Thursday, November 08, 2012

Random Blog...

I have been taking it easy lately and haven't played much tournament poker (Because there haven't been any tournaments close to me), but wanted to get a blog up so I will bounce around on this one. Some poker related stuff...some not.

Today is Election Day, and I continue to get hazed by my Dad for not going vote. I was the President of the College Republicans one semester at Nicholls State, and my Dad never lets me live it down. I am just so distraught with how our country is evolving that it makes me depressed to even think about going vote. It’s so funny that there are still people that don’t understand the Electoral College concept and they think they can make a difference...well I am glad that makes them feel good. The way I see it is that Louisiana's EC is going to go has for along time and will now, so if people think that their vote really counts I would say there is a website named Google...type in Electoral Colleges...and prepare to feel like your vote doesn't mean a thing.

I have been on the road lately and catching up on the Scotty/Monkey Podcast, and find it pretty entertaining. I have even been listening to it swapping text with Monk sometimes...kind of funny. You see have to understand Monkey and his sense of humor to really get the most out of the show. I want to make a few comments about some of the stuff I have heard. Sorry for those who don't listen to the show, because some of these you won't get unless you actually listen to the program.

Does Monkey love Amanda Mussumeci?
These was one of the shows where they had on Ryan Eriquezzo and they were talking about  his recent “Come Clean” Blog...about his ex-girlfriend Amanda Messumeci...and him getting sober and announcing all this to the world when Scotty bust out with something along the lines of , "Well Ryan ...your not the only one that loves Amanda...we all love Amanda...right Monkey...Monkey don't you love Amanda Mussumecci too?".

At this point a huge smile comes over my face in my truck because I know how hard it is for Monk not to say something outlandishly clever/funny...and there’s a pause...and then he says , "I LIKE HER...don't know about love"...all man I was dying laughing. Talk about being put on the spot    lol

I want to make another comments on this episode as a few episodes later Monkey gives his take on Ryan's "Heartfelt/I Love this girl more than anything and want her back" blog...and I could not agree more. I give him all the praise and chops in the world for getting sober, but that blog had only 1 (one) goal...and that was to try to win Amanda back. I felt it was kinda cheesey, but I also know love is a powerful force and makes people do crazy/stupid things. That Blog was a play to try to make things right, and he wants that girl back...period.

That segways into something that happened at the WSOP National Championship that some might not know about. We are all playing in the tournament when we all hear that Ryan and Amanda had broke up recently and that he had "beat her up". They go to war on twitter...with her posting "mirrored pics" of her mouth all busted up...and they jaw back and forth...and like...I am on one table ...Bill is on another table ...Amanda on table behind me...and Ryan on another table 2 to my right. It was crazy as we all were reading this stuff...and you could glance around and see the actual was nuts. Maybe it all was not happening exactly as we were playing, but that is when I heard about it and got around to reading it all on twitter/facebook. Readers Digest story is she busted her mouth...she claims he physically abused her...he says it was an accident...and somehow the powers that be at the WSOP...made all that stuff disappear before the Final Table 3 days later. Pretty amazing actually that the WSOP could snuff that kind of viral content out.

Another show where I agree with Monk was on the WSOP Europe bracelets/wins. Sorry way that those European WSOP wins should count as much as the REAL WSOP events. It my book they all have **asterisks** next to those wins. Poker Brat...I like you and I think your a great player possibly the best ever, but that Main Event win can be characterized as …maybe with a WPT event. The WPT $25k Championship has more clout than those WSOP Europe events.

I want to say that I really like Scotty's show and he always gets some cool guest continuously...I am not being critical at all here. If you know both host you just catch yourself sometimes laughing to yourself in certain instances.

And ...that will segway me to another Podcast that I listen to...used to listen to them alot more when Druff and Drexel were on the show...but Donkdowns Micon had on Brandon Cantu after the fiasco in Europe with that Agulair heads up battle. I know I will probably get some flack here, but I am 100% on Cantu's side here. I listen to Cantu explain it, and I think he was wronged. Anyone who has been in tournaments playing for that much money knows that "Game Flow" is crucial. When that flow is upset for unnecessary reason's and they give the other player days to prepare...that’s just unfair. Cantu claims he was crushing Aguilar...that Aguilar was rattled and getting tired/desperate and when the "Game Flow" is upset... that's when tables start to turn. I have seen it happen to too many happened to me in the $1k last year for a ring at the IP...and sometimes its hard to get back in it. If anyone has/knows where there is footage of them playing heads up and Cantu actually crushing him like he claims...please point me in the direction as I would love to watch it.

What else is happening. Looks like its going to be a "Friends and Family" FT up in Canada as with 30 players left...I didn't recognize one single player...

11/8/12 (Days Later)
Ok...its now 2 days after the presidential election and Obama has won...shocker. I was really bummed out until I got to talking to alot of the business community down here in Louisiana that is telling me that the Oilfield is fixing to "Blow Up" matter who

Julie and I have acquired a new us. We got my Grandma and Grandpa's house in Old Barrios. Great location in the best elementary school district around here. House needs to be renovated and updated, but its built "rock" solid. All real hardwood floors...roof and walls all center-match...2 stories and about 2300 sq ft living...Its going to be fun. We had Ivey's 3rd birthday party there last weekend, and it felt good to see the kids running around upstairs...the house seemed alive again...good stuff.

I want to say a huge "Thank You" to my Dad and all my Aunts and Uncles for working with us on the acquisition. There sometimes comes a point in your life where you look around at the people you admire most and wonder..."How did that person get to be so good and what makes them so special"...Well these 5 people are at the top of my admirably list...and I know how they got to be who they are and it all happened at 111 Sherman St under the banner of my Grandfather and Grandmother. There will be many more years of blood, sweat and tears come out of that house and if my Ivey grows up to be even half the people my parents/aunts/uncles are...I will be joyously happy.

Things at my job are going super...I still pinch myself that God guided me from where I was at to the place I am. I have a great boss, and the local team I work with in Fiber-Optics ..well...its the best I have ever seen...period!!

I did play a 2-5 session at Harrah's recently, and it happen while Monkey was having his fiasco in Hammond. I had 2-3 people come by and say "You hear Monk got 86'ed"? I feel really bad for him as all the people who "Know Him"...know what type of a person he really is...its a shame that he is now being targeted as he is trying to change....sigh.

We just moved Ivey over to a Montessori School here locally...He was evaluated and came in "Above Average" for his age. We are being told from the previous daycare and the Faculty at this new school that he is "advanced" he is 2 years old and tomorrow he will be 3...and he was in the 4-5 year old lesson plans today and beat them all to completion. He must take after his     ;-)

He dressed as Spider Man on Halloween...we will use on of the Spidey quotes then...

"Who am I? You sure you want to know? The story of my life is not for the faint of heart. If somebody said it was a happy little tale... if somebody told you I was just your average ordinary guy, not a care in the world... somebody lied" Tobey Maguire as Spiderman in Spiderman 1

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Coushatta 7 Clans

It’s been awhile…but I been winning    ;-)

I want to start off by thanking everyone again for all the support I received while grinding through the Coushatta Main Event last weekend. I really feel like I played well, and played to win. There were some crazy hands throughout the entire tournament. Once we got to 6 handed play, I felt I was one of the better players left. The only player I was concerned about was John “Eric” Honeycutt who was 2 to my left in the 3 seat.

 I want to give the Coushatta Staff some kudos also for doing a great job with the Main Event. The structure I felt was perfect…as good as any WSOP structure I have played. Randall…Tom and team did a hell of job with what they had to work with.

