Friday, March 23, 2007

Back from a week at the IP

I just got back into town after spending a week in Biloxi Ms working and training new employees. I was pleasantly surprise to see I am 21st on the tournamnet player of the year promo going on at the IP. I have 19 points. Bad thing is though they top 10 people are already in the mid 30's. My buddy, Mike McD, was in that number. I think I may have a shot, but I don't think I will get to play in enough tournys to make it in the top 10.

I "Bubbled" out the Monday night tournament in 13th and was really upset about it. I played badly. I should have at least gotten in the money. After the game I played 1-2 NL and picked up $310.00. I went down early ans had to grind it out to get back into the game and then post a profit. I employed the strategy of wild bill. Bill is actually on a mountain somewhere snowboarding and snow skiing. He still called me toget updates on my tournys though. I played terrible again in the Thurs night tourny and busted out before the first break. I played to aggressive against some players that were just there vacationing. I wound up donkying off all my chips on 2 blown bluffs. Overall on the week. I played in 2 tournaments...4 nights of cash games and left Biloxi with a profit of $435.00

I have not been playing much on line. I am a little pissed about neteller. I had over $500.00 that is now tied up with them. I am hearing that they may send all the US players checks and close out their accounts...yea right...I will be holding my breath.

One thing I noticed this week is lots of people arguing over the table. People taking bad beats and getting pissed off. Criticising everyone's play. Arguing with just had enough. I wish people could just play poker and be friendly.

"In any real city you walk and brush past people in the sidewalk, bump people, In L.A. nobody touches you. Always behind this metal and glass. I think we miss that touch so much that we "crash" into people just to feel it again"
intro in the movie "Crash"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The weeks action at Harrahs

I played twice this week at Harrahs as I was stuck in New Orleans all this week. I had a pretty good day Tuesday as I picked up a a cool $250.00. The problem I have been having is I am not losing...but I am not winning either. I cashed out Wednesday night with a $25.00 profit after 3 hours of play.Considering that it cost$6.00 an hour just to sit at the table, you can see that the Casino really gets you in the Cash games. It is very discouraging as I dumped $36.00 just in the rake...sick...oh so sick.

Well...I was playing Thursday night and I bought in for $200.00. I was able to get that up to about $350.00.There was a player in the 8 seat that was just running over the table. I could tell he did not have anything,but he was taking down pots betting $100.00 on the river in $45.00 pots. No one wanted to call him. I had a pair of sevens in the same situation. He showed a pair of threes and a missed straight draw. Everybody then saw what he was doing.

After about about 3 hours I had 2 friends of mine come and sit at my table. Gary and Katie.Both good players. Katie wins a huge pot of $1200.00... 4 ways with pocket kings. I called a raised pre-flop pot of $15.00 with 5 callers with 7d8d. Flop comes 5d6dQs. There was a $15.00 bet and 3 folders around to me. I decide to make a move at the pot and try to take it down there. I ship in all my chips with a straight draw...flush draw...and straight flush draw. Raiser goes in the tank for a few minutes when he decides to call with 5s6h for 2 pairs. The turn and river "Brick Out" for me and I am felted. I give $150.00 to the runner to get me some more chips. The dealer deals while I wait for my chips and I look down at pocket kings. I make it $35.00 to go and get 2 callers. The flop comes 10h9s8h. Everyone folds to me and I decide I can;t get away from this hand so I move in again. Guy on the other end of the table "Insta-calls"...Damn...I know he has 10-Jack. The runner shows up with my chips and say ..."Nah...go give them all to that dude over there". EVERYBODY PLAYS 10-Jack...

"I just want to know when? MAYBE YOU LOST MY CARD!! Just tell me WHEN I'M GOING TO BE ON TELEVISION!"
Ellen Burstyn's as Jared Leto's Mom in "A Requim for a Dream"

Monday, March 05, 2007

Guess What...I didn't qualify

Yes...Thats right folks. After I called and was told that I qualified, I headed down to Biloxi as I was going to take a day of vacation and play in the $20,000 freeroll. I got there Wednesday night as I had some work issues to resolve there on the gulf coast as then I found out that I did not qualify. It says clearly on the sheet that you must have at least 25 hours to qualify and I only had 16. What aggravates me is the lady I talked to that told me I qualified also told me that I had 16 hours. Oh Well...It turned out to be a real good turn out. Ronnie really did a great job of pulling the players over to the IP. There were over 100 players in the freeroll. I did pretty well though on a whole as I cash in 2 out of 3 tournaments I played.

Wednesday night at the IP: $120.00 Bounty Tournament...we chopped 6 ways. I received $620.00 after I cashed in all my bounty chips.

Thursday night at the IP: $120.00 freeze-out...I got sixth and "wild" bill got 4th. I got $230.00
We were both sick to our stomachs after this tournament. We each had half of the other, and we felt there was no way one of us would not get in the chop fest. Well, we both got it in with the best of it and got sucked out on. sick

The IP has their "Player of the Year" promo going n right now. It is pretty cool. We are going to try to play in as many tournaments there as we can.

"Just because you are a character does not mean you have character"
Harvey Kietel's Character Wolf in "Pulp Fiction"