Friday, August 21, 2009

Running around with my head cut off...

...Thats what I have been doing lately. It seemed to pile up...and pile up on me. This blog is going to be bullet points I have made notes about

-First...Congrats to Wild Bill and Jess for their new born. I am pretty excited for them and then nervous for me as ...I don't know. I guess I had some kind of warped feeling that I really didn't have to worry much ...kind of like parachuting as long as the guy in front of you goes out well your with that analogy...Bill was going to have to "Go out first" so in all actuality...Im was kind of like "2nd in line"...well GeneD...guess what...your at the doorstep of that plane buddy...looking out at...shit...I have no idea what...but you have to jump...theres no turning back now. "But wait isn't there SOMEONE else I know having a child before early November I can get back behind?"....Uhhhh...My Cousin Julie and John have their bundle of Joy a couple of weeks ago...nope...oh well...Its me...I plan on doing a cartwheel out the door...somersault when I hit the air...followed by a backflip gainers going down.
(Side Note on my Cousin: congrats to them by the way ...funny note on how I found nanny texted me "Its a Boy"...thats it ;-) ...just digging.... she knows we love her).

-My 2nd Tunica trip was sooooooo cool. I got to fly on one of my buddy's private planes in a Twin Commander where we flew out of Baton Rouge and right into Tunica airport. I got to where the headphones where we could all talk to each other and we also got to hear the interaction between the pilot/owner Dave and all the land based towers. I got to hear "echo" and "Bravo" and all the pilot "We are November 9 Tunica tower...I have a visual...preparing for approach"....kind of stuff. verrrry cool and fun. The guys I went with were great and we had a blast. You will read about how they did in limit tourney on the main site when I update it again.

-My Poker exploits are I continue to beat the cash games which keeps me where I need to be as far as bankroll goes as its steady climbing getting ready for the Beau. I am skipping Oklahoma obv...I have my online bankroll nice and healthy for when the baby gets here so I can start focusing on online play as I am sure my live play will take a backseat for awhile.

-To give you an idea of how bad the play was in Tunica...I witnessed the following hand in a tournament. We are on the 2nd round with the button...maybe 17th hand of the tournament.
You know where the blinds antes are so I complete from SB and see the flop with 6 other people.
Flop comes out AhKhJh. UTG old guy local with his NRA hat on with a pic of an AK-47 on his shirt fires out a 4x bet....Guy in 7 seat ....same age only with cowboy hat and a "Vietnam Veterans" pin on it 3 bets to a total of 10x of the BB....everyone pitches to the muck except gun toter...who gets all aggressive and 4 bets....Vietnam guy just decides to flat....turn was the 10h to which NRA boy fires a healthy bet...gets smoothes by Vietnam guy. Now the river brings a meaningless 2s. NOW...gun boy checks to which the Cowboy Hat Veteran says outloud, "Oh well...what do I do much is in there?" and proceeds to bet about 1/3 of the pot...and NRA gun guy insta-shoves...and gets insta-called. Cowboy Hat has (Duhhhh) A-Q with the Qh....gun guy who needs to shake some of that gunpowder out of his head...tables 6h2h.

Several people at the table snicker...a couple of online guys are still in shock...and I simply say, "Wow had to know you were beat", to which he says "I flopped a flush...what are talking don't know shit"...I said sir..."The 7-8-9 of hearts was in his range but his range became even more polarised when he made that speech about what to do and he only bet 1/3 of the pot...he had the royal flush...I would have bet my house on it"...he says..."What are talking about kid ...range....what range...what are talking about"...I answered him..."Sir...the shooting range sir....I am talking about the shooting range...I will meet you there later and we can pop off a few rounds...and by the way...your right...I don't know shit"

"And you know what's going to happen now. You should admit your situation. There would be more dignity in it....and Let me ask you something... If the rule you followed brought you to this, of what use was the rule? Javier Bardem as Anton Chigurh the Homicidal Maniac in "No Country foir Old Men"...right before executing Woody Harrelson's Character Carson Wells

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Chopped the Beau Nightly...Tales from Tunica...

I have been meaning to getting around to putting up a new blog, but I have been very busy lately with my job and some new business ventures as well as I got so many good comments on my last one...I wanted to "Milk" it for everything it was worth. My family also enjoyed it as we have been pounded about questions on what we were going to name our son.