 OK…I guess I will start off some hands with the craziest hand that happened 6 handed. There was a cell phone rule in play, and I had several hands killed on Day 2 because I was texting on my phone. I also saw several other guys get their hands killed. I was in the 1 seat in the CO with about 17 big blinds and looked down at KK. In the big blind was the chip leader from Houston “Mo”, and he was playing agro to an extreme. I decided a shove might not get me any action, but a small raise might induce a 3 bet from Mo…then I could 4 bet shove and try to double up since I am sure he would call me light after already committing chips. I make my standard raise (a little above a min-raise)…button folds and the small blind immediately folds and as Mo is reaching for his chips…the floor jumps in and “kills” his hand as he was texting when the SB’s cards hit the muck. They killed his hand in muck before he could show, but he was pissed and claimed to have AA there. I still had not showed my hand…but he continued to steam and tell the whole table he had AA. I eventually folded my KK face-up and by his demeanor…me and the whole table did believe he had AA right there. The pay jump from 6th to 5th was about $5k, and the 8 seat went out 2 hands later to get us all to 5 handed. There is just no way we don’t get it all in right there on a super cooler for me…just no way.

There was a hand that got me going after grinding from 20k starting stack up to about 29k. I started the hand with 29k and looked down at A-10o from middle position. I opened for a raise and only got one caller. Flop came out with 3sJhQc and C-bet my gutterball trying to take it down right there…. villain calls. Turn bricks the 5h. I tanked and fired the 2nd barrel at the bluff and the guy tank-calls. I am starting to focus on how much exactly I was going to risk on the 3rd barrel when the Kc appears on the river. I got the straight and just grab some chips quickly and throw them out there…the guys snap shoves, “All In”…and I am stunned. I stare at him for a second and say, “What did you say”…he repeated, “All In”…I was super shocked and that’s when I started to laugh and said, “Man I am not trying to slow roll you here I just need to look at the board one more time as I am sure I have the nuts”…I glance to make sure board not paired/no 3’s to a flush…and I said, “Yup…sorry man…got the nuts”…and sent the guy packing. I kind of felt bad, but everyone agreed that they could tell he took me by surprise and I had the right to at least “double check” everything.

The next hand will show how weird the texture of the table/game can change on you…sometimes even when you make bad decisions.

In another hand with a guy named Joe Delaney from Houston who was in on the 3 way chop for $30k, I was between Joe and the eventual winner Mo (Also from Houston and they were buddies) on Day 2 with Joe on my right. We were in BvB situation and I made a play at the pot and he called me on the flop. The board went 4 to the flush 2h6h8c5h9h…and I had 2 black 7’s in my hand. I called his hand out and knew he was on air…it was so apparent but I could not get the stones up to make the hero call…we jabbered the whole way and he told me he would show …but I told him, “I don’t want to see your hand because I already know you don’t have a heart”…I eventually folded and he showed 2 black cards also and I started to tilt a little.

Well…very next hand later I am in the SB and his agro buddy Mo who had a bunch of chips is in the BB. I am sitting on about 40 bigs or so when I keep shaking my head like I am tilting…talking to Travis behind me…etc. The table folds around to me and I glance down at AA…recklessly grabbed a stack of ships and just threw them out there, “Call” says Mo. Flop comes out Jh7d4c. I grab the same size type stack of chips and throw them in there and Mo snap-shoves….”I cccccccall”. He turns over J3o and I get a big double up in a big spot right there. If I don’t make that fold the previous hand then the “Butterfly Effect” takes us all in another direction

We get to the Final Table and I have seen lots of sick hands happen to people, but one of the worst was when my buddy Jason “Tex” Henderson was at the FT of the Main Event at the IP back in 2006 where Tex has AA is a huge 3 way pot and David Robbins has KK…and a K hits to crush Tex’s tournament. Well…in this final table we were probably 8-9 hands in when one of the big stacks makes a raise. A few players later and Alexander Bylicki from Canada shoves about 15 bbs…around to the player in late position who eventually tank-calls. Everyone is standing now, and back around to original raiser and he snap shoves all-in…back around to the caller who goes back in the tank and is obviously being tortured by his hand.

The LP player basically says, “There is only one hand that you could make that play with right here with both our stacks…playing for $45k”…and goes back in tank…eventually saying, “You can only have AA here…that’s it”. He folds KK face up to everyone’s surprise…re-shover does in fact turn up AA. The kid from Canada shows AQo…Flop comes and in the window is a K. The whole table erupts and the guys is stunned that folded KK.

These are the kinds of things that happen in tournaments. It’s a brutal spot and even though he made the correct play under the circumstances…I hated just the call there. I would have Iso-shoved there to get the original raiser out. I would have been in bad shape with the correct play, but would have ended up with a bunch of chips with the cooler and cracking the AA.

It felt good to get a nice 5 digit payday again. Thanks to the guys that took a piece of me I have the pieces carved out and ready to pay you guys.

I want to say thanks to the entire Coushatta staff for doing a hell of a job with the resources they had. When we ran into issues they addressed them quickly. I talked with Tom Helo a lot about improvements and I truly believe they want what’s best for everyone. That new hotel they have there is a killer as well as the new pool and water park for the kids…that segways into… Tom…if your reading this…Saturday night comped rooms for the Final Tables players has to be on top of the list     ;-)

A couple of other things I want to mention. Thanks to Travis Credeur for being there hanging out with me and bouncing hands off of. I truly believe that he was able to calm me down in day 2 when I was semi-tilting being in between those 2 Houston folks. I just met Travis this trip, and hope to see him soon…just a great guy and great hand insight.

I spoke in my last blog about a hand that Aaron Massey played in the National Championship, and how well I thought Aaron was playing overall...Well he took down the Red River Series Main Event for over $600k. I don't know Aaron personally but just know who he is...but still wanted to put some congrats out there. 

I also want to thank my loving wife for all the support. I couldn't have done it without her encouragement and belief in me. She’s the one that keeps me going when I get frustrated, and always the force of keeping me focused. I am amazed at where my life was came to with her…and I look forward to many more years of marriage.

We were married today…Sept 29th 2006…The best 6 years of my life...

"I'd would ask you about love, you'd probably quote me a sonnet. But you've never looked at a woman and been totally vulnerable. Known someone that could level you with her eyes, feeling like God put an angel on earth just for you. Who could rescue you from the depths of hell. And you wouldn't know what it's like to be her angel, to have that love for her, be there forever, through anything..." Robin Williams as Sean in Good Will Hunting

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

WSOP National Championship Part 1:

Sigh…tilting…another bad beat as I wrote half a blog on the 6st of April meaning to come back to it and I log in today to finish and its empty/gone. There is a “saved” post on the 6th but it’s completely blank.

I want to start off by thanking all the folks out there that were pulling for Bill and I and the flood of well wishers once I made it to Day 2. We also want to thank everyone who supported the site by wearing the GCP patches…etc…much appreciated

I am trying to think of some of the stuff I wrote before in version 1…uuuhhhmmmmm

Getting to Vegas:
Plane ride into Vegas was the worst of my life, and I was wondering if I was going to make it there in one piece. I was aware of the fires that had been ravaging Colorado, and was nervous about my layover in Denver as I didn’t want to get stuck there. The captain comes over the microphone at one point and announces to the cabin and crew that all is well and we will be “landing in Denver in 45 minutes”…ok…cool. Then when all we can see is smoke out the windows and all the folks are looking at their watches 1 ½ hours later, we are starting to get worried. On top of that we had not started descending as my ears were not popping like popcorn yet. Then the turbulence started as we started to descend…YIKES!!!

There was this younger couple on the plane with the lady next to me in the aisle seat, and the dad and the 2 kids are across the aisle in the same row. I started to see the parents looking at each other with that look of fear and they started to hug the kids…made me think of Ivey. By the time we landed the lady was in tears and the whole plane let out a huge sigh of relief….nice

In Vegas:
I got in late so I got a hotel room and hit the cash tables. I booked a nice cash score and went to bed thinking this is a good way to start the trip. I woke on the 4th and spoke to my backer…we decided on me playing the 6 max at Ceasers Palace. I made it halfway through the day and had nothing that jumps out at me except this kid on my left that every time someone jammed on him he had Aces.

