Friday, June 29, 2007

2 for 4...Not bad for a week

Well, I was not able to get anything going Thursday night in the Goldstrike tournament I played in. I was able to collect some chips early , but could not hold out to get in the money. I made a move in a spot where I should not have, but hey, that happens. I played the best I could under the circumstance, but it was just not good enough. I am very happy going 2 for 4 in one of the biggest poker cities in the South. There are people posting in my blog "comments" that I should not have chopped if I am a"that good" in the 2 tournaments that I actually cashed in.

Am I that good...I don't know. I only claimed to be "Above Average" in my profile, and I think my profile on Card Player Magazine's is proof of this. I don't claim to be the best player around, and I am not the best player on the Gulf Coast. I made a decision based off of the situation at hand based off my personal perception on the table, the people that were left in the game and how the tournament played out. I felt that this was the best decision for me and my bankroll. Again...I am not the best player in the world, I do not have the biggest bankroll and I do not play in the biggest games around. I am an everyday poker player trying to make it through the "Grind" of everyday poker playing. My heads up game is strong because I have played heads up numerous times. I play heads up quite often even though it is not mentioned in the blog.

I wanted to comment on the fact that Binion's has now been sold again. I personally hope that the company that purchased Binion's this time will put enough money into it to make it into the the classic Casino that it is. The poker room and staff there is really great and second to none. Maybe I am prejudice because of my cash there this year, but I did fell the "Nostalgia" of the place. My wife took some pictures and short videos of the table on the wall with signatures on it, and the wall of fame. To tell you the truth, I am actually glad that the I was able to be a part of the "First Annual Poker Classic" at Binion's

I am not going to respond to anyone that post critical stuff in my comments section unless I know your credentials. Show me who you are, what you have done, and how many tournaments you have cashed in...etc. Then I might think about responding to your comments. If you post anything in my blog that is "Inflammatory" or has anything to do with that other site , I will delete it until we sort this out. I have read Kevin's comments, and plan on responding. I am getting advice on whether this should be played out in a public forum, or off line. There are legal steps that can be taken by us, but I personally don't think that is necessary. If he is a young kid that is truly from the gulfcoast and he is trying to better the poker community on the gulfcoast ...well...Bill and I can admire that. This is not a blog for negative idiots who want to post things and be critical. If you think I need to do something different or better in my play...great...That is why I post here.

Well...Back to Poker...I went to the cash games after the tournament. I moved over to the Horseshoe to get in a NL game. I bought in for $500 and sat at a 2-5nl game for several hours. I lost $200 pretty quickly playing bad, and not being patient. I lost another $200 in a hand where I had Kings in the BB. I think I played the hand bad as I feel I played it "too aggressively". We have 3 players limp around to me including the SB. I make it $35 to go. All 3 limpers call...not good. I move in with the last of my stack about $280 in the dark after the flop. The dealer had not even put the flop on the table. Everyone folds around to the SB who makes some sort of speech about, "My wife is waiting on me", or,"I am ready to leave anyway". I know that I am dead once this is said. He calls with what he has left, another $175. Flop comes 9s3s8h. He shows As10s, so we are on a coin flip at this point. 9c peals of on the turn...Now I am at about a 69% to win (I think)...4s on the river...and I rake my last $75 back to me and leave the game.

My week in Tunica...4 tournaments...2 chops (Cashed in the Money)...Played in 4 sessions at the NL cash games...and left overall about a $200-$250 winner.

"Autumn comes slowly in New Orleans. The grass remains a stubborn green, but the heat gives way to a gentle warmth" Gabrial Macht character Lawson in "A Love Song for Bobby Long"

