Sunday, December 21, 2008

Another Random Blog

I haven't had much going on lately in the poker world, so I haven't blogged in awhile. I am in the middle of changing jobs which is exciting. I am staying within my industry just moving to a better company...I say better, but what I mean is a "Louisiana Based" company. I am tired of working for people who don't understand how we do business down in South Louisiana. I will be working out of my house/road mostly, and I am looking forward to getting in and making an impact at my new company. With that being siad I lost my laptop which had all my software to update the site, so Wild Bill is the only one updating the site now. It may be a week or so before you see more daily updates.

I am also going to be going on a diet for my "New Years Resolution". I will be eating right and exercising and this will mean less drinking...which should be "No Drinking"...but I am trying to be realistic and will just say that those of you who know me as always having a a cup (DirteAA HaHaHa) may not see that as much anymore. Kind of sucks but it has to be done. I have to get my weight under control before it gets out of hand. I am going to enjoy the rest of the year and start on the 1st. I wish I had the guts like Reid to challenge my buddies to catch me, but like I said...I am trying to be realistic.

On the Poker note, we had our first feeder table into the "Dead Money" WSOP Main Event Satellite that we run every year last Wednesday. The winner was Dave A. and Wild Bill got 2nd...which was a pat on the back and an "ata Boy". We may be having another one soon if you didn't get to play in this one. We ran this one with very short notice and only came up with 10 players. (Actually we had 11 ...and a special thanks goes out to Mike H. for showing up to make sure that we had enough to run the table). I got cold decked early...fought back...and went out against Matt's KK . Matt works for the company that host our site and I happen to be in the office there Wed where he overheard us talking about the site and we started talking poker...needless to say, he winds up showing up to play and made a good run. He played well.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. Hope to see everyone in Biloxi in Jan. I am really pumped about '09, and I think I have found a backer that will be putting me in some events next year...I hope I can win him some money.

"Cinderella Story!!! Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac…It's in the hole! It's in the hole! It's in the hole!!" Bill Murray as Carl in "Caddyshack"

Monday, December 08, 2008

Chip and a Chair

Thats right folks...GeneD pulled off the biggest cliche quote in the in dusty in a $65.00 satellite at the Harrah's Bayou Poker Open. I will tell that story first and then segway into a couple of other things I wanted to chat about.

Let me set the stage...there are 4 of us left in a simple $65.00 satellite and I was getting low. There was a very tight lady in the 1 seat...there was some Arabian guy in the 3 seat with a nice crew cut....but had a huge, thick beard that hung down to the middle of his chest (ZZTop Guy)...and there was a business exec guy in the the 4 seat that seemed really nice. We were almost to 6pm and both the ZZTop guy and the Exec wanted to play the 6pm Mega. The blinds are at 100-200 and I am short. The blinds go thru me and I have exactly 300 left. Great...I have only a few hands to go. I get to the BB and flip in my 200 and was dealt 9-4o...Great. Everyone limps expecting to get me 3 to 1 to knock me out knowing I was not going to fold...You know I hell with it...I pitched the cards in the muck and watched as all the players including the dealer...stared at each other like I was an idiot...Which mathematically speaking...I was. I threw mt last 100 chip in on the SB...and you guys can figure out where it goes from here. Quite a few double/triple ups and people started to gather around as the word spread around the room. We get heads up with the Business exec and we chop...Him $ $250.00. I was pretty happy with that although I know they are several people who are readying this that are going to give me grief for chopping.

What else...Congrats go out to PokerLusky...our transplanted Cajun living in Vegas as him and his girl got engaged. Being Married is great when you find the right person...I wish I wouldn't have waited so long.

"You know that all my writings have called this occupation a violation of international law and its practitioners are criminals?" Marisa Tomei as Natalie in "War Inc."

