Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Online poker...Horseshoe poker classic and Micon is scammed

Been playing a lot of online poker recently. I play mostly MTT's on Pokerstars but I am about to move back to Fulltilt. I played in a low buy-in 180 person MTT on Saturday. I was the chip leader 3 separate times where I lost half my stacks in the following hands. 1st on was Kings vs. Aces. The second one was Queens vs. Aces. That one put back below the $3000.00 mark. I fought back and again, shipped half on Kings vs. Queens...Sick. I got down to 2 tables and got knocked out 17th with AdKc. I raised 4 times the BB pre-flop, and the BB calls. Flop comes down 7c3s3d. I check, he bets. I raise. He re-raises. Now, I kind of like my hand, but I don't want to go bust here. What could he have called with? He has me covered...barely. I have read about this ploy recently. re-raising the raiser with rage, but in this small of a tournament? I don't know. Yea...I put him on a steal...I jam and he insta-calls with 10h3h..."but they were suited". Oh well...3 1/2 hours down the drain.

We have posted the tournament schedule of the Horseshoe Poker Classic in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It's not on the coast, but hey...some of our readers may be up for a roadtrip...Virge?

Check out the following link. Micon got caught in a "bait and switch" kind of scam, and he has posted the guys pic/phone number etc on NWP. Interesting reading. The thread is now 27 pgs.

Headed to Harrah's tonight

"Brenda, I don't want to lie to you anymore. All right? I'm not a doctor. I never went to medical school. I'm not a lawyer, or a Harvard graduate, or a Lutheran. Brenda, I ran away from home a year and a half ago when I was 16" Leonardo Caprio's character Frank Abigale in "Catch me if you can"

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sheiky could be "Shipped Out"

Wow...I think this is crazy. It looks like they, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Organization, are trying to ship Sheiky out the country for a 1995 conviction for "Child Molestation". I know there are lots of people who don't care for Sheiky, but I always thought he was a solid player. You don't get that deep in back to back Main Events unless you know the game...but child molestation...ouch. Below is a quote from Poker News.

"Sheikhan, an Iranian citizen who immigrated to the U.S. in 1983, has an American-born wife, and maintains full legal resident status, received five years of probation and served nine months in jail after the 1995 conviction for 'sexual battery and annoyance or molestation of a child,' according to the LVRJ report. Immigration officials arrested Sheikhan August 30th, holding him for more than a week before releasing him after Sheikhan posted a $10,000 bond"

I love the quote below from Wicked Chops...

"Whether the 1995 conviction was of the Michael-Jackson-is-a-sick-fuck variety or the David Sklansky "You mean, you aren't 18?" kind is unclear"

Well...lets get this cleared up. I would love to know which one of the above os true. Also...How did he get arrested last month, stayed in jail a week and Poker News is just hearing about it...oh well.

"Days change, seasons change, people don't change" Bruce Willis character Jack in "16 Blocks"

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Boomtown Bust

Wild Bill and I headed over to Boomtown Wednesday to play in the Wednesday night tournament, and it turned out to be a night from hell. The chaos had nothing to do with poker playing though, and I am going to apologize right off the bat as there will be no hand analysis on this post. No...This post will be focused on the good people of security at the Boomtown Casino, and issues that we go thru here in Louisiana. First topic I want to tackle is Ipods/MP3 players at the tables. This is such a petty rule in New Orleans. It is so useless that I don't know where to start, and the funny thing is that the reasoning behind why they choose not to let you wear then a joke. The standard reply is, "Its a Louisana law that you can't have electronics at the tables"...what a joke. The comedy in this response is centered around the factoid that there are Casinos in Louisiana that "Do" allow you to listen. This is itself makes that excuse null and void. The casinos that allow you to use MP3 players are Isle of Capri in Lake Charles, Coushatta, Horseshoe and Elderado in Shreveport. Oh well...you just can't explain basic logic to casino execs.

Part 1
From here I want to describe my experience at B'town on the Westbank. Wild Bill and I were walking in right from work with my work clothes on (Slacks/Collar Shirt), and I had my backpack with me as we were in Bill's car. I was stopped at the security desk and told I could not bring on a backpack. I explained that this was my "Purse", and it was a coincidence that a lady walked in at the same time with a purse twice as big as my backpack. The security guy called in the re-enforcements as Bill headed to the poker room. In walks this lady that looked like a "Nurse ratchet" look alike that gave me a hard time...OK...whatever. As I text Bill and waited for him to come down, I walked into Boomers, the little bar there, to get a cold brewskie. Boomers was closed but there was a lady there that I was speaking too...and again, here comes Nurse Ratchet to hassle me about me being in there and it is closed. After this she stood around and stared at me until Bill came out and we left to go get my car. I mentioned to him that all the security people have to do here is "Hassle the guy with the backpack...I hope they don't remember my face"...and we chuckled