Moved in the Rio and Bill and I decided to take the day off and play some donkaments. We fired at a daily at The Orleans…Bill cashed…I whiffed. We were down to 2 tables and in a B vs. B situation…I got this local lady to call off ¾ of her stack when I shove the turn with me holding KJs and her holding Q9o on a K-9-3-2 rainbow board. When the cards hit my table over at Bill’s table…all Bill’s table could hear was a coordinated “Whooooaaaa…and…WOW”…his whole table looked over and he and I met eyes as I slowly stood up from the table to gather my things…some things just go unsaid.

National Championship:
9:30am and I first off I hit the workout area and Steam Room. I sat in the steam room and just envisioned me making the final table in my head…juuussttttt…relaxed. I found Bill and we started talking about some interaction we had with one of the players from “Run Good” apparel… A.P. Phahurat. I know some have seen the pictures of me and saw the patches. They were asking players to wear their patch, and after some discussion I decided to wear the “Run Good” patch along with my GCP patch. There was a “monetary” figure that I received, but it was very small. I think I did it more because I wanted to help the guys out and I am glad I did.  Huy Nguyen (@SavePluto9) was at my starting table on my right, and I think he is involved in it also. Huy was on my right at one of the events in New Orleans and we became fast friends. It was funny that after you know someone at your table is a good player, but you don’t know who he is…how the conversation starts to go towards “intel” so you could get enough info on the guy to google his stats and find out who he is. After about an hour of small talk into the New Orleans event and us playing on our handhelds, I finally break the ice with, “Damn…so you won a ring in Choctaw this year…but your still chasing points?”…to which he smiled and said, “Yea…and you were the Casino Champion in Biloxi I think and your already in the freeroll”…we have been greeting each other ever since and friendly. He was on the cover of a “regional” poker magazine similar to the Gulf Coast Poker magazine called…go figure…”Southwest Poker”…GL to the Magazine.

So…where was I …oh yea…I wear the patch and Huy is on my right on starting table and I glance around and have this group of stone cold killers to deal with:

In the 1 seat was from WSOP FT fame Joseph Cheong…Seat 2 was “Chainsaw” Allen Kessler…3 Christopher Bonn…4 Kurt Jewell…5 was Will Failla…6 Huy Nguyen…me… and on my left was seat 8 and Dan Natarelli. The fireworks started early as Cheong and Jewel go at it in the first 8-9 hands and they continue to  4-5 bet each other pre flop several times…gonna be fun. 30 minutes in there was a lot of table talk about the poker community and what was going on when I see Choeng say…”oh no”…and Kessler say, “Oh My” as up walks Will Failla and he slams his seat card on the 5 seat spot and yells, “BOOOOOOYAAAAAA…I’m here”. That’s when the fun started. It was a really fun table.

(Side Bar Here)
Let me go into a little bit about my poker experience here…I was card dead the whole time. The biggest Pocket Pair I saw the whole tournament was Jacks and I got them twice on Day 1. The 1st time, I doubled thru the “Poker Brat” Phil Hellmuth when I three bet shoved 14 bigs into his AKo with him sitting on about 24 bigs. After Hellmuth bust and they move our table I sucked out for the one time all tournament when I shoved 9 bigs with A-9o in an unopened pot from late position and Fabrice Soulier called from one of the blinds with A-Q…and I hit a 9 on the flop. 4 hands later I got JJ again and I did a standard “Stop and Go” to win a nice pot …chip up…and I rolled into Day 2. There were 2 limpers, and 2nd place finisher Nik Stone made a nice raise…I look down at jacks and just flat hoping I had just priced in one of the blinds and I did…sb comes along. Flop was 8 high and I shove when they both check to me and I took it down there.
(End of Side Bar)

The 2nd table I was at was fairly brutal because I couldn’t make any hands and all I could do was steal here and there. Sicko’s at the table were Sam Stein and Matt Keikoen. Wild Bill got moved to my table, and I was there when he busted…felt awful for him, but we were both in a tough spot hovering around 25-28 bigs at that point. At this table was the 1st time I had my tournament life at risk. I four bet shoved AKs and the original 3 bettor was an older gentleman who was also short. We both were kinda laughing and joking as we held our cards and neither wanted to show…were both grinning…just having fun...we eventually both turn up our cards and I am slightly ahead as his AK but wasn’t suited…we chop the pot. In this hand at this moment is where I will give out my “Super Prick” award to one and only… Peter Ippolito. When we were goofing around having fun he literally got pissed and screamed, “What assholes…JUST SHOW YOUR CARDS”. All the people who know me will probably be shocked that I let this go as it was a big tournament, but yea…in essence he called us assholes. In a standard every day tournament… he would have gotten my wrath…There you go Peter…you’ve been blasted with the “Super Prick” award…and oh how “Karma’s a Bitch”…I was 2 to his right at the next table when he went  busto…He 4 bet shoved 45 bbs or so with AKo…into Villain’s AQ and I saw him “Tear up” as he stormed away from the table when the Queen hit (Think Villain was Nik Stone)… GG and NH Bro…see ya around.

From there we kind of fade into the 2 hands above when I had JJ…although I will break down a few other hands that I think were interesting:

Poker Brat Bluff:
I came real close…and I mean real close…to bluffing off my whole tournament to Hellmuth about 14 hands before my courtesy double up through him with the JJ. He was playing his regular “snug…tight” image and he min raised from the hi-jack…I called from the BB with KQs and we both saw the flop. Flop peeled out 9c7h2s…Check---check…turn is the 10d. I check again and he makes a small bet and I call…clearly having him on the top of his range here with A/K-Q-J…etc. I am going to steal it on the river 3c. I check clearly expecting to check-shoving the river and he again makes a bet to look like a value bet. I stacked up my chips and we started staring at each other…I KNOW he has nothing…I count out my chips posturing a little and go in the tank …we were both steepled up…I grab my stack and start to move it in and stop to get a read…got nothing…I eventually kick my cards in and he says. “I had you…I would have called” and shows A-9…I sigh and say ”Nice hand sir”.

Elky last hand of the night:
They had decided a number on the last hand of the night and I happen to be sitting in the 9 seat with Elky in the 7 seat with about 200k in front of him. We made it all the way down to the last hand of the night and I was in the BB and Elky min-raises from the sb and I look down at KQo and decide to take a flop with this sicko. I steepled up and saw a flop of 10c-5s-3d rainbow…He checks…I check. The turn was the 9h. He checks and I tank and we start staring at each other… Bill and some of the other folks start to gather around as we were the only table still in action. I count out some chip and then put them back down thinking of Semi-Bluffing with my gutterball, but somehow he had this look about him that he knew he had the best hand and I felt he was going to call no matter what… I eventually check. The river was the 7c and he goes in the tank…and eventually checks….I tank-check and say, “King High”…He smiles and said “I thought so”…and table A-4o for Ace high.

Day 2:
I started with this table:
Hao Le (192,500)…David “ODB” Baker (212,000)…Me…Nicolas Fierro (29,000)…Aaron Massey (207,500) Mark Bonsack (121,000)…Matthew Weber (29,500)…David Peters (158,500)

My card dead streak was on an all time high and I just could not get any cards. I played exactly 2 (two) hands the whole time. I three-bet shoved a raise from ODB after he raised a couple of limpers with me holding AKo and they all folded. Final Hand …I blinded down to 4 bigs with a steady diet of 74o…103o…62…94…etc. We were at 500/1500-3000 and Matt Weber raised to 7k from early position…I'm in bb with 12.5k behind...I shove AJo into his AKo…and I couldn’t get there. (Damn…that sucked…felt like I just relived it in my mind)…ok…lets move on

Some of the players:
David “ODB” Baker …
I want to say that I did meet some really cool players. I started day 2 with David “ODB” Baker on my right and he immediately approached me and started talking to me asking me questions. He greeted me by saying , “Your from around New Orleans right?”…in fact he knew that there were 2 of us from my hometown of Houma, La …as Jacob “Nocko” Naquin also made it day 2 and eventually was the bubble boy I think…KK vs AA is so sick.

