Monday, April 28, 2008

Hard Rock part deaux...Chopped the Sunday Nooner at the Beau

Just got back from the coast last night, and I have some time to sit down and put together a good blog. Julie and I really enjoyed ourselves on the little weekend getaway. We tied the bikes on the bike rack of the Jeep and and just went. We just wanted to spend some quality time together, and it was right on time. We checked into the hotel right when we got there, and we decided to hit the beach with the bikes. We rode thru some of the new real estate developments that are popping up in Biloxi, and got to see some nice homes. It is real refreshing to see people flocking back to Biloxi. Julie and I both said numerous times over the weekend, "I could live here"(Never Know??). When we got to the beach, the weather was kind of over cast, but there were still lots of people on the beach. Big Crowds with numerous Volleyball games with some chucking football/baseball/Frisbees in the surf. The tide was coming in, so it made these huge pools where the kids were skimboarding. We walked thru the pools, and enjoyed looking for stuff in the sand from the storm. Good stuff

I already told you'll what happened with the jackpot, and here are some other tidbits:
--When we thought we were going to win, the Poker Room Manager gave we a hard time for not having my Social Security Card and warning me with some suspicious look. "You are responsible for your SS# being yours and you must pay taxes"...Hey Lady...this ain't my first rodeo. I have received numerous 10-99's from Gambling/Poker Tourney Wins in my lifetime. Chill...alright
--Again...when we thought we won...I asked her for a comp to the buffet for me and my can do. "How many hours have you played?"...about 2..."You must play 4 hrs". You got to be kidding me...oh well...the rules are the rules...I guess.
--Even after the screw up was discovered and she told me the bad news, "Can you at least give us a comp to the buffet for the hassle" can do AAARRRGGGGGG...another Nurse Ratchet ;-)

Overall, I blame myself for immediately not stopping and looking at he rules myself. After all the screw-ups I have seen in pokerrooms/casinos...I should have known better. Julie talked me into not playing anymore that night as my mind was just not there. As always, she is thinking clearly and knows that now is not the time for me to go to the cash tables at the Beau. She is my rock and biggest supporter. I look to all my friends for coaching/feedback (You know who you are), but Julie is my psychologist. She is my mind coach. I took the rest of the night off from poker, and we just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the night.

Nooner at the Beau on Sunday. 80 something players. $130.00 buy-in. We started with $4500.00 in chips. I get in line a little late and and chatting with several regulars Maria...Doc...and then we see that she just opened a new table and we all realize the we will all be at the same table. I started to get some cards early and started to chip up quickly. Then I got a guy stack off to me with Ks7d on a board of AsAc7s8d2c when I had AdKc ????? (Donkfish Hand #2). The next few hands were all of us trying to figure out what the guy was thinking? At that point I just ran over the table playing my brand of poker stealing hands at will and chipping up. I was feeling good...had a great read on table and just would not let up. When we were down to 4 tables I was the chip leader and was moved to another table to even them all out to 9. I am in the one seat, and Will S. aka "Monkey Boy" was in the 9 seat. I came out firing just as I had before and started to raise from the SB. I win a nice pot. Now is where I made the one mistake where I raise from the button with Ks2s, and I got called from the BB and we see. Flop comes out 10sJhQd. He knuckles to me, and I make a pot size bet. He jams with what amounts to a min raise of my bet and I call. He tables big slick for the nuts, and I table my hand with a chance for a push or the back door flush draw...table bricks. Very small hit to my stack

Next hand is the Donkfish/Banana Head hand of the tournament. The blinds are at 200-400. I raise from the cutoff to 1400 with KsQd. Banana in the BB calls. Flop comes out Qh7s8d. Banana bets out ...I raise...and he says all in and stumbles putting his chips in. I call...banana tables 7d6s ??? Yea people...that is the types of plays they were making . Calling a 3x raise with 76o. The turn comes the 5s, and I yell out, "Don't you do it...NO"...4c. I double him up to 11k. From there we get in a discussion and I know refer to him as donkfish.