Part 2
I get my car and change into my poker garb which includes a cap, cargo pants, sunglasses and a hoodie. Standard poker garb for most poker enthusiast to play in tournaments. I made the comment to Bill, "There is no way they can see me now". Well...after the first round of the tournament I had my sunglasses on a my hoodie over my head and I feel a tap on my shoulder, "Sir...security says you must take off the hood"...WTF???? There were numerous people at the table which includes the dealer who said, "No..that's alright...this is poker...everyone does this". Nope...take it off. Wow...I could not believe this. Later in the night I get knocked out and I go down to checkout the pits and I decide to put back on again...and I see Nurse Ratchet is starting to head my way and I immediately take it off. I go back upstairs to play in the 1-2 cash game. I am a little pissed and I again put it on...I am curious to see how far they would push this...I was prepared to go home at this point anyway. Sure enough, here comes the security guard and I get a "Stern Warning"...I pick up my chips and leave and when I am walking out the poker room guess who is standing there on her radio...you guessed it...nurse ratchet.

Did I push back a little...yes. I just wanted to post this just so you all can see what happens when a security guard gets the ass with you...they can hassle you right out the door. I also want to say that I don't think that the Poker Room had anything to do with this harassment...but they surely didn't step up to help.

I want to give a shout out to Jason from Bavarian and Submar Ken .

"Conspiracy theorists of the world unite" Will Smith's charatcer Dean in "Enemy of the State"

Friday, September 14, 2007

Slow weekend at home

Heading home from Tunica on Friday and had a nightmare trying to get home. The flights were all hosed up, and the line at the Airtran customer service line reminded me of the WSOP this year with hundreds and hundreds of people. When I saw that line I thought for sure I was sleeping in Atlanta.

I got to see the last hand of the $5000.00 event in Tunica Wednesday night. Jordan Morgan was a small favorite in the chips stacks when the following hand came up. I was able to see the cards of Terry Hawkins, and I was behind him the whole time he was in the tank. The flop looked like this 8h9c5c, and I could see that Hawkins had Js10h. Jordan checked ...Hawkins bet out $40,000 and Jordan moves all-in. I was there wondering what i would do, and I know I would have folded. You just had to see how many chips he had left. He had to have over $600,000 in chips as he busted the guy in 3rd. O.K...so if he does the math in his head. Hawkins has 14 outs. 8 on the opened ends and 6 on the three 3 Jacks and Tens. At this point in time Hawkins was a 52% favorite. There was lots of debate at the cash tables after the board bricked out for Jordan to win, but I would have folded...and would fold in the future if I am in that situation again.

Kudos to Norway's Annette 'Annette_15' Obrestad for being the first women to win a Main Event at the WSOP...even though it was in Europe. It was a big win for the females...Congrats

"Are you crying? Are you crying? ARE YOU CRYING? There's no crying! THERE'S NO CRYING IN BASEBALL!" Tom Hanks Character Jimmy Dugan in "A league of their own"

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Another win in Tunica

That's right folks, I won the $125.00 buy-in Tues night at the Gold Strike. They have been having nightly $125.00 buy-ins while the circuit event was in town, and Wild Bill and I played in this one because we could not get to the the second chance tournament at the Grand. There were 60-70 people in it, and the blinds started at $25-$25 and went up every 20 minutes. We chose not to chop because Bill and I were both on the table when we were down to 5, and we thought we could get 1st and 2nd.

I got 1st and Bill got 4th as we had a stacked GCP final table. We took home a majority of the prize pool even though we did not get 1st and 2nd. I feel I played well, but I also got alot of things go my way. I had 2 times when I called with the big stack and spike and Ace to finish off a couple of people. Once I had Ad9h and I called my opponents all-in that held JdJs, and the other was A-J against Q-Q. Mt table image was also solid also. Bill and I talked about it. There was several spots where I took down pots because the guy just did not want to tangle with me.

Our business meeting went really well. You guys may see some new stuff coming out that Bill and I will be heading up in the Gulf Coast region. We both busted out of the tournaments last night, and we are heading to the Horseshoe tonight. We may stop in at he Grand and sweat a little of the circuit final table. Jordan "iMsoLucky0" Morgan is the chip leader. Don;t worry Tex...I will tell him you said "Hi".

We also want to give props out to our buddy David Robbins from South Georgia who came in 2nd in the Beau WPT Main Event for well over $400,000. He actually busted Tex's pocket Aces with pocket Kings at the final table of the Main Event at the first IP Poker Classic...Great Guy..."Cheers"

"One more time, sweetness" Bill Murray's Character Ernie in "Kingpin"

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Igors r us

Played in Tunica last night guys and man did I play bad. I am embarrassed to even put down here some of the calls I made. I played in the $60.00 buy in at Sams Town and made it down to 2 tables. There was this kid just in from Iraq and announces to the whole table before we start, "This is my first live tournament"...and the cards literally ...ran him over.