Aaron Massey…I had seen Aaron around the circuit and several times he was on tables next to him, but I never actually played with him. I played with him in this event for several hours and really like the guy and his game. I was really impressed in how he handled himself, and his table presence is strong. I would like to take a look at this one hand that I felt could have been played differently though…not better…and I am not 2nd guessing his play because there are just too many justifications for the play…I may have just played it differently.

The hand was covered by Pokernews but they only got the recap. To lay the hand out a little…both ODB and Aaron were over 200k in chips… well over 90 bigs coming back for Day 2 at 500/1200-2400…37 players left as Chris Moorman and Joe Cheong had already been eliminated in Day 2…and they pay 18 players…1st place was $414,000.

(My memory of hand)…ODB opens for the standard raise of $5k…I fold and Nick Fierro Jams about 10 bigs (24k or so) on my left…and it’s to Aaron. He semi-tanks and asks ODB for a “rough” count and then threw a bunch of chips in and I think it was close to 63k…and its around to ODB…ODB thinks for about 20-30 seconds and announces he is shipping his stack and is all in…Aaron’s  facial expressions looked  like he has no choice…and says, “I call” rather quickly….Fierro has 77…Aaron turns up QQ and ODB has AKo…from Pokernews:  “The board ran out 2c2hJhJdKd and Massey let out a wail when the river hit. Fierro was eliminated, Massey was crippled and Baker is the new chip leader”

I just don’t know if that was a spot that I would have wanted to play a huge pot considering that extent of the situation. If he calls Fierro’s jam and then ODB ships then it’s a tough spot and I believe I probably have to call also, but if ODB flats Fierro’s jam also with Massey and they see the flop…I think the tourney may have turned out different for Aaron….if ODB does in fact flats there... The way the table was playing I think it would be hard for ODB to continue in the hand...So let’s say Aaron flats Fierro’s Jam and ODB just calls as well… hypothetically.

Post Flop of 2c2hJh…

Scenario #1: Either ODB leads out and Aaron raises and ODB folds.
Scenario #2: ODB checks and Aaron makes a nice size bet I think ODB has to fold.
Scenario #3: They both check the flop to keep the pot small…The board double pairs on the turn and they probably check it down because a Jack was in both of their ranges here in this hand.

In his defense I know he was thinking Fierro most probably had and Ace or King in his hand which tilts the odds favorably enough to make the play he made. It was a tough spot…I am not being critical as he and ODB both are better players than me and have the results to show for it…My perception on the hand was that I would have preferred to play a smaller pot there if I could and see the flop and see where the hand would take us…It really sucked to see Aaron play so well and him lose that pot and he is on fumes…he is a good player.

Nik Stone:
Played with him on several tables, was really impressed with his play. He was mixing it up well and had the whole table off guard. He also busted Hellmuth in a hand he played really well and had Hellmuth talking to himself as he walked away. He, Drazen ILich and I all started drinking beer together once we got to the last level of play…everyone got friendlier…etc

Really nice guy…Played with him for several hours…Played his standard game…I did catch him staring at me and I think he picked up on something I was doing as I was the BB when he was OTB. Bill saw it too, and after a break I started not looking at my cards until it was my turn to act and he “went away”…he stopped staring/studying me. The JJ hand I doubled up thru him was a standard play…the hand played itself, and I already referenced the bluff above.

National Championship moving to New Orleans and away from the WSOP:
I am pretty disappointed that the National Championship is going to be moved to New Orleans this year. We really had a great time and it was fun getting to go to Vegas to play it. I think that the WSOP in general were disappointed in how it turned out for several reasons:

1) Not enough of the $10k qualifiers showed up:
There were several people including Choeng/Kessler/Failla who were surprised that more players did not come out. I mean really…when are you ever going to be able to play in a WSOP event to win a bracelet …where theres only a few hundred people?...never now that they moved it away from the WSOP…Kessler at one point said, “Juanda’s name is on the list I would bet anyone that he doesn’t know or forgot about this thing”
2) No big name pros made the final table:
                ODB was probably the most known player outside of the circuit and if it wasn’t for the “Drama”                with Mesummecci and Eriquezzo…there was no hype or excitement.

3) I think there were complaints about forcing people to play a certain day in the Main Event…
I don’t know.

We will see how it pans out this year and at least I will be able to go sweat it since its so close to my house.

Ok...will write more later

"The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy My brothers. And you will know My name is the Lord when I lay My vengeance upon thee"
Samual Jackson as "Jules" in Pulp Fiction

Friday, June 29, 2012

Vegas Baby...Vegas!!!

Getting super pumped for Vegas next week and the upcoming National Championship Freeroll. Can't wait to get there, and super excited that there will be a bunch of us all going out there at the same time...which is during this years Main Event. Wild Bill is already there hopefully winning us all money that got some of his shares....Monkey and Barth both fly in the same day as me...should be fun stuff.

I am planning on playing an event on the 4th although I am unsure which one I will play...Lets see here...the $600 buyin at the Venetian...the $240 Six Max at Ceasers...the Main Event at the Wynn for $2600...or the Opening events of the Bellagio Cup for $550. Choices...Choices...nice problem. Guess I will let my backer decide and just go try to make it happen. From there I am going to be playing whatever other tournaments I can get me hands on. Hopefully they will be running the "Daily Deepstack" tourneys in parallel with the Main Event.

I spoke to my backer and had several conversations with people I trust about the whole "Coaching" thing from my last post for the $10k event, and decided I was just going to roll with what got me there. I think my game is where it is ...and needs to be. Its not like I have been playing bad and getting it in with the worst of it...I just need to have some hands hold up and rock on.

Work could not be going any better. I am doing really well with my sales, and notched a $65,000/4 mile Fiber build last week that should get me a huge commission check. I have really been dialed in and making the right connections. The cable side the house seems a little easier to sell than the Telco side, but its all really about "activity" and getting out there and making it happen.

I have been approached by some folks about "putting together a package", but had to turn them down. Mostly some of my non-poker playing friends, as I think I am already in a good spot. I have a great backer that believes in me and he knows I won't try to take advantage of him and come and ask to play "every" event...etc. We have been very successfull at "picking our spots" and making some money. He gets 1st shot at my action, and if for some reason he doesn't want Uncle and some guys from Jacks Bar in Houma will pick it up...They had me in the Main Event at Harrahs in early Decemeber/2011...3rd in line is a very wealthy friend of mine that has put me in events in the past...she contacted me around Christmas and said "Whenever...Consider yourself sold" if I am ever in need of a stakehorse. Her son is a little older that Ivey.

I have also had a backer where we had a live deal that involved make-up. I only cashed once in our deal, and he even took me to Vegas with him one year. Some things came up on his end with his family, job and school...and he just stepped out the scene for awhile and took a breather. Actually...I can't "Thank" that person enough for believeing in me...and I kinda still feel like that "make-up" is still on me somehow. That person also knows if I ever do hit it big that I am taking him with me for the ride. All his buyins will be covered. (He also reads this blog...I Love Ya Kid ...and would do anything in my power for you)

People talk about staking deals and "selling packages" like their all glitz and glam. No... theres lots of worrying going on also. Its almost like I want to win more when I am backed...I want to do well...I take the losses harder. Lots of unforseen worries that some people don't see...and when you hear the stories of people "stiffing" their backers...WOW...what idiots. I heard a story about a guy that will be playing This years $10k Freeroll that stiffed his backer only to call him up crying, "Because I spent it all...its all gone"...and begged him for another shot...sigh. Now thats the things I don't understand about these deals.