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chalk up another Chop

Played in the Tuesday night tournament at the Goldstrike and I didn't do any good. It was a $50/$10 buy-in. They had about 65 people. I donked off most of my chips with middle pair with KJo. I hit the Jack on the flop when the flop came QsJd4h. We are head up and I am out of position. I bet, and he smooth calls. I check the brick on the turn and so does
he...Hhmm...Intresting. I think he has a Q, but I am not sure. River bricks out and he makes a nice, solid bet of 3 times the pot. I call like an idiot and he is holding AQo. I was a little pissed at myself. I sometimes wonder how I can play so bad. Went to the cash games and got in a tight 2-5nl game. I was in the game as it jumped off. I looked around, and the 1 seat is buying in for $900, the 3 seat for $1200, the 5 seat for $1000, so I say "Damn...looks like we got a poker game" and buy in for $750.00. I play tight most of the night going up to $900...down to $500...back up....etc. I picked up a profit of $65 after 2 1/2 hours. Biggest hand I had. From the button I called a $15 pre-flop bet with Ac8c. We see the flop 3 handed. I flop the nuts. Check...Check...I check. Turn card doesn't pair the board. Check...Check...I bet out $20.00 and get 1 caller. River is harmless ...check...I bet..fold. The monster I had been waiting for and I pick up $55.00 or so...Oh well

Last night I played the Sams Town $80/$25 tournament. I think we had 44 but not sure. Started strong and picked up some good hands. Busted a guy in the third level with Kings when I call his raise pre-flop. Flop is all low card and he bets out again...I raise...He re-raises all in and I call...He shows AQo..."Ship it to the Colonel". I built a nice stack and then I lost half my stack when I miss-played Jd10d to a guy I called this guy "Schleprock" because he looked like that guy Ben Affleck kicked out the room because he had his series 7. Flop comes out 8h9sQc. Great... right? Wrong. He checks and I bet...he smooth calls. Turn is the 10s. He checks and I bet...He calls. River is a harmless 3c. He check raises me all-in. My mind starts racing...If I call I will still have chips, but I won't be a force. I can still push people around with the stack I have...etc. I fold. The guy shows me 1 card...a K. I knew he had J-K. I got rattled and started tilting. I donked off some more chips.

We move to the final table where I am average in chips. The first hand I get pocket 6's...I raise. Schleprock, who is the chip leader, re-raises. I go in the tank, and I have him on a big Ace. I jam .... He calls and turns over big slick. A 6 peals off the flop, and the board pairs on the turn. BAM. I win a few more hands. I am now 2nd in chips and a force to be reckoned with.

We play down to 6, and they start talking chop. They are paying down to 5, and the total prize
pool is 2800. Scleprock is chip leader, and I am second with a little more than 1/2 of his stack.
He says he will chop if he gets $700.00. Everyone is ready and they all look at me. I say, "No way...I am not giving him $700.00". The other 4 are all about even, but the blinds are going up. We play a hand...everybody starts talking chop again...I am silent. Schleprock starts with the table banter with me, "Come on man, look at my stack", "I got more than you "...etc. If he takes $700 we all get $420. Nah...he can do better.

I told him my, "Heads up game was strong" and that I would be, "willing to bet on the side if we wound up heads up". I then propose to the table that he take $600.00 I will consider it, but I want more than $440, and I waited while the bottom 4 guys huddled up. So we chop 6 ways with schleprock getting $600...I took $540...the last 4 took $415.

2 for 3 on the week and will be playing again tonight a 6pm @ The Goldstrike with a $100/$25 F/O with a $5000 guarantee.

"Somebody messes with me, I'm gonna mess with him" Robert DeNiero's character Al Capone in "The Untouchables"

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Can you believe this guy?

At 3:24 PM, Haterade said...
Hello gentlemen, I enjoy your blogs. is a site that I believe fellow bloggers will love. It is in no way a copy of I wish you gentlemen good luck with your site and invite you to be a part of ours as well. We will be up and running shortly and are excited to what this site will bring to local poker players.

By you posting this on my blog you have now convinced me...beyond a reasonable doubt...That you indeed stole our idea for the site. If you would have just went ahead and built your site and said nothing then I would have had to wonder whether someone else may have just had the same idea as me. We wanted the domain name, and now you have it. My blog will be a testament to the whole world that you guys have been "Lurking" on my site and that you guys pulled a "Fast One" by getting the domain name right when it became available ...while I was in Vegas actually playing in the WSOP. Do you even play on the Gulf Coast?

