbie kid with the chip lead wanted to split per chip count. I would then get around $300.00. They all look at me and I shake my head no. I am not gonna say that I was not thinking about the past blogs here where I took some heat about chopping pots because I was. I was prepared to play it out and I think I could have won.

I stood up and said, "No offense to anyone here, but I think I am the best player at this table. I am confident in my heads up game, and I think I can win"..."If you guys want to chop I will go 4 ways even...but I am not taking a smaller cut". They huddled and agreed. I was sort of hoping they wouldn't so I would not have to write this in the blog and again take heat for chopping. I did what I think was best for my bankroll.

Getting pumped for Biloxi next week...

"Things go wrong. The odds catch up. Probability is like gravity: you cannot negotiate with gravity. One day... one day you should just cash out, you know? Just cash out and get out" Colin Farrell's character Sonny Crockett in "Miami Vice"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Tunica Turmoil

My trip to Tunica has been met with modest success. I am not losing, but I am also not winning either. It seems that the cards are being brutal again, and on top of that, my play has been less then stellar. I am 0-3 in tournaments which include the Freeroll Tuesday. I will talk more about that a little later in the blog, but first I wanted to write about these 2 guys I met from North Alabama that are playing for a living.

I met Jonny and Sam while playing in the 1-3 NL game at Sam's Town Casino as that is where I stayed this week. Sam's Town is not the best of digs in Tunica, but it will do. It has a Bed, 19" TV that catches 14 channels and a hot shower...everything a growing poker player needs. The TV is a big change from my Plasma though. I started to chat with these guys and they seemed pretty cool, and I nicknamed one of the guys "Jonny Shades" because he wore some Rayban's from "Topgun". What they told me was kind of interesting. They both have a modest Bankroll in between $8000 and $10,000, and they live in the Casino. They play in other Casino's, but they claim to the Management that Sam's Town is their "Exclusive" Casino and the Room rate is $21.00 a night. Lets see...lets put a little pen to Paper and we get a monthly cost of $630.00 a month. That is not a bad deal as they have also negotiated that they stay during all the holidays.
Clean sheets every night, room cleaned every day and free food...and oh will never have to buy shampoo ever again.

Back to Poker...lets see...where to start...Oh Yea...The Freeroll. It was an interesting experience, and when you have so many people who play poker seriously , as the 2 knuckleheads above, you get one paced...tournament. I decided to play tight and see what happens. The first hand I thought of playing was pocket 10's. I was in the SB and when i looked down, I decided to jam here. I changed my mind after there were 3 all-ins before me...I pitched it...and would have lost. Ok I think...I should have busted out there so I am thinking "cool...I am on a freeroll now"...wait a minute...I AM ON A FREROLL ;-).

Next, I took some blinds and antes 3 times with modest hands like A-10 and A-J, but could not get action. I get my stack to about $1500 when the blinds/antes start to bleed me dry. 2 minutes before the first break and the blinds are $75-$150/$300 and I am UTG with about $550 left when I get pocket 9's...I figure this is by best shot. I jam...get called by A-J, and an Ace in the window...see ya. It was a good experience though. The TD announced that they will be having lots more of these. I hung out till the break as i wanted to walk around and check out the stacks...sure enough...there were some nice sized stacks still in it. They started with I think 234 and they were down to 86 by the first break, and someone that was at the final table in the last one they had said it will be over by 7:30pm

From there I went to the 2-5nl game at the Goldstrike, got in with $500.00 and played for 3 hours when I had to take out $300.00 more. I am now $800.00 deep in the game and got on a rush. Cashed out with $600.00 for a $200.00 loser. No hands jump out at me, but I played some hands bad. I let a guy draw out twice to get there, and then paid him on the river bet...brutal. It sucked that the cards would give my opponents "runner-runner"...but sucked even more that I felt that I played the hands bad.

I call my wife on the ride from the Goldstrike to Sam's, and she gets the "Same ole song and Dance" about "why me"..."The poker gods suck" ..."what did I do to deserve this"...etc. She jumps my ass about "You know better than this"..."You are a good player, but you have to learn that losing comes with the game"..."Reminds me that you have the ups and downs" and basically gives me a pep talk to get me back going...I got in the 1-3nl game at Sam's Town and won the $200.00 back plus another $285.00. Damn I love that women

I must say it is nice to be at work and have to actually sit around and choose what tournament I want to play in tonight. "Lets I play in the Grand Casino $60.00 freeze-out at 1:00pm...or wait for the $125.00 Freeze at the Gold strike with $5000.00 guaranteed at 6:00pm...Nah...I will take the $105 .00 bounty at the Horseshoe". Pretty sweet. They actually have 4am tourneys here also.
Being able to listen my ipod is also pretty sweet.