He tries to rationalize this to me by referencing my raise on the button with K-2. I am the chip leader buddy...of course I am going to raise in position. Worst...I got Monkey Boy also saying he could see why the guy called a 3x raise with 7-6o from the BB with "My image of bullying the table and raising with nothing". Now this surprised me. The same guy winds up busting MB out after they moved us to other tables. Later on...When Banana Head is eliminated from the tournament, I gave him my card and told him to be sure to read my blog as he would be highlighted as the "King Donkfish Banana" of the tournament...Sir...if you reading this...well played...Keep it up.

3rd donkfish move I witnessed...10 minutes into the tourney with the blinds at 25-50. I am on the button and I fold. SB raises to 250...BB Jams with well over 4000 in chips. SB calls with Big Slick...BB tables A-10off????? ...table bricks and another 5 minute discussion ensues on what was this guy thinking.

I played really well down the line with 2 tables left. Went to coloring up and collecting all the 100 chips with over 40k. Got a guy to stack off to me when I held Aces. Won a huge hand when the chip leader doubled me up when I held KsKd, and he called with AJo. This was a strange hand indeed also. I am all in pre-flop when the dealer starts tp deal the board. Brick-Brick-Brick...Brick...Burn Card...There is a "face up" 10c. WTF???? They tell me that they have to burn that card also...I start to think bad thoughts and say..."NO...DON'T YOU DARE DO THIS TO ME!!! NO!!!!!" ...BRICK..Schweeeeet.

Made it to the final table with an average stack, but felt comfortable. I got Pocket Aces again (twice in the tournament) and pocket 10's back to back to chip up. We got down to six players and negotiated a chop where the chip leader got $1250.00 and we all got $1000.00.

Feels good to be a small win streak...Peace

"Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past" Emile Hirch as Chris McCandless in the movie "Into the Wild"

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A couple of good sessions...Mind F*%#@ed at the Hard Rock

I am in Biloxi fixing to go play in the $130.00 Sunday buy-in at the Beau Rivage. Julie and I decided to make a weekend trip out of town since she was off. We loaded up the bikes on the Jeep and headed to the coast. The weather isn't all that great, but we are enjoying the getaway...and I get to play some poker.

My session at Harrah's Friday went real well and I was able to book a modest win. I got in the 1-2 nl game for $200.00 and cashed out at $580.00. The cool part was GaryA and I got to sit next each other the whole session. He was in the 1 seat and I was in the 2 seat. I was fairly impressed with his poker game. He is really trying to learn the game, and his mechanics are fairly sound. The first time I noticed this was when he corrected another player when the board read 7h7c8hJc2h when the banana said "I got a set", and turn up Kc7d. Gary said "That's not a set" and when Banana looked dumbfounded, he explained that that was three of a kind or trips. A set is "When you have a pocket pair and you get you third card on the board"...Damn....This pool player has read some books. Look at him go.

The hand that doubled me up the first time was when I had just told Gary, "Damn man, I haven't got a pocket pair all game"...look down at the 2 black aces. Schweeeeet. I make it $25.00 to go from the hi-jack seat after everyone else limped. Villain in seat 6 calls as does seat 8. Flop comes out Qs4s4c. Seat 6 fires out $45, and it folds around to me. Interesting...He calls $25.00 pf with a 4 in his hand...nah. He only has about $160.00 left, so I am wondering whether he will stack off here. I smooth call. Turn brings the 9h. He is very un-comfortable and slides his big stack in. I start to smile at him...I call knowing I am not getting away from the hand at this point. If he has me, oh well. The river brings the Qh. He starts to grab the rest of his chips to push them in, but drops 2 chips before they cross the the same time I say, "I call". Now is the strange part. He still has about $55.00 in his hand and he holds the chips and looks at me. I smile and say, "Go ahead...put them in...I already called". He puts them in and tables AcKs.
Now, Gary and I start analysing the hand. Did he think he was good there? 2 pair with the ace kicker?

Second hand that doubled me up again was about 15 minutes later, when I looked down at 9s9h, and I call a $10.00 raise along with 5 others. Flop hits Ks4h7d. Check...I check...check o Slovakia around. Turn comes my sweetie....the 9c. I fire out $45.00 after it was checked to me, and the only player at my table with more chips than me goes in the tank. He comes out blazing with a raise of a hundo making it $145.00 to go. Folds around to me, and I jam of course...he insta calls and tables 4s4d. What does TJ always say..."Never try to slowplay those sets people".