On a positive note, we are adding another blog to the site today. Please come check out Big Ray's blog. He is considered one of the more aggressive players in the New Orleans/Gulf Coast region. He is widely known in the poker circles and highly respected. He spent the entire first day of the Main Event in New Orleans sitting next to Gavin Smith. This is the one where Gavin got 2nd to Peter Feldman...He played his heart out. You can check out his blog at ...(Drum Roll starts up in the background)... ....Bo Ya....

I want to assure everyone that we all live, and play on the gulf coast. We will be traveling and bringing feedback, poker hands, logic, theory...etc from cash games and tournaments from the
Isle of Capri in Lake Charles around to the Hard Rock in Tampa. You will get a look at what it is like "In the trenches" on the gulf coast. I will post later about my tournament last night at the Gold Strike.

I think this is what it might have taken to get us motivated. Someone trying to come in and backdoor us on our idea. We are meeting with the lawyers next Monday, and with the apparel company on Wednesday. We all will be wearing gear in our next tournaments.

"I see in your eyes the same fear that would take the heart of me. A day may come when the courage of Men fail... when we forsake our friends, and break all bonds of fellowship, but it is not this day. This day, we fight!" Viggo Mortenson's character Aragon in "Lord of the Rings"

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tunica update...and stealing ideas...what a world

I want to start out by giving some info on the tournament I played last night at the Gold Strike. It was an $100.00 buy in with a $25.00 entry and think we had in between 55-60 players. Johnny G really worked the room well as they have a guaranteed $5000.00 prize pool. 10 minutes to 6pm and we only has 34 players. This would have left us with a huge overlay. We would have to get 50 people for their not to be an overlay. It was pretty sweet sweating the pre-tournamet vibe as that's all everyone was talking about.

I got in 2 hands early that really solidified my table image, and helped me also with my read on the table. The first one was really easy and fairly simple. I am UTG with the blinds at $25-$50 and I look down and pocket jacks...the hand everyone loves to hate. I make it $225.00 to go because I hate the hand and would rather take it down there. Everyone folds around to the BB who calls...Hmm...lets seeeee...lets call $175 more to protect $50. I immediately put him a monster. Flop comes As10c3d. I check ...he checks turn comes 9d...I check ...he bets out $500 and I say, " better try to get something out of the monster hand you have" and I fold the Jacks up...he smiles and shows the pocket aces.

The next hand I had pocket 10's in middle position. There were 3 limpers, so I made a nice raise to 3-4 times the BB. The cutoff re-raises. we see the flop 2 handed heads-up Flop comes Ac9c6d. I check...guy checks. turn bring Ah. I go in the tank here thinking I can steal the pot. My fear is that he played something like A-K to A-Q. I decide to just check...dude checks. Now this has me wondering what he has. I still have him on a big hand...but doe she have an Ace? The river brings the Qs...I now check...he can't even pull his hand back from the middle of the pot before I fold the 10's face-up. He shows pocket Kings.

We wound up chopping 8 ways…I took home $545 after dealer tip out…picked up another $125.00 in a 1-3 NL cash game at the Horseshoe. 1 for 1 on the week so far

Stealing ideas...Well what do you looks like since I have been dragging my feet on getting our regional website up and running, someone has decided to steal my idea. I should not have been telling so many people about what we were planning to do. I should have known better. I knew the .com version was set to expire soon, and we planned on grabbing it. I guess we will just have to see who has the better site once we have our stuff up. We have 5 more bloggers set to start posting soon, "Wild" Bill and I are are adding things and changing things daily, and we are planning on using the WPT event in Biloxi to kick off our site. I am just wondering who it is that is starting the other site. I wonder whether I actually know them...or did they just read my blog and said, "Hey...that's a great idea".

This is the USA, and competition is free and fair. This blog will be the testament that building a regionalized website around the gulf coast region...was my idea

"Waaarrioooors! come out and play!...Warriors, come out out and PLAY-YAAAA" David Patrick Kelly's character Luther in "The Warriors"

Saturday, June 23, 2007

UFC and a relaxing Sat night

Me and my wife have been watching the The Ultimate Fighter 5 all season, and we are moderate fans. I will say that it is the best reality show that I have seen so far. It really is great to see MMA really take off. We ahve been looking forward to this night all week, and I have some bets with guys at my work.