Last night I played in the $60.00 bounty freeze-out with $500.00 added at Sam's Town. Had 68 players and we got down to 2 tables with 14 people. One table had 8 the other 6. I limped from the BB with Qh9h along with 4 others to make the pot 5 way action. Flop comes out KcQs9c. Every checks around to me and I jam trying to take down the pot there. The old gentleman I call "Buddha" because he has a little buddha card protector goes in the tank. He counts out his chips and he has $75.00 dollars more than me. He says "If I call and hit then I will definitely get in the money"...and I say "Yea...I fell the same way...if you call and I can fade your clubs, I will be in the cheese so theres a flip side to that coin"...he says "Ok...lets get the coin out a see what happens...I call". He tables Ac2c, and I get out a quarter jokingly acting like I am about to flip it, "Heads or Tails"...we all laugh and the As came on the turn...and the Kh hits the river...and I am counterfeited out the tournament.

I played in the 1-3nl game afterwards. I bought in with $350.00 and proceeded to build my stack steadily to about $600.00 when the donkfish side of my bi-polarness comes out. I call a $35.00 pre-flop raise with AhQc from the BB along with 2 other people to make it 4 of us seeing the flop with over $100.00 in there. Flop comes out Ad5c6s rainbowed. I go in the tank for a second knowing I should jam and snap it off here, but I am a little concerned about what he may have. I decide to try to keep the pot small and I knuckled. Raiser bets out $60.00 and everyone fold around to me...I smooth call. Turn brings 2s and I again knuckle...he goes in the tank and cuts out another $60.00. I think I am in trouble as he may be value betting...or he is on a draw and he is trying to keep the pot small also. I smooth call. River comes the Js. I again check and he slides out a hundo out of this cash stash. I now say "Ok I call" in the Eddie Murphy voice he used on "Shrek" and he tables QsJs and says "I hit my flush"...WTF?

so I give all my winnings back in one hand and leave the table in a daze with the $350.00 that I sat down with. Everyone kind of got out of my way as I passed them by as they could see I was zombiefied by what had just is amazing sometimes how bad I play...and still not lose.

Neteller money has arrived also so at least I got something added to my bankroll this trip. I am heading back tonight to fire another bullet at a tournament, and hopefully play like I know I can, and not give it all away before I leave the table.

"Well, I have a bit of a confession to make. Donkeys don't have layers. We wear our fear right there on our sleeves" Eddie Murphey's Character Donkey in "Shrek"

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Freeroll into the Main Event of the '08 WSOP

I had to come on up to Memphis for work this week, and low and behold, there are having "Freerolls" at the The Grand Casino for the WSOP. I was kind of pumped on my way here as I knew I would be able to get some weekly tournament play under my belt before the WPT event in Biloxi. The Grand has decided to run 2 freerolls for entry into some WSOP events. You start with $1000.00 in chips and the blinds start at 25-50 and go up every 15 min.

1st Place wins seat to '08 Main Event of WSOP and $2000.00 cash
2nd Place wins a seat to the WSOP Circuit event at te Grand next month and $1500.00 cash
3rd Place wins $2500.00 in WSOP buy-in chips for the Circuit Event and $500.00 cash

The tournaments are opened to all Total Rewards card holders. You must have played 4 hours of live play to qualify, and they are only taking 176 players and alternates. Players can also receive $200.00 in extra chips for every 4 hours played on top of the 4 original hours.

I will be going in at a huge disadvantage as I qualifies last night at midnight. I will not be able to play today as I am working, so I won;t be able to accumulate any more chips. I have been talking to several people today about strategies on how to play the tournament. I am sure it is going to be "Ram and Jam". The sweet thing about it is its "Free"...and I picked up $135.00 last night playing in the live games.

I also played in the Monday night $35/$15 freeze-out at Sam's Town yesterday before I went qualify. I was able to accumulate an above average chip stack going into the 8th round, and then I completely fell apart. I did my version of the "Matasow Blow-up". I busted out in 2 hands. How sick is that. I was pissed at myself for playing so stupid.

Well...wish me luck in the "blood-bath" Freeroll tonight. I am on a mission. I have my eye on the prize so lets see if I make it...or crash and burn.

