Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Its been awhile...

Hello anyone still reading this blog…I am in New Orleans now waiting to play the final post-lim and final circuit event of the season. Congrats to Wild Bill for making it to day 2 along with a host of other friends (you know who you are). I whiffed the 1st couple of tournaments last weekend, and I had a funeral party to go to for my Aunt Linda last Saturday so I had to skip most of the weekend. I’m in sales and our EOM (End of Month for non salesfolks) was last Friday 5/20…so I also had my hands tied a little during the week. The plan was to play some megas and if I didn’t satty into the High Roller or the Main Event to fire bullets at the last 2 post-lims to try to win a ring. Today at 3pm will be the final chance for anyone to win a ring this season and before the actual WSOP.

The WSOP…yep…its right around the corner. I am going to try to get out to play a few events this year as I been absent the past couple. It seems I landed on Monk’s Possible Minion list to play the Main Event because some friends and investors decided to put my name in the hat. I am really humbled by this as we all know how brutal the game of poker can be…variance is a bitch. I know Monk is trying to drum up some sold shares early but I predict it will happen just like the past few years…halfway through the wsop schedule the main event will start to loom and then people are going to want to jump on board to get a piece of the action. I truly feel he will be sending as many as he sent the past 2 years. I am confident that my family/friends will buy some shares that are not gamblers. I want to publicly thank him for considering me for the honor, but I also understand there are a lot of other good players to choose from. Either way…I am planning on making a trip to Vegas this wsop.

Poker wise…I have been playing as much as I can with work and the family. I don’t remember the last time I blogged so I will focus on just a few events. GCP got an advertising assignment for the Pearl River Resort series in Philly, MS recently. Bill and I both went up to play the main and both my swaps cashed…Bill and Dave Chocheles. Great run event as always by Eric Comer…lots of comps given away…there was also a slight overlay but if you take away the casino rake/juice…I think they get there. I will also tell you guys that this is a great Casino location. I will be bringing the family to hit the waterpark this summer…food was ok. I think I played well in the event…wound up sattying my way into the main event.

I also headed on up to the Heartland Poker Tour in Vicksburg, MS. I sattyed into their main event also and wound up playing for about 5 hours on the same table as Robert Williamson III…what a cool guy. He was drinking wine and really having fun and I may be wrong, but I think he was some sort of “honored guest” per say. Chan Pelton was also at our table and Chan wound up winning the event. I want to apologize to Chan as of course me being something near/wanna be poker media and having a big mouth...I had to ask him about the “chip debacle” down in Florida. I didn’t realize how “touchy “ of a subject it was to Chan and he was obviously flustered and became a little embarrassed and didn’t want to talk about it. I hope he gets over it and he realizes that anyone trying to 3rd level him may bring it up just to get under his skin. That’s not what I was trying to do…and I do apologize …FWIW…and he did win the event and a cool $42k.

This brings me to the guy that got 2nd place in Vicksburg…old school pool player Elby Tyson. Elby and I sat next to each other in the Satty and he immediately took a liking to me …and after we started talking about playing pool and I realized who he was…we kinda hit it off and hung out. We had lunch together and talked about pool. You see…I use to play pool competitively in my younger days and lived with the local “Stakehouse” from Houma Troy Hebert…Troys known in the Rec.Billard/Pool online forums as the “Houma Hitman”. Troy was getting divorced from his wife and he had gotten shot at out there by himself and he asked me to come stay

Troy and his wife owned The Orange Grove plantation in Houma and we had access to the Big House but Troy and I lived in one of the small cottages on the grounds. We had a stocked pond in our backyard…pool with a working Hottub (I was actually in my senior year of college and I was working a swimming pool route and I took care of the pool)…go carts…weight room…all kinda cool stuff…we had some wild parties at that place…anyyywaaayyys

 Below is the Pic of the house we lived in for close to a year....

The Big House...We had access to the Bog House and it was some cool...there were hidden staircases...old school stuff

Cottage 14

I was always around Troy... I would get in smaller action while he ran the big dogs for the high stakes…It was nothing for Scotty Townsend…Eddie Brown…Lil Sal…Gary Adoud or other top pool players to show up and hang out at the house in between their road trips. Well Elby played on that speed and played against the best in South. Really nice guy and man does he have some gamble in him…I watched the PLO game that after day 1 and they were throwing chips around.

Coming back around to the New Orleans circuit event this last weekend…I whiffed the High Roller Mega and a few sngs…whiffed the sattys into the main. Played the $365 ring event on Saturday and made a terrible call with AJo against this Asain guy from Lafayette that I should know his name but cant remember it. I raised with A-Jo…he defends flop was something like 5-6-8 with 2 hearts. I c-bet and he rips… and I snap called. I was thinking in my head that he was going to try to push me off the hand and I didn’t think he had any of that…he turns over something like 4-9h…and he bricks all his outs and I doubled up. I can tell there were several guys that were like “Daaammmmnn kid”…yea…I hate that play in hindsight.

After busting out of the $365 turbo…Bill and I both jumped in the Nightly. These nightlies use to be Bill and I’s “bread butter”. This is where Kenny 1st started staking me back in 2008…etc. Well I get a couple of beers in me and decide I am playing this tourney just to have fun…started playing crazy and kidding with the whole table…shoving anything that smelled like it might hold…and Bill and I make the final table…It paid 9 but we gathered up the $10 from everyone for the bubble…Bill took the bubble…I got 6th…Blaaaahhhh (I had already decided in my head I was not chopping…their lucky)

"You should move to a small town, somewhere the rule of law still exists. You will not survive here. You are not a wolf, and this is a land of wolves now" Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro in "Sicario"