My predictions: I really like Nate Diaz to take the TUF championship. I think he is a stand up guy that will tell you what on his mind. His brother Nick has helped him get that attitude of "don't let no one push you around". Stand up and fight if you have to. So, obviously, I am going with Nate Diaz over Manny Gambarayn.

I really like Jens Pulver as the coach. I think he is a cooler person in general than BJ Penn although I would love to see him beat BJ, I don;t think that is what is going to happen. I think BJ may just be more "hungry" to make up for the lost to Jens years ago.

I keep seeing that Burger King commercial for the "Western Whopper", and I can't help but crack up laughing thinking about Captain Stacks. That mustache on the commercial is soooo cool. It reminds me of the Cap. I keep thinking of him doing that little "Ho-down" dance ;-)...I hope you are tearing them up in Vegas Captain Satcks!!!

"The first rule of Operation Mayhem is do not ask questions" Brad Pitt's character Tyler in "Fight Club"

Friday, June 22, 2007

Book Reviews

Hey Guys...I have been reading the past 3 days and I wanted to comment on the 2 books I have been reading. I didn't get to play the last couple of days, but I have been active sweating the internet action from the WSOP/Venetian/Belliagio/Binion's. I have also been getting updates from Wild Bill who has been playing on the coast for the past 3 days. I will let him blog and tell the stories. One was really good. As he was telling me the story I was cracking up laughing and so was he. I think Big Ray went out there to meet him and play some cash games. I am flying out Monday for Tunica. I hope I don't go 0 for 4 but if so, I will give it my best.

First book:
Reading People, Jo-Ellen Dimitrius, PH.D., and Mark Mazzarella
Great book about reading people in general. Not only has it helped me out in my poker game, but it has also helped me out in interviewing people at my job, reading the salespeople when they try to lie and reading the customers when we are at a closing appointment. It is so much like a poker game when you are in front of a customer proposing your service and they are giving you objections and such. I see the same tells, body language and demeanor. It is funny.
Jo-Ellen Dimitrius' claim to fame is she is one of several people that picked the O.J Simpson jury...I think I would rather be known for something s little more sincere that, "I picked the jury that let a killer walk the earth free for as long as he is alive"...pitiful...but it is a good book. She claims she got a lot of flack about the fact that she was apart of the team that picked that jury...A must read for poker players.

Second book:
Ultimate Guide to Poker Tells, Randy Burgess with Carl Baldassarre
Wild Bill turned me on to this book...WOW...what a book. I think that besides the Harrington books, which by the way, I consider them my Poker Bibles, this book really helped me take a look not only at my opponents, but at my own perception of myself. It helps you to take a look at body language, table talk, eye contact, playing with your chips and lots of other visual variables that allow you to read into what your opponents hold. It is amazing how "behavioral analysis" will make you into a winner...or loser

Goes out to Roxy...Captain Stacks loyal companion for over 12 years. Captain Stacks...hang in there big guy. I know it sucks right now, but it will get better.

"Look, if you had 1 shot...1 opportunity ...2 seize everything u ever wanted...One moment ...Would u capture it ...or just let it slip" Eminem's character rabbit in "8 Mile"

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Heading back to Tunica next week

I have been told by my boss that he will need me back in Memphis next week, so this means I will be heading back to Tunica. I will be staying at the Goldstrike on Monday thru Friday, but will have to work from 8 to 5. This should still give me some ample time to play some tournaments while I am there. I am going to post up on here the tournaments I plan on playing.

Monday night 6pm @ The Goldstrike with a $100/$25 freeze-out with a $5000 guarantee
Tues night 6pm @ The Goldstrike with a $50/$10
Wed night 6pm @ Sam's Town with a $80/$25 Freeze-out
Thurs night 6pm @ The Goldstrike with a $100/$25 F/O with a $5000 guarantee

I will try to keep everyone posted on how I do. Lets Poker Martin actually cashed in one of the Deep stack events at the Venetian. I think he fell around 35th and collected about $1400.00. Good job buddy!!!

