Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Been busy lately

Sorry People...I have been very busy lately at work and playing poker. I played in 2 $110.00 buy ins last week at the IP but could not do anything. I got my chips in with the best of it in both tournaments and got sucked out on. Wild Bill came to Biloxi to play also. We had a pretty good session playing cash while we were there at Isle of Capri. We both kind of liked the poker room there as they do not "Time Rake"...I personally hate time rake. I have a guy I know and play with a lot in New Orleans/Biloxi that won an event at the Bellagio last week. Adeeb is his name and he is a really nice guy. Another guy from my home town, LJ Naquin played in the $25,000 main event and made it through the first/second day before he got sucked out on.

We are getting pumped up for the circuit event coming to New Orleans. Hope to see you guys there. From there...the World Series of Poker is right around the corner

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Harrah's sit n go's

I have been playing at Harrah's the last couple of nights as I have been trying to win a seat into the $5000.00 main event in May. That is when the circuit event is scheduled to be back in New Orleans. Tuesday night they gave away 10 free seats to play in the sngs every other hour. This got you into a $65.00 sng. If you won that, then you would be tee'd up to play in the Sunday $500.00 buy-in satellite event. Wild Bill and I happen to both be called for the 7pm drawing and got to play on the same table. I wound up playing in 3 all together and Bill played in 4. I played cash in between the sng's. I went down $500.00 and buckled down...grinded it out...and was able to leave a $45.00 winner. I consider that a win.

I heard the structure of the $500.00 Sunday event stinks. Something like $1000.00 in chips and the blinds go up every 20 min. That sucks.

Hope to get pumped up for the circuit event in New Orleans in May. I would love to get in the $5000.00 event. I am going to try to sell some of myself to see if I can get up enough money to play. I am going to hit up my boss for at least $1000.00. I have to get in the Main Event...and I have to make it happen...No excuses...I have to start playing in bigger tournaments if I am going to get my game up where it belongs.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pain at the Beau

I said I would give you some feedback from my trip to the coast so here it goes. I bought into the 2-5NL game at the Beau last week for $450.00 I was playing great and had a great table image. I knew that several of the players were avoiding me, and I decided I was going to be patient and play tight/aggressive. In 2 1/2 hours I won every pot I entered with 2 having the best cards and 3 where everyone folded to me. I got the stack up to around $840 when the following hand came up.

I look down and pocket aces. (I know...I know...every donkeyfish story starts this way). I am in position on the button and there was a $10.00 raise to me with 2 callers. I make it $50.00 to go and everyone calls. 4 of us see the flop. The flop comes 10d 7d 3s...a beauty for me. Everyone checks around and I go in the tank for a second. There is around $250.00 in the pot, so I decide to take it down there. I ship it and donkeyfish in the 10 seats starts to think. He is agonizing over the call. I know one of the 2 left has the flush draw, and if it was the guy to my right, I knew he would not call. DF counts out $700.00 in cash that he had behind him and throws it in.
Flush draw folds and I show my aces. I see pain on his face so I know he has a pocket pair which puts me a 4-1 favorite. Turn is a brick...river an 8...and his face lights up. I knew it before he turned over the cards.

I also talked to by bud "Tex" and he had a similar story. He had aces in the same situation almost and the donkey called his pre-flop raise...and hit 2 pair on the river where the donkeyfish held 10-5 offsuit where he hit the 10 on the flop and he hit his 5 on the river. He lost a $670.00 pot.

Donkey Fish 2...Gene and Tex 0

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Sunday, April 01, 2007

I will post a little later on my trip last week

I have been playing on the Mississippi gulf coast lately as my job has taken me there recently. I will try to post a little later as I have not had much time to post. I ran into several donkeys on the last trip and I will share those stories with you guys soon. It was sick...oh so ...sick

I played in 2 tournaments last week, and I could not get any traction. I was completely card dead in both tournaments. I am at 20 points for the tournament of the year promotion. The leader was at 52.