Then you have your non-poker playing friends and family asking you...Typical conversation below:
NPPF:  " had to give half your winnings away?"...
You:     "Yes...thats the way it works...but I had no risk...all I had to do was play"...
NPPF:  "So you had to give somebody else $10,000"
You:     "Yes...Thats how it works"....
NPPF:   "Wow...what...did the Casino split the does that work"...
You:     "No...I collected the cash and went found my backer...unzipped my backpack...reached in and gave him a brick of hundreds still strappped up"...
You:   " just opened your backpack and handed him $10,000 cash????"

...siiigghhhh...Doesn't seem that hard to understand...

Twitter is taking had me sign up for a twitter account years ago...Like...May/2008. I never thought it would take off the way it has. I might go ahead and do my wsop updates on my twitter account. I don't know.

My son is really talking his head off these days. Looks more and more like his Momma but has his Daddy's hard ass head. Check him out in this pic and video...He hits the tee but he has a good stance for 2 1/2 years old

Friday, June 01, 2012

New Orleans...and the upcoming National Championship

I haven't blogged in a awhile and got some flack for it during the latest WSOP circuit event in New Orleans, but I have been busy...busy with my new job...more on that below.

I have been having the same internal feelings that Monkey is feeling when the WSOP kicks off, and all the post and comments on the Internet about all the excitement ...and you just can't get there to play. I think that there are lots of poker players that know that feeling. I have had lots of people give me tons of kudos recently for sticking to the job front, and not running off all "half cocked" thinking I am going to crush poker once I had the scores in 4Q/2011...nah...I never once thought I could parlay those scores into a career, and not sure whether I even wanted to. Its tough when you play well, and things go your way and you know you can play at that level...but with a 3 year old and a family...I have to keep a job where I can make some real money and have Medical Insurance...can buy a house...etc.

 I use to have people ask me all the time, "why don't you just play poker for a living"...and I use to answer them, "Because I have never been forced too"...I always have had a good job that I could play poker around. Well...that day came recently and in the 4 months I was out of work...I won close to $50,000 in tournaments (Including the $10,000k National Championship seat and not counting what my backer got)...and another $5000 or so in the cash area. Could I turn that into a career?...not sure...I just feel better playing when I am working...less stress/worries. most of the people I hang around with in the poker world all have jobs or own their own companies. It just seems to make sense to stay working for me at this time.

Is was great to take time off thru the holidays though...I traveled on the circuit and played some events...The Beau...Tunica...Jacksonville WPT...St Louis...West Palm Beach...I enjoyed the action and the competition ...but there was always something missing at the end of the wife and son. I know there are ways to Skype and keep in touch, but there is just nothing like holding him in your arms. I remember when I was in Tunica it seemed like he learned 30-40 new words while I was gone and it hurt...felt like I was missing something.

Things do seem to be going really good for us these days as a family as my job has turned out to be a god send, and my Sales Manager one of the best I have ever worked with/for. The company is a great company, and you never realize how terrible things were in your last job where you were unhappy...until you find yourself working for people that you truly respect and admire.

Ok...where did I leave off last blog...OH YEAAAA...Easter Time. What has happened in poker since that last post....nooooothiiing exciting...but I will talk a little poker here.

St Louis Circuit Event:
Spent the week in St Louis for the circuit event...and my new hire training which means that I had to go to training during the day thus could not play any of the ring events...and since I had to be "bright eyed and bushy tailed" for training...I wasn't going to play any of the nightlies either as they never end until daylight...that leaves SNG I come. Played bunch of SNGs and was teed up to play the $1k since they let us out on that Friday at noon...then my son came down sick and had to go to the Doctor..."Game Time" decision to play the $1k was made...I passed and came on home.

I went into the New Orleans event kind of pumped but also knew I couldn't play the daily events as it would conflict with my job during the week...that left the weekend events and the Main event playing the 7pm flight on day 1B on that Friday. I fired at those tourneys and came up empty even though I felt that I played well.

Busted the 1st mega when I limp behind UTG+1 from late position with Q-10o, and Jeremy "thechemist" Gaubert also comes along from the blinds...were both almost even with a little over 12 bigs left in the tourney and the flop gives us Q-10-2 with two diamonds...Chemist leads for a nice size...early donk hits the muck...I over shove...Chemist snaps...He cringes a little in his facial expression when he sees my hand and he turns up 6-2d probably thinking he also had the three 6s also as matter..."Diomeel" on the turn and he fades me boating up...I lose as a 60/40 favorite but am not bummed as Jeremy and I have become friends and I am glad my chips went to someone I like (He did get a seat and played great)

Busted 2nd cheaper mega...can't remember hand...sigh

Busted 3rd Mega that sent me home in a tailspin...totally frustrated and flustered. We play down to where we need to knock out 8 more people to win a seat. I am sitting on bout 12 bbs and look down at two red Queens (QQ) in LP...EP player raises...I snap ship when it folds around to me...EP donk with a little more than me...tank-calls off his tournament with JhJc and I cruise to a seat...uhhhhhh...well that is what was SUPPOSE to happen...but no...villain goes runner-runner to the clubs and I am stunned...villain doesnt even see it and stands up and starts packing...then I get up and hit the bricks..see yaaaaaaa

Main event:
Started off and just loved my 1st  table...Barth M/Nic "The Greek" Gillepsis/Rodney "Coach" Shows/Local bar owner...everyone I knew and I was catching hands early. Chipped up to about 40k quickly...went card dead...broke the table...ended the day at 20 bigs...siiggghhh

Day 2 was also great starting table...Captain Tom on my left whose range is somewhat easy to polarize...Jerry Ard in 10 scary player...lets roll...I triple up early on hand covered my pokernews. I open shoved 10 bigs with 66 and Captain Tom calls...Jerry Ard re-ships over the top of CT...CT tank-folds A-Ko face up and I immediately ask Jerry, "You have that same hand don;t you?"...he smiles and also tables A-Ko...I rake the pot.

This was the 1st time all tourney that I had my tournament life at risk. The next 2 times I get it for my stack I was well ahead...QQ>JJ and then a little later I get it in AK>AQ. I got moved to the table with Daniel Lowery in the 2 seat and another big stack in the 3 seat...and I go card dead. I missed some spots where I should have got it in instead I choose to get out of the way and would have had an edge.

Player limps...I limp with 77...BB ships and I had him barely covered....Original limper tank-folds and tanks hard. I have to put him on an Ace there and the shover also...with one less Ace in the deck my odds push much better...I HAVE TO MAKE THAT CALL...siiiggggghhhhh. BB folds AKo face up when I fold and other guy admits he folded an Ace.

My Demise?...I am sitting on 8 1/2 bigs...2nd place finisher Andrew Nyugen on my right OTB...Im in the SB...he standard raises 2.3 the BB...I shove...BB folds and Andrew tank-calls with gotta love it.

My shove range there has him crushed here...guess he figured being a  70/30 dog there was worth the extra chips and his stack was not that big at this time...I cruise to the money if I can fade it...NOPE theres n Ace...shook his hand and packed up. I needed that double up...I wanted that call

Getting pumped for the National Championship. I am selling patch deals if anyone is interested. I have 3 spots left.

I am also entertaining a Coach for the tournament...Looking to give up a small percentage of my winnings. If you know me...have significant tournament winnings...and you think you can help me...hit me up

What else is happening...My wife has gotten a great job that she really likes with a good/growing company that is willing to work around her school so she can get her degree. I will be happy once she has her degree as its something she has been wanting to finish for some time. We are back in the House Hunting and we are looking at trying to possibly get a house that is in the family...and completely remodel it. Its in a great location with one of the best public schools but we just don't know whether we can pull it off.