Fellow blogger Captain Stacks is now blogging and you can find his blog in my comments section. I am going to talk to "Wild" Bill and see if maybe we can link the blog with our site...with stacks approval of course. We are still working on the looks kind of cheesy right now. I want to apologize for missing you in Vegas stacks. I wish I now would have made it a point to go meet you guys, but it was crazy. It looks like he also has a 1st place cash for over a quarter of a million. Damn Stacks...I didn't know I would attract someone of your skill level to my blog. Let me know when you want to stake me...I am all ears on whatever you would suggest. I have been looking for a stakehorse to put me in a couple of tournaments. I can be ...your "Protege" HaHaHaHahHaHa. Sort of like Negreanu and Anthony seriously...Thanks for showing yourself. The mustache is pretty cool.

I have had numerous conversations with lots of my friends about whether this is a good idea or not. Some said I should have kept my anonymity while other commended me for coming out and having the balls to put myself out there like this. I have "Lurked" on so many blogs in the past years, and finally I said, Oh well, lets see where this all goes.

"I came here to do two things..drink beer and kick some ass..looks like we're almost out of beer" Ben Affleck's character O'bannion in "Dazed and Confused"

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hellmuth and his final table

What a joke that they actually gave PH credit for being at the final table without an asterisks. This is so wrong I don't even now where to start. There is no way of being able to gage whether he would have gotten knocked out 10th ...the night before. Yes...He did not go out tenth the day of the final table which makes it that he did "Make" the final table...with an asterisks. If they would have kept on playing the night before, I am going to name numerous variables that would have caused him to get knocked out on the night "before" the actual final table...if they kept playing

1) Stamina/Tiredness. He may have made a stupid play the night before because he was tired, and we all agree that he was fresh the next day. 2) Different set of playing cards 3) Having a different dealer. The old dealer may have dealt him Kings against his opponents Aces. 4) Different shuffle machine 5) Having to re-draw seats for the final table... the stars and planets re-aligned...numerous variables in the cosmos that will point to the fact that no one will be able to "know" what would have happened if they kept playing to the final 9. The final table the final the final table. I don't believe that they can now say that since he made it past 9 people...this is now considered a "Legitimate Final Table". My thoughts...Yes...he made the final table...with an asterisks.

This is my opinion. Personally, I think he is a great player. I would have loved it if he would have stepped up and said..."No...No...No...we need to keep playing because if I make the final table tomorrow, I don't want any questions". He did not do this. If you do not agree, I would love to hear what everyone else thinks a very calm and civilized verbiage.

I am going to cut and paste a hand from the blog that will explain "How" he continues to do well and move up in tournaments.

(From Kaelaine Minton's blog)
"Blinds are 10k/20k and Phil raised to 40k, a minimum raise. Even I could smell the trap from across the room, but Brett raised enough to put Phil all-in. When action got back to Phil, he made his trademark 'insta-shove' and turned over his pocket Aces -- duh. Brett held 7 4 (I don't make this stuff up, folks). Phil ran over to the stands and got insurance from Phil Ivey, who is watching this final table. If his Aces get cracked, Ivey will pay him $90,000. The board came K J 8 K K and Phil doubled up"

This explains it folks...people play bad against him.

"Fortune and glory kid, fortune and glory" Harrison Fords Character Indiana Jones in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom"

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

ESPN bows to Hellmuth

Can you believe that ESPN has bowed to their "precious media clown" Phil H, and in the process have given him another "mark on his fuselage" as another final table. They decided to force the WSOP to stop play early yesterday in the 28th event which is a $3000 NLH buy-in because they wanted to have PH at their final table. I can't believe...well actually I can believe that Phil would allow this to happen. He will now have an asterisks next to his final table appearances. I hope they knock his butt out in the first hand.

Went play in a "Bar" tournament last night in New Orleans. Pretty rough crowd. I think I could have ran the tourney better, but what can you expect from the New Orleans crowd. It was a $50.00 buy-in with about 20 people in it. I am going to try to post up a MPEG of us at the final table at Binion's. I know...I know...I am sucking this one small 3rd place finish for all its worth, but actually, I just want to see if it post and what it looks like.

What you will see is when we are down to 4 players, there is a sort of introduction where we all introduce ourselves and tell where we are from.