You know when you are getting deep in a tournament and you see these guys that get frustrated and impatient and they just give away their stacks to the point where you say to yourself, and everyone else, "Man, he just was hating his chips", and "He just could not wait to get out of here"...that was me.

After that went check out the Grand to see what was happening. I got in a 2-5nl game and made 2 of the stupidest calls. I mean dumb. I told my wife that it didn't hurt as much as getting rundown by the cards because...I know what happened...I can fix it. I totally blew a couple of situation when the math was stacked against me...How can I do that. It's math...its proven...I just have to follow thru and apply it.

Going meet Bill tonight. We are going to play in a tourney and sweat the main event for awhile over a couple of beers and strategize about the meeting...and hopefully...redeem myself from the "donkigeness" that has come over me.

"Mathematics is the only true universal language" Jodie Fosters Character Ellie in "Contact"

Friday, September 07, 2007

Nice score at Harrah's

I played in the 1-2 game last night and made a sweet score. I got in the game for $350.00 and cashed out for $1150.00. I hit a 2 outer at one point and then caught Aces twice and Kings once and won all three hands...all of them pretty big. I will outline a couple of hands below

The first time I get Aces...AcAs ...I made it $35.00 to go and got 3 callers. Flop comes out Qs7d3s. I bet out $65.00 and I get one caller. Young kid with the punk rock outfit on. He has only about $200.00 left at this point. The turn brings the 10s. I bet out $75.00 and he jams instantly. Now I go in the tank, and think that I just can't see laying this hand down. The pot is huge and he only has $125.00 left. I also have the Ace of spades...shit...I announce, "I am going to make the worst call I ever made"...and I call. The river brings the Ad. I ask if he has the spades, and he says "Nope" and table Qh10d. Wow...a 2 outer.

The last hand of the night was one to send me out the door. I was actually debating leaving to myself when I looked down at AdKc in the cutoff. There was a raise to $15.00 and there were 2 callers before me. I call and 4 of us see the flop of QdJh10c. Gin!!!!. Everybody folds to me and I bet out $35.00 and got 2 callers...HHmmm...What could they have. Turn brings 3c. Everybody checks to me...I check also thinking, "No club and don't pair the board". The river brings the Qh. Ouch...all three check to me and I start to bet, and then check also. The guy in the 8 seat has Qs10h. That's my key to leave, and I rake up and take off.

Headed to Tunica this week. Bill and I have a business meeting and I plan on putting in lots of time at the tables as well as sweat the Circuit Main Event. I would love to try to get in but I have to work all week while I am there.

"So I was in the Gulf last year, I was doing this thing anyway. And I came up over this dune, and I saw the ocean... and it was on fire. The whole thing, on fire, and it was beautiful. So I just sat there and watched it, and that's when I realized there might be a meaning to life, you know, like an organic power that connects all living things, God, Yahweh, I dunno" John Cusack's character Marty in "Grosse Point Blank"

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back from Biloxi

Back in the daily grind from a sick ass poker weekend in Biloxi. We had a blast with 8 of us sharing a condo we called the GCP Den. It was soooo cool. You guys can see pics on the site. We had laptops and monitors all over the condo. We also did pretty good with the results also. I got first place in the first tournament I played in and "whiffed" the rest...not even a cash. Tex also won a tournament and Bill cashed 3 times.

We had alot of fun though. I can;t say enough about George, Diane and Betty at Gulf Coast Resort Rentals. They really set us up in a nice condo and worked with us on the payment...which was cash of course.

Wild Bill is trying to log in 50 hours of cash play at the IP as they are having a freeroll on Sept 9th or 10th for anyone with over 50 hours of cash game play...he is going to be putting in some sick hours in the next week. I think that this will be tough to get, but he is going to give it hell.

Personally, like I mentioned in earlier post, I got first place in the first tournament I played. I played several tournaments at the Beau, numerous single table satellites and hours and hours of cash play of the 1-2 and 2-5 nl from Wednesday to Monday night at 5:00pm. I crossed the state line back into Louisiana with the exact same amount of money I crossed into Mississippi with. The trip was a wash financially, but it was a big win for me as far as experience goes. Met some cool people, played tons of poker and had a great time...you can't put a price on that much fun.

One of the best times was Bill, Tex and me on the patio of the condo about 4:00am smoking cigars and just shooting the shit...telling poker war stories...and being drunk and silly. Man that was great. 3 "regular joes" with dreams of poker granduer...sitting under the stars and dreaming about the way it ought to be...or how it will be one day...it doesn't get any better than that.

"I love this place at night. The stars... there's no right or wrong in them. They're just there" William Defoe's character Sgt Elias in "Platoon"

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Bubble Boy and Captain Stacks...

Where are you guys? We are looking to meet up and drink a couple of brewskies...or are you'll already here?