Cool people I met this circuit event...Huy Nguyen was at my 1st table in the re-entry...really nice guy

Looking forward to getting to Vegas...and I plan on giving them hell in the National Championship...juts hope I don't Donk Out on national TV...  LOL

Beginning fight in Gangs of New York...Daniel Day Lewis at "butcher Bill and Liam Nesson as Priest Vallon
Butcherbill: At my challenge, by the ancient laws of combat, we are met at this chosen ground, to settle for good and all who holds sway over the five points: us natives, born right wise to this fine land, or the foreign hordes defiling it.
Priest Vallon: By the ancient laws of combat, I accept the challenge of the so called "natives." They plague our people at every turn, but from this day out, they shall plague us no more. For let it be known, that the hand that tries to strike us from this land shall be swiftly cut down.

Pic of me from Coushatta

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter...thoughts on National Championship FREEROLL

I wanted to drop a quick post to tell everyone HAPPY EASTER ...and all that good stuff.

Bill and I hit the Coushatta Seven Clans event and I was not able to play any of the events as my job has kept me busy, but I was present as we have an office near there so I was able to show up and play the cash games. I am really getting excited about the Million Dollar National Championship FREEROLL as it looks like it will be a major event this year and on everyone's radar. I mean where can The PokerBrat go to play an event in the WSOP to win a bracelet with only 200 players and Johnny Chan and Doyle can't play even if they wanted to. I somehow think that once we get down to the wire, and that fact comes out they "Powers that Be" will somehow come up with some sort of ruling stating that they can in fact play in this years National Championship...something like "anyone with over 10 bracelets also gets to buy in"...mark my words.

I think it will come down to the wire after tracking all the action, and I believe that if you are anywhere in the bottom 10 players in "The Red" on the leaderboard...that you will have to do something in New Orleans in order to get in the FREEROLL. I have lots of friends (including Wild Bill) that are in that hunt and I just think the baseline will be about 110 points and if you are not there come New better get there. I am expecting a HUGE turnout in new Orleans with lots of players coming in to take a shot at that FREEROLL, and I believe that anyone in the 75 point range will have a shot at getting there in they come into New Orleans and play well.

I will see you guys around St Louis...I will be around but wont be playing in any of the events except on weekends...but playing the cash games and sweating all my buddies.

This blog post will be short and sweet...good luck to all my friends in that FREEROLL hunt...gonna be exciting when the end is near.

I have not read any good books in past few weeks, but I cannot recommend GoT (Game of Thrones on HBO) any higher if you haven't seen any of them yet...They rock big time. I am tempted to go buy the books to see if there as good as the show and see what happens to all the characters.

"You'll come to see that a man learns nothing from winning. The act of losing, however, can elicit great wisdom. Not least of which is, uh... how much more enjoyable it is to win. It's inevitable to lose now and again. The trick is not to make a habit of it." Albert Finney as Uncle Henry in "A Good Year"

Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Back to the grind...West Palm Chaos

Well alright!!! I am back in the workforce and feeling good about the future with this new job with a great company and really cool people. I started this week. It was a crazy month as I had five different companies all put in offer letters at the same time. My father says that's "a good problem to have" but I was torn between what company to go with as they all had "pros and cons" on the variables. Good thing is I am back to work...bad thing is I have to see just how all this is going to "shake out". I was a little taken aback at turning down several offers as the timing was just crazy with how it all went down. We will see...

I was able to check out the National Championship 1(one) million dollar FREEROLL schedule that was posted up a few days ago, and I see the work that will be cut out for me all I could say about the 100 players that will get the option to buy into the tournament for $10k. Bill texted me about it and all I could text back was its "The sickest of the sick". Grinder, Lamb and Poker Brat on the top 3...what an experience its going to be. I am looking forward to it, but am also doing as much homework as I can on poker to be at the top of my game come early July. That's right folks...early July as it looks like the freeroll will coincide with the Main Event which is a cool thing as I will be in Vegas during the biggest tourney of the year.

As some of you know, I went ahead and cruised on down to West Palm Beach for the $550 Milly Guarantee they had there, and boy was it a chaotic experience. I got off the plane at about 1pm on the 1st start date, and I was lucky that there was a guy from New York on the shuttle bus that had just left the dogtrack busting out of day 1. I asked him, "So what were the lines like" and got a quick rundown on the chaos and he explained to me that the day 2B was sold out and that the line for Day3 buyins were already forming...WTF...I came here especially for this tourney.

I got to the hotel and immediately jumped in the shuttle to head to the track. I showed up and quickly found the line for the buyins. I stood in the line for about an hour, and I was lucky to get to buy in to the 3rd start day which is day 3A...with only 17 seats left in the pool. "Yes ...I told myself"...I was able to get in. I had heard several people explain to me about the seats/alternates that are given out each day, and I decided to roll the dice and get up early and try to get into day 2A...but at least I was in day 3 no matter what.

I then hooked up with TK, Fish and David Diaz who had all drove up from Miami, and they were all "boxed out" for that particular tourney. They could not get in, and they were some disappointed.

So on Day 2A I get up at 6:00am and head over to the track to get in line...There are about 50 people already there waiting outside and I beat about 10 folks in the line just because the van dropped me off right at the end of the line. We quickly find out that there were about 25 souls that made it pass the first day who had purchased seats for all 3 days so they would be about that many that have guaranteed seats in the line. The track opened at 10am and at about 9:15am they came out and started giving out place cards for the people in line. I got number 57 out of 125 which was actually the 27th alternate since the first 25 were guaranteed seats. That's when the chaos ensued...Barkers walking around holding up seat cards selling them to the highest bidder...I saw several go for $700-$1000 range and then at close to 10:30am I saw the person with place card number 4 sell theirs for $2000...I was STUNNED...REEAAAALLLYY. Obviously my placecard went up for sale and I had a guy offer me $800...then when he realized he would be the 27th alternate...he backed out...wanted to give me $400...Naaahhhhhh...not $400...too much positive EV to sell for that low plus I would need to discuss it with my stakehorse...nahhhhh...I decided to "roll with it" and give them hell at the tables. I got into the tourney midway thru the 3rd level and was pretty stoked about it.

Back to the Chaos...once word got around what was happening...the cops and tournament officials were walking around confiscating any placecards that were being openly "waved" for sale. Your place would be immediately nullified if they caught you. I didn't go out there for Day3A but heard it was 10 times worst...500-600 people out in the parking lot in line starting at about 4am. There was a mad "Bum Rush" at the end when they came out with the placecards and it was every man/women for their self. They just mobbed the front of the building and whoever got placecards got them...and whoever didn't you were "shit out of luck". Just the most bizarre thing I have ever heard off at a poker tourney.

I heard stories of fistfights...several people punched dead in the face...cops taking people to jail...pregnant women out there in line...etc. With all that crap going one, I have to tell you guys about the coolest thing I heard about the whole situation below.