Lets see how it comes out...

Oh well...would not let me

"You said bullshit and experience is all it takes, right? -Right. -Come on in and experience some of my bullshit" Eddie Murphy's character Reggie Hammond in "48 hrs"

Friday, June 15, 2007

Tunica update

Alright now. I am taking some heat for my photos from the old school guys. Sorry about that. I guess I dress for comfort at the table. That hat is my new America Eagle cap that turns inside out and it is camo on the inside. I was actually thinking of making that my new "Poker Hat". Kind of like Jared Hamby. I heard that Barry Greenstein got alot of flack from the Internet poker crowd because he referred to Jared as "The kid with the green hat". You see, Jared is always seen with an old Green Baylor hat that is all worn out and scuffed up. You know, like he took it and scrapped it up against a brick wall or something. I assume that is why his nickname is the "The Waco Kid". "Louisiana Lightning" is already taken by Herbie Montalbano. Herbie is a nice guy. He always comes and sits in the 2-5nl games at Harrah's when he is in town. I last played with Herbie when he came down to visit his folks during Christmas. I saw him in the $5000.00 PL Hold-em tourney while I was there. I didn't get to talk to him, but he did acknowledge me with a little point of his finger...but I digress

Wednesday night weekly at Sams Town. $80.00 buy in $25.00 entry. There were a disappointing 43 players. I expected more. I got down to the final 2 tables and jammed short stacked with pocket 4's only to run into Pocket Kings. I did make quad Kings about halfway thru the tournament and let a guy catch up and get his flush on the river while calling on every street, and then retired him when he jammed with the Jack high flush against my quads. It was sweet. I got lots of cudo's on my acting ability as several old timers ribbed me that they knew I had a monster.

Last night was the weekly $100.00/$25.00 at the Gold Strike. It was cool to see Johnny Grooms again and chat with him about this years WSOP. I am wondering whether my "brother from another mother" Jason Lipscomb will become as famous as Johnny. Jason is currently working the series and I know he did the final table commentating on the Reslock/Ivey final table...but I digress...again. I made to the final 2 tables, yea...I know, not a good pattern. There was this pretty girl that sat there the entire first 4 rounds and did not play one hand. All of a sudden she just blows up, and starts gathering chips and bullying the table. She caught me on a bluff for a quarter of my stack. Then I noticed a tell. Every time she capped her cards it seemed she had a monster. I saw her not cap her cards a couple of times, and she got caught in a bluff on the one hand she had to show-down "uncapped". I am on the button and there are 3 limpers to her and she jams..."Uncapped". I look down at A-9o. I think for a long time trying to get a read on her. She looks a little nervous, but nothing significant. "I call" and show the A-9. She smiles and turns over K-Qo. Right where I wanted to be...until a King and Queen hit the flop...Yikes. GeneD is deposited to the rail. In hindsight, I don't think she was on a bluff, but I did get it in with the best of it.

Please check out Wild Bills Blog at
He is my partner in crime, and we hope to have our site up soon where we will link both our blogs with our regional site. I know...I know...I have been talking about this for awhile now with nothing to show for it. The site has not changed and I am starting to get some heat from my buddies as the "Under Construction" signs are looking pretty worn. I think you guys will like Bill's prose. He has a lot more wit in his writing, and he can remember hands alot better that I can.

Bill did mention on his blog that I got bust out this year by Siedel, and last year I busted out J. Chan. Of course they were both put in the spotlight by the movie Rounders. What is the
significance? I don't know but I think Eric Bana and Robert Duvall better stay out of my way.
Or what about Sly and Jamie Fox from Shade...Yea...They need to steer clear also.

I guess I will have to post up another photo of myself at the 2005 WSOP event. In this one I am sitting next to Marsha Waggoner and John Phan is also at my table...and in the photo on the left. I don't look so sloppy in this one ;-)

One more just to prove that I am not a slob at the table...Notice no chips...OUCH

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pics from the Final Table at Binion's

I forget to also tell you guys that I chopped a $175.00 satellite while I was there also. Real soft table. The CEO of, Stevie Vegas. He also had 2 of his girls at our table. One solid older guy was also at the table and several other guys from Indiana that confided to me in the line that this was their first WSOP. They gave away 3 $500.00 chips and $125.00 cash. Me and one of the guys from Indiana decided to chop. I took the 2 chips and we both got out of there with over $800.00

Daniel Negreanu is now with I wonder what will happen to fullcontactpoker?
He really jumps around alot.
Check out Alex's new website...

