Saturday, August 23, 2008

State Poker Tournaments...WSOP HORSE event

I have been reading all the poker sites recently looking for some content for the site when I keep coming across the "State Poker Tournaments". Lets see now...There is the Oklahoma State Poker Championship in Tulsa, The Florida State Poker Championship in Pompano Beach, The California State Poker Championship coming up which Ben Affleck won years ago, and the Arizona State Poker Championship in Scottsdale last weekend. The tournament at the ASPC ended last week and they cut it off at 450 players with a $500.00 buy-in and they payed out 3 places. Get this payout

1st Place $100,000
2nd Place $40,000
3rd Place $20,000

A little math here and my question is ..."What happened to the other 65k?". Please don't tell me that the casino took that much juice. That would suck to play against 450 people and they only pay out the top 3. I wouldn't want to be the bubble boy in that tournament...Am I missing something here?Anyhow...My thoughts are why don;t we have a Louisiana Poker Championship and a Mississippi...or even a Tennessee. Maybe one of the Casinos in Tunica can run one for the Mississippi event and 6 months later run the Tennessee event.

I am now watching the HORSE Final Table event on my DVR. all I can say is "WOW"... I heard on one of the Pokerroad shows The Mouth talk about "Wait till the poker community gets to see Scotty on ESPN for the HORSE Final Table...Wait till they see him "MotherFuck" the dealers", but I had no idea how bad it was. I think I got equal parts more respect for E-Dog as disappointment from Scotty. E-Dog leaving Layne Flack hanging at the end was classic too. I loved it. You could tell Layne felt punked. It was obvious on his face. E-Dogs comments to the whole poker pro crowd of "I can't beat a drunk...some nights you can't beat a drunk"...ouch Scotty...that hurt ..."Baby".

As far as DeMichele (Pronounced DeMishel...not DeMikele)...I kind of lke the kid. He let Scotty get a little dignity back by burying the hatchet on the end and hanging out and congratulating him...just being a good sport. Scotty Jekel/hyded back into "Good ole Scotty" once he won the tournament. I really think that E-Dog came out looking like the champ. I loved it when E-Dog told him, "I ain't on Team Scotty buddy...never have been...never will be".

I just finished reading BeLOWaBOVe's blog and how you like this scenario....Your at the FTOPS final table in the $300.00 6-max with rebuys and your heads up for all the cheese. 1st place is a over a quarter of a million. You have a 5-1 chip lead with you having over 5 million and your opponent has a little over 1 million. What a situation is that? That would be all of our online poker start to click the mouse...nothing is happening. All of a sudden your screen has no motion and nothing is happening. You attempt to type in the chat box but nothing appears...oh my god...YOU'VE BEEN DISCONNECTED!!!!...every online poker players worst nightmare happened to BeLOWaBOVe. I am getting the chills just thinking about it...I can't imagine what I would do...What about Monkey? Holy cow people would know what happened to him for blocks around his house.

Could you imagine the technician that they sent over to your house if this was you? OK...the everyday cable guy gets dispatched to an unsatisfied customer little does he know he is walking into a feeding frenzy of displaced anger because this specific outage has cost joe consumer over 100k. He walk in and announces his presence and looks for the Cable Modem...Damn...that looks like ...small pieces of it there in the to that baseball bat. Hmmmm. OK...the computer monitor looks as if somebody punched his fist right through it. Damn...Keyboard broke in half with broken keys all over the floor. He notices no mouse but thinks he sees a movement in the hallway. He makes his way down the hall and does not notice that joe consumer is sneaking up behind him with mouse cord wrapped around both fist in a strangulation type fashion...ok..ok you get the picture.

So what happened to our masked crusader you ask? He was able to get back to the game after losing 90sec of Fulltilt time on top of another 2 minutes (I am thinking time enough to reboot every piece of computer equipment he owns) about 3 1/2 minutes. His opponent has stolen enough blinds to be over 2 million...and He does eventually loses and comes out second. He doesn't blame this on him losing, but it had to effect you in some kind of way.