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Harrah's Winter Open

Have been busy at work recently...Sales-Sales-Sales... so I haven't had time to blog. I have been somewhat running good recently in the 1-2/2-5 games I play in, and have booked several small wins. (nothing to brag about...Obv). Last Wednesday I got in at Shorty's with $230.00 and cashed out for $455.00. I had a couple of things I wanted to chat about there, but Its been awhile ago...and many hands ago. ...lets see... Mike O. was there dragging in another win. I swear that guy never loses. Solid Player...but also seems to run well also. Met Dave A. also

Friday after Thanksgiving I went back out and was able to score another win almost identical to the One Thursday. This one I got in for $200.00 and cashed out for $435.00. I get coolered the first hand by Jack S. where he raises from the button $25.00...I am on his left in the SB. Jacks range here...Who Knows???? HaHaHaha (Just kidding Jack). Anyhow...I smooth with AKo as do several other villains. Flop comes out Ad-10d-4c. I check...Jack c-bets $30.00...all the others scatter. I think I am ahead here but I reluctant to raise. I decide to see where this hand will take me and just call. turn...Jd. Great...puts the straight and flush out there. I check saying something like "I'll check it down Jack", which he says, "Oh no...I gotta bet now"...He slides out $60.00 and I make a bad call. River is a brick and I check...he saying something about being spooked by my flush...he tables KQ0 for the turned straight. Half my buy-in gone and I get moved to the juicey table with E.J, Big Randy and Rabbit. Those 3 are a game it itself.

So I sit in the game and wait for a good spot. 30-40mins go by and ...nothing. I limp in a few spots but nothing transpires. I am OTB with Qh8h and the UTG players fires out $25.00...and get 5 callers to me...Hmmmm. I have $80.00 left. I decide to join the party to see if something happens. SB calls...BB folds. Flop hits Qc8c5d. Everybody checks it to me and I ship my remaining $55.00 and get 2 callers. Turn is a random club and I cringe...but the river snakes out the sweet 8s. You guys to do the math and I was back in the game...full swing. From there...nothing much happened. Saw my brother and sister n law there that night...thats it.

Got in a cash game session at Harrahs the other night with the Tiltin Texan and SouthPawRounder...has a good time. Drank toooo many Blue Moons. We went to Ruth's Chris after so they could eat a steak. I had the Tuna Tataki...good stuff. Played a $65.00 Satellite with Marshall Brown of Mickey Browns hot Tamales. Good to see Marshall...had seen him in awhile. I then hit the 2-5 game with the "bueshewacker." I had Joe on my right and "Loveshack" Dave from Baton Rouge was on Joe's right... 2 from me on the right

Wow....just started a $3.40 sng on stars. 3rd hand I call a $100.00 raise with 4s-4c. Flop comes out 10d3s4d. Villain c-bets $550.00...I shove...he calls with AdKd...hits his diamond on the river...See ya....

Back to the table with Joe and Loveshack. Played for several hours until our table broke and we split. Played on another 2-5 while Loveshack and the bueshwacker head to another table. I broke out even on the night and spent the night at The Queen and Crescent Hotel they were completely sold out for all the rooms that Harrah's had reserved. Damn....on a Monday night they sold out...kind of weak if you ask me.

I kind of felt bad for Juicey as he is taking some heat about the tourney structures. They skip several levels and there were lots of players not to happy about it. The first one was that Harrahs cut out the $100-$200 without the blinds. Normally it goes 25-25/25-50/50-100/100-200....and then 25-100-200...they cut out the 100-200 no ante level out as well as several others. I was actually in a conversation talking to TK and Tim Hebert when Juicey walked up...we all started chatting and noticed that the 6pm mega structures were better than the nooners...oh well...I am sure Juicey is on it.

You will see on the site soon about a big score, but I wanted to chip it out first here...Congrats to Nick "Nick the Greek" Gellepis (AKA- "MVP OF LIFE")for nailing a nice score on Stars... $55 buy-in, Daily Eighty Grand [$55 NLHE - $80,000 guaranteed] on PokerStars. 11/14/2008, 1st place for $16,219.50. Way to go NICK!!!!!!!!

What else is happening...Heading to Harrahs's tomorrow...I will try to give you guys an update soon. Then back to work...selling-selling-selling.

"Hi. I'm, uh, I'm a pet psychiatrist. I sell couch insurance. Mm-hmm, and I - and I test-market positive thinking. I lead a weekend men's group, we specialize in ritual killings. Yeah, you look great! God, yeah! Hi, how are you? Hi, how are you? Hi, I'm Martin Blank, you remember me? I'm not married, I don't have any kids, but I'd blow your head off if someone paid me enough"
John Cusack as Marty in "Grosse Point Blank"