Here is a couple of pics from my final table at Binion's

I made it a point to make sure my cards where over the card reader on the table. If you can't make it...then fake it HaHaHaHa

Here are me and some railbirds...notice the cold beverage of the "barley and hops" persuasion.

One More with me and the winner Mike "Shoes" Gambony. The guy has cashed like 40 times since 2000. He was a really nice guy

"That kid is back on the escalator again!!!" Jason Lee's Character Brodie on Mall Rats

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random thoughts and comments on this years WSOP

I was really down and out earlier in the week about coming home from the WSOP. It was tough to go after your dream, get close enough to smell and taste it, and then have the facet just turned off on you. WOW...Sobering for sure. I will be playing in the weekly freeze-out at Sam's Town tonight. It is a $80/$25 buy-in. I am getting my game face on, and plan on keeping at it.

Work...well is work. Getting my head back into it.

Brandi Hawbaker...I saw her at the WSOP getting interviewed with Sklansky. She was answering the questions while he sat there looking geek-ish. I swear I saw him staring at her boobs.

Poker Wire Radio...I got to listen to Alex Jacob on the ride yesterday and I agree with Wild Bill, he is the next superstar. He did get ribbed by Gavin Smith about there being 138 pros that were playing the PPL that did not play in the USPC. It was cool though...they were just joking around about it.

Hellmuth wins the 11th...WOW...I cannot believe it. The guy is loud and obnoxious at times, but you have to give it to him...he is good. That reminds me that I got to see the replay of when Varkoni shaved his head...Classic.

WSOP lines and Chaos...everyone is stating the obvious...its the worst I have ever seen it.

Worst hand that was played came from Daniel Alaei as told to Gavin Smith via Poker wire Radio. Daniel bet $3000.00 on the river into a $6000.00 pot with 5h4d with a board showing 9s9d3d3h6h...the donkfish calls with pocket deuces. Even if he doesn't have the straight...he wins with 5 high HaHaHaHaHaHa

Six degrees of separation...One of my sales guys lives next door to Moneymaker in Memphis. He is suppose to go with him to the pokerstars event in Aruba or Atlantis...somewhere...Damn is he lucky

I had to leave some of the cash with the wife. We have a patio to put up

"You know, my old man used to tell me, before he left this shitty world, the right woman can make you and the wrong one can break you" Don Johnson's Character Malboro Man in "Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Back Home from the WSOP

Well people, I am back home and back to the grind of work. My wife and I did absolutely nothing yesterday. All we did was lay on the couch and watch movies. I kind of felt like I was detoxing from all the energy of Las Vegas and the WSOP. There is so much energy and action there that it just consumes you. There is nothing else like it.

As you guys know, I free-rolled into the WSOP 6 handed event #12 which had a $1500.00 buy-in. There were over 1400 people in the event. I felt really good going into the event after my 3rd place finish in the Binion's Poker Classic . I really like the 6 handed format, and I really got alot of experience in the Binion's event playing 6 handed. I started out strong, and picked up several pots early. I was in the 6 seat, and there was David "The Dragon" Pham in 4, and Cliff "Johnny Bax" Josephy in the 1 seat. Pham got knocked out after about 30-40 minutes. My buddy "Let's Poker" Martin happen to be at the table next to me with Amnon Fillippi. After the first break, I was moved to a table with Andy Bloch 2 to my right. This was a good spot for him. He was really a nice guy, and I joked with him that I had the episode of the "The Circuit" with him on it playing in my Ipod. After the 2nd dinner break I ran into a hand that I will discuss here. I think I played it bad.