At about daylight, their telling me some "entrepreneurial spirited" kid saw what was happening and "Sized the Day". He shot off to Walmart and brought close to 50-60 of those fold out chairs for around $7...sold them all for $20 as fast as he could get them out his truck...Then he went back and got bottles of Gatorade/Powerade for $1 a bottle..was cleaned out and sold them babies like hotcakes for $5. That was the coolest story I heard about Day 3A's chaos in the parking lot with them fools waiting in line since 4am...somebody made them some money

Oh...back to poker...Day 2A ...They had stopped the night before at like level 15 or something if I remember right. We are at level 14 or so at 300-1000/2000. I am sitting dead on 10 bigs at 20,300 when I glance down at what else...AA ...sitting UTG +2. I had been card dead for several levels, and I heard the lady on my right...sitting on 19,400... complaining to her husband about the same thing. Well she gets quiet all of a sudden and bets out 7k. I tank for a second and decide to do a simple "Stop and Go" and flat here to see if anyone raises behind me or get more people flatting ...and just ship the flop no matter what if nobody raises. Well ...this Tunica Tom looking dumbass who is not paying attention to the action and has "heap" of chips announces, "I Raise" and fires 8.5k into the pot. He attempts to take the few chips back and just call but eventually the floor gets called over and he is told he must min-raise to 12000...the lady ships...of course my chips get in quickly and we get T.T. in with a speech about, "I can't fold...too much in there with my stack...etc". We go to the flop 3 handed with me looking at tripling up to 30+ bigs and prolly getting in the money on day 2 from here easily. Lady tables A-Jo...T.T. tables K-10o...I pitch out my Aces and the flop guts me in the belly quick with the 1st two cards out there being the ten of diamonds and ten of spades...and then the board double pairs with 6"s giving him a boat....."AAAAHHHHHHHHH SHIT....siiggghhhhhhhh" FML...I pack up

So then Mark Rose and I are talking thru the hand when the girls boyfriend starts to chime in about how I played it bad, "What are doing there with Aces...just stick your chips in"...He turns to the guys next to him and says, "That's what you get when you play aces like that"...I guess he was not going to listen to my explanation of being almost an 80% favorite to win the hand...that's when he turns to me and says, "Man...the board double pairs there...all you have to do is shove and get him out the hand and then you and her chop"...pointing to his girlfriend. That's when it hits me the guy was clueless and I just say, "yea dude...we would have chopped there"...LOL...and left it alone.

My day 3 was standard...Had the "missippi machine" at my starting table and we got to bullshit alot and make fun of people. Our table breaks and right before dinner break, I three-bet jam with 11 bbs over a raise and call with AKs...only the caller has AA. Flop comes K high and almost in unison...together we say, "The hand would have played it self" as even if I called there...I am never folding Top-Top there in that spot. I am walking out and I pass the MM's table and he is on the wrong end of a flip...we both hit the rail.

It was a pretty cool trip as the airport/Hotel/Dogtrack were all within sight of each other. I kind of like the dogtracks also. I just don't run well at them. I whiffed the WPT in Jax and now this. Bill Bruce and his team did do a hell of a job under the circumstances with limited capacity. The food was good...It was cool betting the dogs and the checking out the night races ...etc

I picked up a roommate for one night...Thanks Mark Rose for taking that extra bed and helping with the expenses.

We have the hoodies and gear for all those that we told would get them...sorry for the delay. We should also have the patches soon.

We are still working on the forum...trying to get it "Off the Ground"...siiiggghhhhhh

Next up...Gonna try to play the Coushatta events...if your going there hit me up.

I just finished my latest non-poker book, and wanted to give you guys some feedback. I decided to pick up the "Hunger Games" since the movie will be coming out. It really grabbed a hold of me at first, but got kind of ridiculous toward the end. I like the outdoors and the forest/woods ...camping and stuff. It was a cross between "Running Man"..."The Lottery"...and the Reality Series "Survivor". The this futuristic world teenagers are chosen to fight to the death in a "Reality Game" style for entertainment. I read it in 2 days because I wanted to see how it ended...overall I would give it a C+/B-...but I am not buying the other two books in the trilogy...too predictable.

"And it was decreed that each year, the 12 districts of Panem should offer up a tribute of one boy and one girl between the ages of 12 and 18 to be trained in the art of survival techniques and be prepared to fight to the death" Donald Sutherland as the President of Panem in "Hunger Games"

Monday, February 13, 2012

Tunica down...West Palm here we come

Looking forward to the West Palm trip coming up this week, and glad to be done with Tunica. I will say that there were lots of sketchy plays I seen while there, but that's the beauty of Tunica...You get to play with soooo many bad players.

I showed up the 1st weekend to fire at the the 1st event there...the 2 day entry and got lambasted with the flood of people that turned out for the Superbowl weekend in Tunica. Wow...its been 2006 that I saw 70-80 people on the 1-3/2-5 NL list and a two hour wait to play cash. Lines at every tournament in town...having to drive to Harrah's and park in South Memphis was crazy. I went late to the Goldstrike for their Monthly Guarantee tourney and was greeted at the top of the escalators with a line wrapping into the Theatre area and the Poker Room manager announcing to the crowd, "You'll know this is a DeepStack event and we will seat alternates for about 15 more minutes" a line of about 60 which they all just stood there like drones the poker "Red Sea" was going to part and they would miraculously get a seat. It was bizarre to see everything from the online wanna-be standing 40 players deep in line with his headphones around his neck/head all cockeyed with his hoodie over his head Grandma Jones straight out of her cash game at the old folks home at the end of the line.

Yea...the sights and sounds of Tunica, MS are an awaking indeed. Just read Bills latest Blog...But I did uncover one "Jewel" that made my trip worthwhile.

Ever since my run at the IP in late 2011, I have a ritual I have been doing on tourney days. Its what my wife and Bill call "GTL"...Only without the T and the L...LOL... I like to wake up and get the workout area about a good Cardio workout...then hit the "wet side" of the men's spa. That would include a locker for your stuff...Hot tub/Hot Sauna/Steam room/private showers/Lounge area with fresh fruit and fresh squeezed juices. I like to just sit in the Sauna/Steam Room and just clear my mind of anything that is bothering me and after a nice cool shower...hit the tourney. I feel like a million dollars when I get to my seat. I have also been swimming at the local YMCA here in my hometown, and I feel soooooo much better being able to get in a good exercise routine in to my schedule.

Well the IP has a pretty nice Spa and its only an $8 charge on weekdays/$15 Weekends...the Beau's is a flat $20...and the Harrah's Tunica Bellissimo Spa located in the Terrace building rocked them all. This place rocked big time for only $20 but comps are given. They have a "cold dip" tub right next to the 2 hot tubs. Its round and about 4 feet deep and you "dip in" after the hot tubs. I watched several guys do it, but I could not bring myself to do it. I said I was going to before I left and I told the guys working there I was...but I didn't have the sack to do it. Also...they have a "Swedish" shower in there that has 12-14 shower heads hitting you at once in an enclosed Shower...its shear heaven. I have run into several Poker Players there...David Sidler at the IP and then ran into Paul "Bicycle" Sokoloff at the Spa in Tunica the morning he won 1st place and a ring in event #2 for over $40k

Ok...I have said something positive about Tunica so I can move on...LOL

The Tunica trip also took me back to reality as far as missing my wife and son. In my previous blog I said I was going to road trip it to West Palm leaving last Thurs and playing the HPT in Daytona...on to the West Palm event. I missed my family sooooo much the 4 days in Tunica...I passed on those plans and instead just booked my flight and hotel room. I just don't think I could be away from them for that long, and I was there with Bill too... and I saw how hard it was for him being gone the whole series from his wife and kids...its tough. In a matter of 4 days my son started talking in complete sentences and forming his own thoughts and sentences. When I called home on Sunday and he answered my wife's phone saying, "Hey daddy...Im going to 2 Birthday parties today"...Tears welled up in my eyes and I almost dropped my phone.