"I am the Nightrider. I'm a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller! " Vincent Gil's Character nightrider in "Mad Max"

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Session at Shorty's

Went to Shorty's last night and played and got in a real good game. It really sucked because I don't think I played as well as I should have and booked a loser on the night. I did not catch any cards and I started to push marginal hands. The game had some rally juicy players and there was opportunity to make alot of money, but I just could not get a hand. I got Aces once early in the night. I made it $30.00 pre-flop and got 4 callers. Flop came out uneventful and I jammed and took down the pot there. I got in the game with $300.00 which is what we had to start with. I had up to $550.00 when I got moved to the main game. There was a lady at the table that is known for playing big. I personally watched her take out $500.00 and buy back into the game 6 times. Jack was there and seemed to be doing pretty good, and I got to show our site to the Poker room manager Ken. I will be posting up the tournament logistics when I can get around to it.

I hovered around 4-5 hundred for several hours. I tried to push a few hands, and started to bleed off my stack. I should have been more patient. I was getting frustrated. I got down to $230.00 when this hand came up that felted me for the night. I am in the high jack seat when I look down at QsQh. I make it $35.00 and again...get 3 callers. Flop comes out 7s8sJs. Doc on the other end of the table makes it $70.00 to go. The next player raises to $150.00. I go in the tank trying to fiqure out what to do. I figured one of them had the straight and one had the As in their hand. I knew I should have folded...I knew it. I was sitting there telling myself to just dump the hand, but the fact that I had the Qs and was in a spot to triple up if I hit my hand made me spazz out. I knew if I made this call, I could not get away from my hand so I move all in. Well, the SB jams over the top of me...and everybody calls. Great, I have a chance to more than triple up and get back in the game...wrong...we turn over our cards and the Doc has 10d9d the next player shows 3s4s for a flush with a guy shot straight flush draw and the SB tables As2s...and that was my night. I played bad...tried to rush and force some hands and could not fold pocket Queens with the board suited. I drove home feeling like a fish.

Oh well...I am going to head to Amelia tonight to see if they can get a game there.

Oh yea..I almost forgot. I posted in the comments section of my previous blog that I felt that the Boomtown dealer may have robbed me on a hand I posted. Well, I spoke to a guy that was at the table and remembered the hand as he knew the guy that was in it with me. I had K-J and he had A-K the flop actually came out Q-3-J...the K fell on the turn and a Q came on the river. Giving both of us Kings and Queens with the Ace kicker. Sorry for posted the hand wrong.

"At least you have the decency to be disgusted with your own behavior"... "Pushing Tin"

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Boomtown Tourney Sat...and the GCP "Den" for the Gulf Coast Poker Championship

I played in the Saturday morning tournament at Boomtown last Sat, and I made it to the last 3 tables. There were 63 people in the tournament, and I wish I would have done some more research as I did not know that there were "NO" antes. I would have played the tournament totally different if I had known that there were no antes.

I lost half my stating stack of $5000.00 on the following hand midway through the 3rd round. Blinds were at $150/300 when the following hand came down. I called a $600 raise from middle position with KcJc, and the flop came out Jh3d7s. I bet out $400.00 and the guy 2 to my left made it $600.00 to go. I called. Turn brought the Kh. I bet out $600.00, and older gentleman goes in the tank and smooth calls. River brings a 3c...we both check and he shows down AsKd for 2 pair with the ace kicker. I had his ass until the river...oh happens.

I struggled to get back even, and then I won a big pot to get back into it. I made a move to try to steal the blinds, and this lady on my right who was as tight as can be, woke up with pocket Jacks and I got snapped off.

We got a confirmation of the Poker Den during the GCP Championship. We will have a sweet place to stay, and you guys may be seeing more about it on the site We are negotiating swapping some advertising for rate we are getting.
It all comes down to sealing the deal with the Real Estate people. I love working with sales people ;-). Its all about closing the deal. Hopefully on of our players will be closing the deal on the WPT.

"These are the new leads. These are the Glengarry leads. And to you they're gold, and you don't get them. Why? Because to give them to you would be throwing them away. They're for closers"
Alec Baldwin's character Blake in "Glengarry Glen Ross"

Friday, August 10, 2007

Thursday Night Tournament at the IP

Played in the Thursday night tournament at the IP last night, and played great...until the final 2 tables. The tournament was a $60.00 buy-in with a $10.00 bonus token where you get $1000 in extra chips. Me and my buddy bmegan had some business down on the coast, so he accompanied me there. Again...the same faces with Mike McD, Ron from Slidell, Gretchen, Tommy T, Rip and JohnnyP. Me and my buddy bmegan got seated at the same table to start off with and I doubled up in the 8th hand where I flopped a set and the guy turned top 2 pair. Again..another lesson from my previous post I forgot to mention..."Never go busted early in a tournament with top 2 pair". Well, this guy didn't heed this lesson and doubled me up quick.