Now to the good part of this blog that you all have been waiting for since my title. I am just going to spell it out here as I am getting pissed just typing this. I am typing this as a warning to all who get themselves involved in a Jackpot hand. fast as you can...get a copy of the verbiage that states the winning hands for the JP. The HR has 2 (two) jackpots, a Mini and a Major. The mini was at $3800.00 and the Major was at $38,000. The mini needs Aces over 10's beat. Julie and I decide to hit the Hard Rock as she has not been there before, and I hear that the games are soft...soft you say...yea...soft. I got in one of these games where I am in for $200.00 and everybody is friendly, and chatting...having fun. There isn't a serious player at the table except a dealer from Boomtown that was sucking down lots of crown. None will call a raise after the turn without the absolute nuts, so "Outlaw GeneD" comes out and I start stealing. I am at about $400.00 when the following hand came out.

I look down at QsQc, and raise it pf to $30.00. Seat #1 has $60.00 in front of him and he jams...I instacall. He table AcJh. Flop AsAd4d...turn Ah...river Kc...and the table explodes and rejoices. Everyone is happy...jumping all know the drill. I am sitting to collect 50% of $3800.00 as the actual "Bad Beat". The manager comes around and collects all our driver licences...They gave me a hard time because I did not have my social security card with me (Who carries this on them). The dealer lays out the hand for the camera's. She counts all the cards. Places them all out so the Camera's can see...yada yada...yada. This goes on for $20 min. In te meantime Julis and I are feeling great. Thinking of where we are going to go eat...and so on. I walk over the Ruth's Chris to get the paper menu, and I am walking back to the table when I see the manager huddling over the table with some of the player s from our table throwing their hands up in the air in disgust. The first thing I think is right out of the Eugene Todd Bro segment of pokerroad radio, "Dude...this can't be good Bro". Sure enough she calls me over and points out what the JP flyer says..."The full-house hand must have an Ace in the hole". My heart emotions start to simmer. All of you who know me and are reading this are now thinking to yourselfs...Holyshit...what kind of loud...pissed off scene did GeneD throw. I know that is what your are thinking...the people that know me.

I think there are many of you that will be proud of me, and I picked up my chips (with the winnings)...and calmly cashed out and left.

There are people waiting to use the computer and the tourney starts this blog...will be continued as there were other F*+%#ed up things that happened in the 25 minutes or so when we thought we had won.

Your not anybody in America unless you're on the Camera. We learn about who we really are. Because what's the point of doing anything worthwhile if nobody's watching? And if people are watching, it makes you a better person" Nicole Kidman as Suzanne in "To Die For"

Friday, April 25, 2008

Alright...No Flames...or is anyone even reading my blog ;-) (Doubt it)

I am heading to Harrah's tonight to play some poker, so I hope to have some poker post this weekend. I haven't played much live recently as I have been working alot.

My wife has me on some crash course diet/exercise regime because I need to lose some weight and get healthy. We "Juice" in the morning, and I eat a salad for lunch. I ride my bike when I get home from work for about 1 1/2 hours, and then we eat a very reasonable dinner like meat/salad/veg. I have already lost a couple of pounds am I also feel alot better. Sorry DirteAA as you won't see me very often with a "Beer in a Cup". I am also cutting back on the frosty beverages.

I am going meet one of my good friends at Harrah's tonight. He is a world class pool player named Gary Abood. Several years ago when I was living in Atlanta, he and another close friend were on the road playing pool. They stayed at my apartment for a couple of months when they came hit Atlanta/Birmingham/Chattanooga. I had heard he was in town as I haven't spoke to him recently. There I am sitting at the bar at the Uptown Sports (GCP Sponsor) when I hear "Disco Dudek"...Yea...thats the nickname he gave me. It was good to see him again. A great guy that wields a very good stick. He had a poker player buddy with him named Chad from Shreveport. If you guys are reading this, I will see you at Harrah's tonight.

I also got some very disturbing news about a fellow poker player. It seems he has been diagnosed with a dreadful disease, and It ruined my day yesterday. I cannot say his name as it s not my place to tell everyone, but if him or his wife are reading this...Julie and I are praying for you guys. Stay strong!!!