Well I made it through that 1st event with no cash ...Me coming in bout 190th out of close to 1250 players. They payed like 112 I think. I am in the SB and everyone folds around to the button who has a big stack...he is raising there as I would with UNO cards. I shove 13 bigs over the button with A-J and get stammer called by the BB sitting on 15 bigs saying, "Oh well...I c-c-c-c call"...Button pitches and BB turns up K-Qo. Jeremy Drewery and I just look at each other stunned and I say, "Really called there" I stood out of my chair and turned my back and grabbed my backpack. I knew I was toast...I could feel it. I don't look and after a few seconds I ask, "Is it over" what Jeremy says, "Yea...Don't look though"...and we started laughing as I packed up. I mean my shove range right there has him crushed...the best he could have hoped for was a flip with me holding J-J or 10-10...and the chances of me having A-K/A-Q there are so high then he's crushed...both are at the top of my shove range there. Siiiigghhhhh

What else ...I want to give a shout out as we were on the same table for quite awhile to Justin "truesyalose" Truesdell. Really nice guy and a hell of a poker player. We were sitting at the same table close to each other when he found out that his buddy Josh Mancuso had just shipped the Main at Borgata (see site for details)...Trues said he actually told Josh how nasty it was in A.C and he shouldn't go...LOL. I think Justin made a FT in a mixed game event during the series.

Also...Congrats goes out to Jeremy Drewery who cashed 4 times during this event with a 2nd place in one of the last $345 events...and to Rodney "Coach" Shows who gets himself a ring and close to $18k for winning the last ring event of the series.

Personally...The job front is rocking forward...more on that later once I land somewhere.

Today's Valentines Day and want to say Happy V-Day to my Beautiful Wife Julie and all the females that may read this.

Time for my Facebook rant...I have gotten criticized recently for not being "active enough" on Facebook as I don't even have a pic on my profile...LOL... Personally...I prefer to be a "Lurker"...I don't like Facebook...I can't stand some of the "Dribble" people post...but sometimes its like a "Trainwreck" have to rubberneck it just to see exactly how stupid some people are and how "Bizarre" their life can be. Oh friends on Facebook know who they are and maybe the trainwrecks will somehow get the wheels "Back on the Track".

Ivey had his "Valentines Day" party today at Day Care and his Momma dressed him up...I wanted camo gear but instead he went as a Candy Kane...LOL...Pics below
"Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead"
Mickey Rourke as Henry in "BarFly"

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Year...Outlook looks great...MDH

Just got back from the Beau Rivage and the Million Dollar Heater last week and had a great time. I was there covering the final table of the $5k main event that baarreeeellly covered the Guarantee, and I was giving minute by minute updates on our facebook page and the main website. Thanks Mary for the assignment...I really enjoyed it.

Of course I did not get to play in the $5k Main Event as I fired all my satty bullets and called it quits. Its very discouraging, but all poker players know that feeling of covering/sweating a tournament when you know you are good enough to play in the just could not Satty in. I think Kai and Monk have both blogged about this recently.

The 1st $500 freezeout there were giving out 6 seats and half of one in cash and I get knocked out 9th where I really feel like I played well...Definitely good enough to get a seat. Never had my tournament life at risk until we were down to the Final Table, but I did get it in bad. This old dude that was the table "luckbox" raises to $7200 when we were at 1500-3000...I am sitting on about 12 bigs (37k) when I look down at Jacks (JJ) from the button. Ben Mintz is on the BB with a little smaller stack. I decide to Tank-Shove there and the blinds immediately get out of the is where it gets interesting.

I push my stack out and sit back and the guy just looks at me...I say, "I think its about 35k ish I will count it" and I reached up and started to count the stacks when the guys eventually looks at me and goes, "Yea...I call" and turns up bullets (AA). I almost puke and Ben Mintz says, "No way...He didn't just do that"...While I am standing up Ben says, "Your gonna get there GeneD if there is any justice in poker your gonna get there" every card hit the table Ben would say "Get There"..."Get There"...well...I didn't get there LOL.

I just stood there in disbelief for a second that I could get slow rolled sooooo bad. I have blogged on here before about the donkfish at Shortys, but this is a major tournament series...oh well.

I also had to fade a sicko table when we were down to 2 tables with the following players all within striking distance. John Evans (Who I felt played the best tournament poker I have seen in a long time)....Brian “Sno0owman” Hawkins on my left in 2 separate tables in this thing...Corey "comandr_cool" Burbick...Ben "TheDestroyer" Mintz ...and Tony "Boston Tony" Ruberto who had just snapped off the WPT Main Event in Jacksonville, FL for $320,000 (I whiffed those Satty's also in Jax)...all at my table. I really enjoyed playing with those guys though.

Another Satty on Sunday and I get it in with 3 tables left with about 9 BBs ...3 ways...with me sitting on AA...vs Chris Bigler's AK ...and Corey "Slim" Wunstell's K-10o...only somehow they get both the last 2 kings in the deck on the board...siigghhh

So...Winner of the $5k Main Event in the MDH...Was local Pro John Dolan ...and there was his girlfriend and some other local people there to sweat the action. I got to meet his girlfriend and she is a really nice person, and their gonna be great parents. They have a 3month old can remember when Ivey was 3 months old...siigghh LOL

Dolan came into the final table as the chip leader, and he had to fade a stacked final table that included WPT Champion Randall Flowers, WSOP bracelet winner Ryan "gutshotallin" Welch and Lock Poker Pro Matt "allinat420" Stout. Rounding out the field were a few unknown players and online poker pro Glenn Poole, who scored his first big live score and banked $185,367 for the runner-up finish.

I want to give a quick "Shout Out" to Glenn Poole from Memphis, TN as he and I got to talking during the series and became fast friends...We have alot in common.

What else is going on nowadays...Job situation is looking good. I should have something locked up soon, but we will see. Hopefully things will work out for my poker travels in Feb.

My Plans (Sans Job) will be to hopefully head to Tunica in the next few days. I have had a death in the family, and there is a funeral on Thursday. Hit the 2-5 cash game and start to move into bigger cash games, and hit as many tourneys as I can...Then come back early next week. It is nice not having to "chase" the points for the Million Dollar Freeroll.

From there I am thinking "roadtrip" to Heartland Poker Tour in Daytona, FL where they are having a Televised Final Table to break up the ride...then on to West Palm Beach for the WSOP-C event and that $550 "Milly Guarantee". We think they are going to blow this thing out, and the prize pool could almost double like the Beau's did. I will fire as many bullets as I can if it balloon's into as big as we think. From there head home hopefully into a new job for 2012...we will see. I am going alone as I never know what is going to happen with my family, but I will have lots of friends at all of these events.

Played the tournament they had in Houma last weekend, and did a 4 way chop for 2nd place money. It was a really cool environment and cool people, so now all we need to do is get the structure fixed up a little. Props out to Alex Tassin for making that thing happen and for seeing the situation, and be willing to adjust. They have a lot of potential with this game...the place they had it...etc. I was in n for $150 buyin and out with 4th place money of $750...Chopped with Matt Stroud, Summerall and some guy I never seen before.

I did cash in the 1st tournament of the MDH where it was a 2 day event and they guaranteed $250,000 with a $340 buy-in...Wow did this thing go viral...they busted the guarantee on the 1st day, and they came close to doubling the prize pool. I am telling you that I talked to a guy from Tennessee that him as his buddies were checking online and when they saw the Guarantee bust on 1st day...they all piled in his car...5 of them...and they took turns driving and drove through the night to get there in time for a shot at Day 2. I think the "Milly Guarantee" in West Palm will be the same way. I got like 75th out of over 1450 players for a little over $1k ($1075). I was super disappointed in how I went out in that thing also...siigghh .

I have been grinding the Merge network recently also online...FT'ed a micro tourney the other night...good 4th.

GCP Forum should be rolled out soon...we have it up and the software is in place but Bill and I are learning the "backend" of the software and how to use the thing. Look for it soon.

Looking forward to the upcoming weeks and playing in the tourneys...gonna miss my wife and son something fierce but have to do it...The time is right...Its time to do work...

"Remember when you was a kid and you would spend the whole year waiting for summer vacation and when it finally came it would fly by just like that? It's funny, Jimmy, life has a way of flying by faster than any old summer vacation really fucking does" Bill Nunn as "Easy Wind" in the movie Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead