Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Poker Happenings...and other tidbits

I apologize to the folks that have been emailing about me not blogging recently, but I have been very busy with work, my pregnant wife and getting some stories out for a new venture we are pursuing here at GCP.Net. This blog is going to ramble a little bit

Wow...poker is just soooooooo easy for these guys...Yevgeniy Timoshenko (known as "bballer88" on Full Tilt Poker and "Jovial Gent" on Pokerstars) snaps off the WCOOP Main Event for 1.7 million...then a couple of hours later...He takes down the $1k Monday tournament on FTP for $75k. ElkY...move over as we have another player that just runs good...in life...so sick

Sebok and UB:
I have a bad feeling that the reason that they are not naming the people (31 of them) who signed up all those superuser accounts(There has to be a name with each account) is that...there are some highly rated/respected players that are in the crossfire. I listened to Neverwin Radio last week and Detective DanDruff is "hot" on Freddie Deebs tail. I will post the link here

September 16 2009 edition...

and they get Sebok and Hollywood Dave in the "Hotseat" this week (Going to listen to it on the way home today)

OK...Druff is the real deal here...to quote Micon...hes "Tough but Fair". (I am going to wet your appetite a little but you all need to listed to this stuff he dug up) He dug into Freddie Deeb ...who we all know was a UB pro and friend of Russ Hamilton. Freddie's name on UB was "Kid55" (k.i.d is his initials...Kassem Idid Deeb...or something like that). Freddie has a fascination with the number 55 as that's the year he was born...Druff claims he identified several of Freddie's email addys with the number 55 in it also. Well...when you look into the superuser list...there are several superuser names that had 55 in them...including..."Crackcorn 55"...and "Dannyboy55" as well as a few others. Well UB in 2005 listed all the entrants to the Aruba Classic that won their seats online ...the one Freddie Deeb snapped off for 1 million...almost 4 years to the day. Well, "kid55" is not listed as winning their seat into the Aruba classic....BUT...you guessed it..."Dannyboy55" did in fact win his seat into the Aruba Classic...HHHHHHmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anyhow...Listen if you want...make your own conclusions...and what other players have been on the UB as sponsored pros during this time? I can remember...The Magician?? Devilfish?? We will see how it all shakes out.

World Softball Championship in Panama City:
I have to give a shout out to my baby brother, James (I say baby but he is 6'3 ...and built like a brickhouse...cock strong) who along with his team, The "Cross Seekers", won the World Softball Championship of Class D in Panama City, FL ...2 weekends ago. There has been no other softball team from Louisiana that has ever achieved this feat...and the sponsors of the tournament and the other teams were shocked that they were not even sponsored. This group of individuals who all live in the South Louisiana area within 20 minutes of each other went there and kicked ass on teams that were pooled from entire states. The team they beat in the finals was a team put together from across the state of North Carolina and had a "Major" sponsor. (Mike Vicks little brother Marcus was also on the team).

James was voted MVP of the tournament...Julie and I could not be more proud of him.

This segways into a story I told some of my close poker buddies months ago as well as my other brother Charles. I am sitting in a poker tournament 3-4 months ago next to a guy I have played with on numerous occasions whose name is Sparky. We are friendly and we chat when we see each other and I know him as a good...solid player. Well, he knew everyone called me GeneD but didn't know my last name was Dudek. Sparky over hears someone call me by my last name and says, "Hey man...your last name is Dudek", ...to which I replied "Yes...why?". He says, "You James Dudeks brother?"... I give an affirmative and Sparky calls over 2 other guys from other tables...all softball players...and says, "Hey guys...that's James Dudeks brother right there"...to which I get stared at as someone semi-famous. One of them says, "Dude...your brother is a beast...he crushes the ball...hits harder than anybody I have ever seen"...the other says "Your brother could probably play softball for a living...people would pay him to play...hes that good".

James...if you ever read this...We are proud of you...and I want you to know that moment meant alot to me

"Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies" Tim Robbins as Andy Dufrene in his letter to Red in the "Shawshank Redemption"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Running around with my head cut off... part 2

I am here typing this out at the Beau Rivage where the Gulf Coast Poker Championship is going strong. The Main Event starts on Saturday, and we are working on getting some material for a new venture Bill and I have got into...and we may be around snapping some pics of all the Gulf Coast players.

I was all set to play in 2 of the events and wound up not playing either one. The first one was last week when I wasn't feeling all that hot, and I when I got down to sign up ...the line was huge and we would have had to go in as alternates...I passed.

The 2nd one was in yesterdays 2pm $340.00 that was pushed back because of the power outage...what a mess they had on their hands. Johnny G and company did a great job under the circumstances though. I was in line with 2 of my friends ....Jared from Lafayette and Quatersack. I gave up and decided not to play. Both of them got in after standing around for an hour or so with about 5 min left in the 100-200 level. At least they got to sit down with 10k in chips.

I had to stay at the IP as the Beau had booked all their "Poker rate" rooms...checked out the new IP poker room. I liked it. The bright purplish/bright blue felt definitely "Jumps" out at yea. They also now have those tables where they "swipe" you in for comps. Don't care much for those. If you feel I have been playing poker in your poker room...write me a comp to get something to eat...pretty simple. Well...I played for several hours and then had to go thru the, "Well...you only have enough time on here for $7.00 worth"...whatever.

I am in the 1 seat and halfway thru my session BJ McBrayer and his girlfriend come sit in the 2 seat. We chatted and had a good time...I made a sick laydown with AA when a player in LP called my preflop raise to $20.00 with Q-10o. Flop comes down 8-8-J rainbow. I c-bet up to $45.00 and villain calls. 9 on the turn and the guy grabs a hand full of chips and sticks them over the line like hes going to count them out and I grab a handfull also and say, "Im probably gonna call" and started to put my hand out over the line. The player sees this and reaches back and grabs a $100.00 bill ...and puts all the red chips he had in his hand on top of the bill. I now put down my chips and go in the tank. I ask him if he will show me if I fold and he says the standard, "You call and you can see them"...damn...hes got it. I fold face-up and he does in fact show me the Q-10o...NH sir...WP.

Watched the WSOP episode with the PokerBrat and Dandruff...WHAT??? you mean they edited out all the stuff about UB? Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

Been staying extremely busy at my new job as I am trying to get acclimated to a new company and position.

Gotta go...

"I wonder... do we all know where we belong? And if we do, in our hearts, why do we so often do nothing about it? There must be more to this life, a purpose for us all, a place to belong" Angelina Jolie as Sara Jordan in "Beyond Borders"