That piece of information had me sitting back and pondering just how short life is. Sometimes I think I have problems that I have to deal with and then... are hit with something like this and I start to laugh...My problems are so petty. We all need to count our blessings and keep your loved ones close.

On a another note...I was able to catch the mini-series on HBO about ...and named "John Adams". What a great show that it turned out to be. If you want to see what it was like for the first 50 years of the USA then this is for you. My wife and I Tivo'ed all the episodes last Saturday and watched them all this week. What a man and a patriot. If you are somewhat of a History buff as I am and you have a love of our great country, this show is a must see. It is amazing that he does not get as much attention as Washington and Jefferson...but what a man. I was moved...Well Played John Adams.

"Sometimes when you win, you really lose, and sometimes when you lose, you really win, and sometimes when you win or lose, you actually tie, and sometimes when you tie, you actually win or lose. Winning or losing is all one organic mechanism, from which one extracts what one needs"
Rosie Perez as Gloria in "White men Can't Jump"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brandi Hawbreaker RIP and Online coolers

Just read all the stuff on the Internet about Brandi Hawbreaker's early exit from our planet. I am trying to find out if it was an accidental overdose, or did she check out like a champ and bite the barrel of a 9mm. Please don't...Please...No Flames people. I know, "She was a human being and we should all feel sorry for her...etc". I am actually holding out on my opinion until I find out the specifics. I mean, they could go with the "Accidental Overdose" (Yea right) like Heath Ledger's family did. There is no "Accidental Overdose". You take lots of drugs across many different spectrum's, and you OD'ed buddy. Sorry, whether you wanted to or did. Oh Shit...take cover...Here come the FLAMES!!!!!! gentle now people.

Played online Sat and almost got in the money out of 2873 people. 1st place was over $2000.00...When I started getting hands like below:

PokerStars Game #16846210656: Tournament #84460425, $5.00+$0.50 Hold'em No Limit - Level IX (200/400) - 2008/04/19 - 15:29:08 (ET)
Table '84460425 25' 9-max Seat #5 is the button
Seat 1: GCPGeneD (17684 in chips)
Seat 2: dewman15 (7545 in chips)
Seat 3: XSANDMAN_22 (14600 in chips)
Seat 4: elee (5755 in chips)
Seat 5: highheat2u (10064 in chips)
Seat 6: tgf18tgf (14768 in chips)
Seat 7: markthe fish (9047 in chips)
Seat 8: Markuswins (16350 in chips)
Seat 9: jayhawkhoops (11590 in chips)
GCPGeneD: posts the ante 50
dewman15: posts the ante 50
XSANDMAN_22: posts the ante 50
elee: posts the ante 50
highheat2u: posts the ante 50
tgf18tgf: posts the ante 50
markthe fish: posts the ante 50
Markuswins: posts the ante 50
jayhawkhoops: posts the ante 50
tgf18tgf: posts small blind 200
markthe fish: posts big blind 400
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to GCPGeneD [5s 5c]
Markuswins: calls 400
jayhawkhoops: folds
GCPGeneD: calls 400
dewman15: folds
XSANDMAN_22: folds
elee: folds
highheat2u: folds
tgf18tgf: calls 200
markthe fish: checks
*** FLOP *** [7s 6d 5h]
tgf18tgf: checks
markthe fish: bets 800
Markuswins: calls 800
GCPGeneD: raises 1600 to 2400
tgf18tgf: folds
markthe fish: raises 6197 to 8597 and is all-in
Markuswins: folds
GCPGeneD: calls 6197
*** TURN *** [7s 6d 5h] [Tc]
*** RIVER *** [7s 6d 5h Tc] [Kc]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
markthe fish: shows [6c 6h] (three of a kind, Sixes)
GCPGeneD: shows [5s 5c] (three of a kind, Fives)
markthe fish collected 20044 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 20044 Rake 0
Board [7s 6d 5h Tc Kc]
Seat 1: GCPGeneD showed [5s 5c] and lost with three of a kind, Fives
Seat 2: dewman15 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 3: XSANDMAN_22 folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 4: elee folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 5: highheat2u (button) folded before Flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: tgf18tgf (small blind) folded on the Flop
Seat 7: markthe fish (big blind) showed [6c 6h] and won (20044) with three of a kind, Sixes
Seat 8: Markuswins folded on the Flop
Seat 9: jayhawkhoops folded before Flop (didn't bet)

I was playing good poker until this hand. Yea...yea...I know. I just got unlucky with bottom set over mid set. I just think I should have maybe got away from it with the straight out there, but I felt my stack was big enough for me to call. If I win this pot, I am confident I would have gone fairly deep in the money. Busted out with JJ(me) vs AQo (Villian). I am feeling good about my tournament game, I feel I just need a couple of breaks in key spots to bust one out.