Button is in the one seat, and I am in the 3 seat with antes/blimds at 50/150/300 (i think). I look down at pocket 8's and make standard 3 times raise. Internet guy to my left in the 4 seat hesitates, then smooth calls. All else folds. Flop come Qc7d3s. I make it 2200 to go. Internet guy goes in the tank. Finally smooth calls. Turn comes the Ah. I go in the tank, and I know what I should do...Jam it. I can feel the guy is spooked. I did not like the 2200 call though. I check very hesitantly...he does the same. River card comes a Jd...I know I am now in trouble. I go in the tank thinking I have 2 plays here...Jam it...and give away my tournament with a call...or check and loose what little fold equity I have left...basically giving up. I don't think I can win without betting. I know he does not have me on a straight draw with K-10. I check. He sighs a sigh of relief and says, "Man, I did not want to be in that hand and I know you didn't either. I know I should bet here as a value, but I don't think you would call. This hand was the spookiest so far of my tournament and I don't know what I would have down if you jammed after the turn", and he proceeds to lay out pocket J's so we all could see. It was tough to see, but it did not cripple me. I still had some chips to play with. I got moved to a table with Eric Siedel 2 to my left. He has double the chips I have. I get down to about 2600 is chips with the antes/blinds at 75/200/400 when the guy directly to my left stands up and walks away from the table. So when the blinds get to me I have a pass on the small blind and then I look down on the button at KJs. Siedel is in the BB, so I jam when it comes to me on the button, He smiles and says something like "I wish you wouldn't have done that"...anyway...he has pocket Q's and the board bricks out for me again...right before dinner break. They were paying 126 and the tournament directors estimated that there were around 250 people left out of over 1400. There you have it.

Comments on the pros I played with:
David ...real quite, did not say much
Andy and Eric...nice guys who played their image at the table very well.
Cliff...Great guy...BS'd with us the whole time. Cracked jokes with the dealers. very nice guy.
I think Jared Hamby came by our table at some point and bs'd with him

If you guys want to see me at the table, I am going to try to cut and paste the link from the WSOP photo store

I will post a pick of me at the final table at Binion's when I get a chance. I will try to post some more about my experience later. I have to go now...and "pry" my bankroll out of my wifes hands so I can head to Tunica.

"Bobbie sue, whoa, whoa, she slipped away
Billy joe caught up to her the very next day
They got the money, hey...You know they got away
They headed down south and theyre still running today"
Steve Miller's "Take the money and run"

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Pumped and Ready...took 3rd yesterday

In Vegas, and finally found some time to blog. I am sitting in my hotel room at the Bellagio over looking the Rio pondering what may be today. Julie and I got a room upgrade to a suite with whirlpool tub as the hotel made a mistake and sent her into a room that was already taken. She walked in on the people, and they were none too pleased, obviously...but I digress

I am waiting to play in the $1500.00 6 handed tournament today in the WSOP. I am sitting at a table right next to my buddy Lets Poker Martin. We are going to give them hell today. I am running real good now and I was able to bring my "A" game to Binion's yesterday to play in their 6 handed tournament in the "Binion's Poker Classic". I think they pulled in around 250 people for the event. Davey and Parfait played. The buy-in was $150.00. I took down 3rd place for a cool $4300.00.

One hand to note, I am on the button with about 3 tables left when i look down at AKs. There is a raise of all in from a player that I have barely covered. Guy to my right calls and he has about half of that. Wow...what a decision. I go in the tank for about 2 minutes. I figure I am getting about 3 1/2 to 1. Finally, I announce, "Well, to win one of these things you have to win coin flips sooner or later...I call". We turn up our cards and we all have AK...but mine is suited in spades. At that point, one of them says, "Ah man...the spades are coming I can feel it"...guy doomed them both. It was beautiful to see those 3 spades hit the board.

Have to get in the shower...I will try to post more later.

"Where's my Bat...I can't think without my bat" Tom Cruise's character Lt Kaffee in "A few good men"

Friday, June 01, 2007

Capt Tom and the "Ladies"

You guys have to read this post...I was going to "Cut and Paste" it into here, but I am afraid that there could be some kind of liability... I have played with Capt. Tom before and he seemed like a nice guy...This post is from Brandi Hawbaker...

Hers is the 2nd post...

What gives?

"And this one Band Camp" American Pie