Friday, January 22, 2010

A sick little one...and the Poker Blues

I am sitting here grinding online with my son in my lap getting lots of text from the Beau...I couldn't be more happier than I am right now that my son is getting better...but still fighting the poker blues.

My son came down with Bronchitis last Friday and we have been nursing him back to health. I have never in my life felt more helpless than that day with my lil man coughing up flem and unable to sleep...he was crying and feeling bad. Me and my wife had him between us in the bed and I would have rather been tortured...water board me...pull my fingernails out...anything...just let my little dude feel better. It was the worst feeling I ever had.

(sitting here grinding and typing this...I got my Ipod on shuffle...and the song "Cats in the Cradle" just jumped off I love my son)

We have been bringing him to the doctors and giving him medicine for the past week...including breathing treatments 4 times a day. He has now turned the corner and he is feeling better. Hes a trooper and enjoys watching his Dad grind online...The sounds of the MTTs will keep him calmed and mesmerized for hours. Hes such a good baby

I had put myself in the "Mindset" that my time was going to be commandeered for some time after we had the baby...but I never thought I would miss the tournament series as bad as I do. Especially on weekends. I thought I would be able to at least get to the Beau for a few events but it looks like I will just make it to sweat the Main Event...if that. We are meeting on the coast to discuss the next issue, so it looks like I may make it for a nightly ...maybe.

"The Monkey Situation" (Kinda like "The Bonnie Situation"...I feel like its right out of Pulp Fiction)...yep...It seems a little like some fiction. I feel bad for the monkster here as I feel that poker players are just common targets for these types of scumbags. I agree with Monk that there was probably 2 scumbags at each casino with their eyes on Monk and Squirrel. There was prolly 4-5 accomplices...maybe more...but there was defiantly at least 2 lookouts wandering around each casino (IP and Beau)...keeping an eye on him and Squirrel. Since they both have security cameras...I bet top notch security guys could analyze those tapes and zero in on 1-2 people just casing them 2. It would be easy for them to watch Squirrel and see if anybody was just "casually" following her around...Maybe a little harder at the IP as Monk was sitting in one place...occupied with his tourney. Kind of funny that there is one ...Mr "Anonymous1" that at least posted that "there is a line to be drawn"...and from that comment...

For you toolbags out there harassing Squirrel about Monk ...WHILE SHE IS AT WORK...oh my god you are some weak... weak...just weak. She is a saint in my book. All of you who read Monks blog know he can probably be a "Handful" to deal with...It takes one hell of a person to love poker players with A type personalities...My wife falls into this category fact...My wife loves/admires Squirrel for standing by her husband...and she never even met her before. Thats just how some people are/were raised...when you love someone and you run into hard takes more guts/courage to stand your ground and stick with that person...its easy to run and try to hide. Me and my wife admire the love that she has for him...thats what love is all about.

I would like to make an appeal to my readers of this blog (all 10 of you ...LOL)...whether you like him or not...whether you enjoy his company at the tables or matter what your feelings are about the Monkster...if your at the beau...let her know that you have compassion for what their going thru. A simple, "Hey Cheryl...even though (add your negative comment here with a little spin)...I really think that what happen to you guys was wrong and I hope things work out for the 2 of you in this unfortunate situation"...thats my appeal...have some compassion people.

I want to let our business partner and magazine publisher know how sorry me and Julie are to hear about what happened to his father...for those of who know John...his Father passed away suddenly a few weeks ago and please keep him and his family in your prayers...

John...were thinking about you buddy...I cant imagine what you are going/been thru.

Yeaaaaaaa...just busted out of a $3.30/3k-G... NLH MTT on AK> vs AQ...i think "getting in good" can be overrated sometime LOL

GL to those in the trenches at the Beau...Do I wish I was there? Hmmmmmmm
Im now looking at my little man sitting on my lap...Nah...there will be plenty more poker tourneys where these came from...GL people

"The rush of battle is often a potent and lethal addiction, for war is a drug" The opening quote from Chris Hedges in "The Hurt Locker"

Thursday, January 07, 2010

WOW...its 2010

Damn ...that sounds hard to believe that another year has passed. Where did it all go?

I haven't blogged lately as I haven't had much poker stuff to chat about. I have been super busy with work and taking care of my son. I know you guys are tired of hearing runner-runner stories from the multitude of online tournaments I have played recently in the $5 to $55 range...its a brutal range to run in on Stars and Tilt as there are sooo many good players that hang in this range in the MTTs.

Hope to get to the Beau at some point to play a few events...although I am curious to see the turnout they get for the first couple of events.

I have somehow became a "break even" player in 2009 also. Normally the worst I would run is "3 steps forward...and 2 backwards"...still making forward progress...2009 was more like "2 steps forward...3 backwards".

I do have alot to be thankful for in 2009 though as I had my 1st child and we kicked of the Magazine.

More good times to come....

"Lord, place the steel of the Holy Spirit in my spine and the love of the Virgin Mary in my heart"
Leo Dicaprio as Amsterdam Vallon in "The Gangs of New York"