I am currently in and the Beau Rivage typing this up waiting to get kicked out my room by the maids as its now 1pm and check out was noon. I left a crack in the door and came back to do some work, and put up a blog. I chopped the Beau Nightly last night night 3 ways for $1040.00, and it was probably a mistake as I know I was the best player left, but there was this one girl at the table from Tallahasse, Fl that talked just like Alabama Worley in True Romance...and she was lets say...I want to be polite here as she may read this..."still learning the game" LOL. I took the chop because this girl just got it in bad time after time and somehow she was the CL at with 3 of us left and she was just tooooooo unpredictable. You never knew what she was going to do from hand to hand so I agreed to the chop. After my payouts to the players I had deals with and towards my makeup with my backer...I walked away with over $800.00. We had a full GCP.Net crew in this one as Goondingy, SPR, Reid G, Alex and Wild Bill were in it also. Bill and I played some 1-2 after and he made a nice score.

Tunica Mississippi....yeaaaaaaaaaaa. What a place. I am going to have to start on my Tunica stories by taking a play from Monkey...and hack on Tunica.

-I counted 4 cars out in the parking lot with miss-matched fenders/quaterpanels that were different colors ...obviously junk yard parts that the owner just does not care that they have a blue car and a red front quarter panel.
-In same parking lots I counted 3 cars that had one of the side windows busted out ...and managed to stop the rain from getting in by patching the window up with garbage bags and duck tape
-In same parking lot saw 2 cars with same patch job on the Back Glass

Now the sick part about this is that these people would rather come to a casino and gamble their money away instead of fixing their windows...The thought process...lets see ...I have $75...Passenger Car Window or The Price is Right Slot at the Gold Strike???...I'll take the latter.

And to give you an idea of the attitude of the employees there...I am at the concierges desk faxing some copies for work and their is the Concierge and 2 Bell guys behind the front desk when we all witness the following interaction. Nice old lady walks up and tries to grab one of the bell carts and is stopped by the bell guy and the following conversation takes place,

Bell Guy-" cant take the cart its a bell cart used by us Bell guys
NOL-"I need something to carry our luggage down as we have a bunch of stuff including an ice chest"
BG-"But Lady...We are the only ones who can use these carts...I can come up with you and help you if you would like"
NOL-"But I have we no money...we are flat busted from the Casino"

To which a Mexican staredown standoff ensues until the NOL walks away. I say "Incredible" what the Concierge says, "Yea Man...Can you believe that...we get people like that all the time"

Now at this point I realize that he mis-understood what I was implying thinking I was hacking on the NOL...and I proceeded to tell him that I felt he and the Bell Guy were as rude as hell and that they should get their asses up their and help the lady...that at least she was honest enough to tell them she was busted when in all actuality all she had to do was go to her the bell desk...get them to come get her stuff...pull the car around and load up...and hit the road. That they should appreciate her honesty in not wanting to "Stiff" anyone and that in dont have to tip the bell guy at all...its a service of the Casino...which just took all her money.

Mexican Staredown standoff now commences with Me and Concierge...he says "Whatever"...and I say, "Only in Tunica MS...Karmas a bitch buddy"...and I walk away.

Anyyyyhow. ...Played the Deep Stack event and went fairly deep to around 5-6 tables left and they were paying 38 out of over 400. I get it in a 4-1 fav in a +80k pot ...with 10-10 vs 6-6 where I cruise into the money if I win...6 ball on the river...bounced but not frustrated as I played as well as I could. I played one hand bad the whole Tournament and it was in the 4th level right after the break. I had to end up folding on the river, so I dont know what the person had...but I played the hand terrible...but it had nothing to do with my results as I went on a rush after that to get up to around the 40k I had. Ben "The Destroyer" Mintz was at my table for awhile and is a nice guy...we chatted for awhile.

I wiffed 5 tournaments overall on the weekend including a couple of $150.00 buy-in 10k guaranteed events at other Casinos...but I was able to beat this new "Cash Blast" tournament and the cash games in general to cover my tournament losses...I am flying back tomorrow morning with some buddies on a private jet to play some more tournies/megas...and will be returning next week.

Sights and Sounds of are some quotes:

Ben "The Destroyer" Mintz to Phillip "Quatersack" Walsh on break in Deepstack event:
The Destroyer-"Dude...I cant believe that guy flatted your Kings with Queen/4...and hits a queen and a 4 on the flop...that was sick"
Quatersack-"Superusers man...Superusers"

I went chat with Jason Gladden as he was in the 2-7 lowball event as he was in the 7 seat and Robert Williamson was in the 3 seat...Jason says, "Only tournament I have played in so far and its a game I have never played before"...Classic

Songs I was listening to on Ipod when I went on my "Rush"
-"Jane Says"-Janes Addiction
-"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground"-White Stripes

"Tunica Mississippi Bro...what a hellhole bro...THATS a place I never want to go back to bro" Eugene Todd Bro on a old Pokerroad Radio show