I made a stupid play where I donated $1000 making a move on a pot when the board came out 8c6h2d. I bet $500, and this Libyan guy that had been playing every hand calls. We are heads up. The turn brings the 8c. The guy gets this "Disgusted look on his face", and puts his cards out like he is fixing to fold. I fire another $500...and he "Dejectedly...and with much pain like he was sick" says "I guess I am going to go all-in. I bust out laughing as does several other people while I pitch my cards into the muck before the chips even left his fingers. It was the biggest...dumbest "I got the third 8 tell" that I have see in a long time. We all started to imitate him with that disgusted looking face every time we had to fold...It was funny.

Now to the hand that I played like chump. We were down to 2 tables with about 8 at each table when I am in the High Jack seat. I have built a solid image so far, and I have been in full "Unabomber Mode" with headphones, my favorite sunglasses , my new favorite poker hat and my hood. I was not talking to anyone, just sitting there focused on what was going on. I look down at KhQh. I have about $10,000 left and the blinds have gotten rather high. I think they were $800/$1600. I Jam trying to steal the blinds and the SB wakes up with pocket Queens. I brick out and that was it.

I spoke to Raceland Brian (AKA "Lusky" on the internet), and he agreed that I made a bad play. I should have tried to limp...or make it 3 times the blinds and if someone came over the top, I could have cut lose of the hand and still had some chips.

One cool thing that happened was Gretchen (She has long Black Hair and cocktails at Harrah's) sat on my right for several hours and we got to catch up as I had not seen her in awhile. We have been to many final tables together and she is really cool . She asked me what I was listening to, and when I explained that I was listening to "Poker Wire Radio", she had never heard of it. She has hung out with Gavin and them before in New Orleans. We swapped Ipods and I let her listen to the WSOP version with Eugene Todd (Hilarious) while I chilled to evanescent. She really got a kick out of it.

Look like we will have the "Gulf Coast Poker. Net Lodge" in Biloxi for the WPT Championship. We booked a kick ass place, and we are going to have 5-6 of us. We will have laptops and if we are not in a live game, we will be helping each other out with internet info. I plan on really getting back into playin on the net. Lusky has been running real sweet lately. I just have to get a couple of programs to track my play...and my opponents.

"To protect the sheep you gotta catch the wolf, and it takes a wolf to catch a wolf" Denzel Washington's Character Alonzo in "Training Day"

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Back to the Belle -Part Deaux

Made my monthly visit to the Belle of Baton Rouge last night to sit in the 2-5NL game with the same cast of characters as always. I sit in the 9 seat and I have Cigar Mike to my left, the Asian Mumbler Kid in the 7 seat, and 2 college kids name Joe and Nick. There was also several other older gentleman that I have played with before there also.

I have mentioned in an earlier blog about the dealer here that made it to the final table at the New Orleans event 2 years ago. I actually saw the final table re-run again last Saturday night, so when Dana came to deal at our table, the jokes started flying..."Dana...I saw you on TV 3 nights ago...You just can't seem to get away from that hand Huh"...and "You still have not hit your hand"..."Next time, be sure and lay that hand down"...etc. It was good for a few laughs ;-)

I bought in for $300.00, and there were several people at the table with over $1500.00 in front of them. I got my stack up to about $360.00 when the following hand went down. I am in the BB with 10dJd and the SB makes it $35.00 to go. I call. Flop comes out a dream for me with Kd7d3d. The SB immediately puts out $100.00. I go in the tank for a second to try to figure out what he may have. I have him on Big Slick. I smooth call. Turn card brings the 9s. He immediately bets out $150.00. I now have to put him on Big Slick with the Ad for him to make this play...or I am already dead and he already has the nut flush or the Q high flush. I jam knowing that there is no way we are not getting it all in...Now he goes in the tank. Wow...he already has close to $300.00 in there and it is only around another hundo to call. He comes to the same conclusion and indeed does call...He turns over AdKh. River brings the As, and I double up well over $700.00. I turn a straight a little later and won a medium size pot with pocket 9's. Then the board double paired 4's and 7's and the Mumbling Asian guys called with Ace high after I bet the river. My stack is right at $1100.00 when the following Donkfest hand ensued.