"My other interviews have pinned you as a mass murderer, blood sucker, pimp, profiteer and my personal favorite, yuppie Mephistopheles" . Katie Holmes as Heather Holloway in "Thank you for Smoking"

Monday, April 14, 2008

Random Blog ...take 2

I haven't been playing much as I have been busy with work lately. I went to Harrah's Friday night and donked off $160.00 like I hated money. I played for 2 1/2 hours and never won a single pot. Opened up my wallet and let the guy in the 3 seat have the last $50.00 when I played pocket 9's from late-positon, and then jammed when the board of K-10-K was checked around to me. Seat 3 insta-calls and rolls K-10 and thanks me for the donation. Ran into Lusky right when I got there, and went sweat him long enough for me to completely blow his cover as I introduced him to several regulars that I knew at the table as, "He's a pro poker playing that has quit his job, and is moving to Vegas this Monday"...Of course everyone in a 3 table radius glanced our way...Way to go GeneD. So I guess the drumming I took from the poker gods in my session was me paying my penance for being a knuckle headed loudmouth. After that I went hang with Lusky and Mr. and Mrs. DirteAA at Gordon Bierch for a little while.

I have been doing alot of thinking this weekend, and I am little bummed out about Lusky and Virge's move to Vegas. I went by yesterday and drank a couple of beers at the apartment. It was really starting to sink in that I had them 20 minutes from my house for all this time, and I did not take enough advantage of the poker knowledge that they have. The 3 "Amigo's" Virge, Lusky and DirteAA all had their computers in the living room at the apartment, and they "lived and breathed" poker since Virge moved down about 8-9 months ago. They always had an opened door policy for me, and I knew that I was welcome to sweat any of them online whenever I wanted...and I just don't feel that I took advantage of the situation. I would drop in every now and then, but not nearly enough as I should have. They are over there right now packing up the truck to head towards Vegas. Virge found a real sweet house for them to live in. Hopefully I can get down there soon to see them.

I also could not help but have a little envy on their situation also. I mean, moving to Vegas to take a shot at their dreams. Its what movies are made of...uh...that was a bad reference ;-).

Kid Pokers new promo..."The weekend with Daniel". He has promoted this very well, and you have to admit, it is pretty sweet for him. Let's see...18 people get to fly to Vegas at the beginning of August. They get to hang with Daniel all weekend from 6:00pm on Friday when they board a limo to KP's house...then they attend poker seminars/workshops/video analysis (Watch re-runs of WSOP/High Stakes????) with Kid Poker until Sunday night at 6:00pm. They are only 18 spots and 10 are already locked up. How much does it cost you ask...oh...lets see...15 dimes per head. A little math...18x$15,000 gives us a nice round number of $270,000 that KP takes in. How sweet is that?...must be nice.

I went out Saturday night to my local billiard spot, High Tide, as they had a $20.00 8 ball tournament with a calcutta. I am really getting the fever to start hitting some balls again. I have not shot pool seriously for quite some time, and it really is humbling to see several people that have passed me up in speed. It seems that every time I get in a cash game, I get woofed at by someone at the table that wants to find a table and gamble. I am not the best player around, but I have a good mind for the game and I know how to match up. My strengths are my safe game and strategy...You can turn pool into a chess match if you can keep the other player from getting out.

I am also getting cursed by getting speeding tickets lately. Man that sucks. I have gotten 4 in the past 3 months, and normally, I would never get speeding tickets. $500-$600 dollars out of your bankroll to pay for speeding tickets can hurt.

The new pokerroad radio. I have been listening to the new show this weekend. I caught something like...6 episodes while I played online Saturday. I have been listening to the program since the first incarnation with Scott Huff...the verdict is still out on Ali "Aliwood" Najad...just don't know why. The best one I heard was with Chris Reslock...really cool guy and he gives some good advice.