I was thinking of leaving, and was waiting for the button to get around to me when I look down at KhQh. This is a hand I don't like that much but I like to limp in this situation if I can. We have 6 limpers with $30.00 in the pot...Flop comes out KcQsJh. Young internet guy bets out $70.00 and he started the hand with about $250.00 in front of him. I go in the tank juts knowing I am in trouble..."Just fold" I tell myself. Then I start think about what if I hit the Q or K and boat up. I call. everyone else folds, but the Asian mumbler to my right is stewing looking at his cards, and I see that he is folding of my outs. Turn comes 7s. The guy bets out $125.00 and now I go in the tank and start doing the math...I know I am suppose to fold, but somehow I think I have too much in there to get out now. If I call this, we are definitely getting the rest of his $50.00 or so in the pot. I donk-out and call...even though I know I only have 1 queen to hit. The river bricks...he puts the rest of his chips...I feel I have to call...he turns up 9h-10s for the flopped dummy end of the straight.

I start to Tilt a little here as I know I played the hand terribly. I knew I should have folded. Everyone around the table was saying comments like..."You couldn't have gotten away from that"..."There's no way you can fold in that situation"...and I look at them like donkfish. I want to scream..."Of course I CAN fold here...I only had $75.00 in the pot".

When the button gets to me I cash out for $850.00. A cool $550.00 added to the Bankroll and another lesson learned..."Of course you can fold the top 2 pair when there is an open ended board or the board is suited...of course you can"

"Don't get attached to anything you can't walk away from in less than 30 seconds if you feel the heat's around the corner" Robert Dinero's character Neil Pauly in "Heat"

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Friday night session at Harrah's

Went to Harrah's last night after flying in from Charlotte, NC. I was in Charlotte helping train some our new sales folks, and did not do too much while I was there but work. I stayed at this cool hotel there. It seems that Hilton has purchased Amerisuites and they has just finished the upgrades. The room had a 42" plasma TV, sectional sofa and the bed was extra comfortable. They had the expensive mattresses and triple sheeted with comforters...etc. You know I travel alot when I am going on about a hotel room.... ;-). There was also a "Jocks and Jills" sports bar in the parking lot. Those of you from that area know there are no Casinos near there, so I haven't played since the weekend....back to poker.

I called "Wild Bill" and we decided to get together for a beer and talk about as we having been changing formats and experimenting with different interfaces ...etc. We are getting hits from all over the country. We want to thank all you guys for coming check out our site. Our traffic has really been picking up lately. We also have several other people that are interested in blogging on the site. Our thoughts are that we would at least like to meet the person before we put them up on the site. We also discussed some different options for the GCP Championship next month as far as housing. It seems the Beau has been completely sold out for months. We discussed several options with Raceland Bryan and his buddy Eddie. We are thinking of trying to get a bunch of us together and rent a house or a condo. Turn it into a poker "Crash House" like those guys do in Vegas. We had a couple of other ideas also, and we are open to ideas if anybody has any.

We both bought in a 1-2 game for $200.00 as we happen to be there right when they opening a new game as $200.00 is the max buy-in. We decided we were going to play for a couple of hours and then get out winner or loser. Bill got Aces twice and was able to mount a push, but I didn't get anything to play with. I dumped $65.00 in one hand where I had big slick offsuit, and had to fold after a big bet after the turn as a straight was on the board. In the next hour I dumped about $50.00 in limping and calls trying to hit a hand. I got felted on a hand where I held K-Qo and called a $15.00 pre-flop raise. Flop came Kd7s4d, and come to find out we all had a king. We got it all in there after a 2c came on the turn. We turn them up and one guy had Big Slick suited and the other had Kh2d for 2 pair...great...I was the third best hand.

Cashed out my money on Neteller. I went with the check option. I now wonder how long it will take them to send it to me. I will keep you guys posted on their speediness. I hope it gets here before the GCP would be sweet to add to my Bankroll.

I just finished reading this crap about Phil Laak and some Thailand fiasco...what crap. I am embarrassed to post it up on here, but suffice to say if you do a search with phillaak...and thailand...with maybe a "Dash" between them...and something like ..."dot com" can get there. I am sure that our resourceful readership will find it.

"Should I beware of lawyers bearing gifts?" Vince Vaughn's character Sheriff in "Return to Paradise"

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Online Personality Test

This is really cool. I went to this site and took a test to see what my "Movie Personalities" would be. I got this link from another poker players blog, so I was going to pass it it is:

I really like my results too....I am an "Easy Rider" ;-)