I have a rough week at work, but I am going to try to put in a few sessions this week. I think I am also going to try to hit some local tournaments as well.

Virge...Lusky..."Via Con Dios Amigos". I hope for the best for you guys, and have a safe trip. I will see you guys in Vegas soon...maybe for Wild Bills Bachelor party.

"Oh, Susanna, don't you cry for me...Oh I come from Alabama with a banjo on my knee...Oh Susanna, don't you cry for me...I'm going to Louisiana, oh my true love for to see"
Sung in a simple...low male voice with lightning flashing above their heads as they were getting ready to walk into the jungle on the first ambush/recon on the movie "Platoon"

Monday, April 07, 2008

Back from the first weekend of the IP Poker Classic

Just got back from the first weekend at the IP Poker Classic. We had several of us make the trip with Tex, Bill and I staying at the IP while Lusky and DirteAA stayed at the Beau Rivage. Overall, I think it was a good trip for me. I did not cash in any of the tournaments I played in, but the Cash games kept me playing in the Tournaments. I left the coast on Saturday afternoon with $300.00 less in my bankroll than when I got there Wednesday morning. This includes, all living expenses also. I played in the following tournaments with a little synopsis of each:

Wed-$230.00 Main Event--card dead...lasted 5 levels

Wed-$110.00 Super Stack at the Beau--Bubbled...lost a key race that would have sent me to the final table as the chip leader. I overplayed my pocket Jacks in the BB against AKo with the only person on the table that could have hurt me. Ace hits the flop. That left me with not enough for the small blind. I double up twice and lost the final hand hand on a 2 outer. Several people told me they "Don't hate the play"...I mean I lost a coin flip, but I could have called his raise from BB and just dumped the hand when the Ace hit the flop...lesson learned.

Thursday- $60.00 freezeout at the Isle of Capri--Made a stupid move with pocket jacks against a board of 2d4h7c post flop. I thought the guy was c-betting with air. "Wild Bill" Phillips got 2nd so I had some return as we have percentages of each other. Bill also had quite a fan fare as all of the locals there admired his play. He even got a lunch date out of the tourney that could turn into a tutorship with older gentleman. He played great.

Friday-$340.00 IP Main Event with guaranteed $75,000-Started the tourney with a tough table. Strong Kid from Atlanta on my right with fellow GCP blogger "Da Rock" 2 to my left. Also had local guy Bert in the 7 seat. Lost a coin flip A-Q vs Pocket 10's

Friday-$230.00 IP 2nd chance tourney--Bubbled this one also coming out 14th when they paid 9. "Wild Bill" Phillips got 5th so I got a little return. I got knocked out on a questionable play. I thought it was terrible but Bill and Tex seemed to think it was "Defensible"...didn't feel too defensible when I was bounced 5 from the money. Oh well...lesson learned...AGAIN!!!

Got to meet fellow blogger and cash game specialist Reid from Mobile. We played in 2 tournaments together and he, Bill and I all cross-booked each other for a small percentage. I was real impressed with his game, and he is really cool and down to earth. He is a perfect fit for our blog team. Give'em Hell Reid!!!!

Not much more to talk about. I learned alot and played well in some spots...played great in some spots. The problem I have been having is I can play great/perfect poker for 6 hours, and make one mistake. Overplay Pocket Jacks to get myself in a coin flip for my tournament...and BAM!!! GeneD is putting the IPod away, rolling up his headphones, packing his backpack...and hitting the door. I learned from it yea...but I have to play better.

Wild Bill played great the whole time we were there. He went into heads-up play in the Isle of Capri tournament with the chip lead. He turned down a chop more than 4 times because he want to WIN!!! I played with him when we were down to 2 tables and was really impressed with his play. Here is a couple of pics of Bill in case any of you'll run into him. Be sure to read his blog also top left. Be sure to stop and tell him Hi, and that you saw his pic on ;-)

"I'm not good at math, just Geometry, like you know when they say two squared, you think two times two equals four, but really they really mean a square, Its really space its not numbers its space and its perfect space, But only in your head, because you can't draw a perfect square in a material world. In your mind, you can have a perfect square, you know?" Elijah Wood as Mikey Carver in "The Ice Storm"