"I've got a tiger by the tail here and I'm not about to let go!" Leo DeCaprio as Howard Hughes in "The Aviator"

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Loser at the Belle...winner at Harrahs

I have been busy the last couple of days at work at the day job as well as working on some new initiatives with the site. We finally got the correct software that was needed an we will begin working on the 2nd phase of the what we hope will fester into something tangible...more on that later. Don't want to tip anybody off so a competitor doesn't just "Pop out of nowhere" with the exact same model.

We are set to get 2 ...possibly 3 new poker bloggers in the coming weeks, and I know that one of them will be playing alot of the events in the upcoming Beau series during labor day. He has his blog kicked off and his play and insight will be valuable to all our readers. I know he has been on a heater lately online and in the B&M casinos.

I am arguing with my wife right now as it is pouring down raining outside and we just got back from the grocery store. Well, I get out first and run to open up the door to the house and get totally soaked. I leave the door open for her so she can now run in. I start taking off my wet clothes when my wife asks, "Hey...where are you" while she is putting on my Harrah's Poker Room Jacket with the hoodie on it. So you guys can see where we have a point of contention...Her logic is why in the world would I take off my wet clothes before I get the groceries out the car, and I am looking at her like WTF??? Why don't we just wait until it stops raining and then I'll go out get the groceries...Am I losing it?? Is that not the most logical scenario???

Oh well...on to poker. I went back to the Bell of Baton Rouge last week and swore I just walked into Shorty's on a Saturday night. Got seated at the table with Jimbo and Gary (The Belle Regular), and there the LAG players were out in force. I go thru one buy-in fairly quickly and get the last of buy-in #1 ($75.00) all in with Dana D dealing with A-Jo ...I get called by 2 people. One was the guy directly to my left named Ben. It was mentioned that he dumped $5000.00 in the ten and a quarter game (10-25nl) at Harrahs the week before. The other guy was in the 6 seat and he calls also. The action went down like this. I am on button and UTG raise to $ 6 seat pops it to $30.00 around to me. Yep...can;t see putting half of the rest of my stack in and getting away from this hand....Ya think? I ship...Ben calls hesitantly and seat 6 calls. So what do they have you ask? Well Ben has Q-10o and seat six has K-Jo... I am digging in my pockets as the flop totally reams me with a K-K-5 flop. So there is a discussion as to why they would call $75.00 with those hands. That is when Gary tells me about Ben playing in the 10-25 game and note to self...Stay out of his way...and 6 seat just shrugs and says, "I was ready to go anyway...I just called...I don't know why"...I am serious...that was his exact words. I would love to have a table full of those types. You know the ones, "Yea...I was ready to go to the house and I am $500.00 stuck in this game so I will just go ahead and stick my last $80.00 in a pot with K-Jo instead of putting in my pocket for my next session...and the sick part is I can't beat these guys in this situation. If someone sticks in their last stack of chips and says to the table, "I am ready to go home...I call". The dealer can go ahead and put the pot right in front of the guy because no matter how the cards fall...I will lose.

OK...Buy in #2. So we have determined who the 2 bullseye boys on the table are. Seat 6 who doesn't stay very long and mustache boy in seat 3 who I am going to call "Super Bill" because if Super Bill would have worn a mustache for his bachelor party, they would have been twins. So me and SB get in a couple of hands together while he twist the ends of his mustache in a "rico suave" kind of way, and he bets me out of a couple of hands where I probably had the best hand. I am being patient and trying to get him in the right hand. So I look down at A-Js this time and call SB's $15.00 pf raise as does the Newguy in the 1 seat that is in for only a hundo. Flop comes out Qs-10c-5d. SB makes a knuckle head move where he is completely confused as he tries to bet $75.00 but gets nailed for string betting and has to leave only $20.00 out there...I call as does Newguy. Turn is the Ac. Now...I missed my straight and now my backdoor flush draw is busted ...but I got top pair with a mid-strong kicker. SB, gets some stache wax off the handlebars and fires out $100.00. I can't see getting away from the hand and I have him dead on 1 pair. Newguy is already all in so I jam...SB calls and we have 2 pots. New guy turns over K-J for the nuts so far and SB turns over Q-4....River 4d and GeneD sits there stunned and what transpired. I went from a chance to chop both pots needing a K and completely dominating for the side pot nothing at all...ziltcho.

So...were on the buy-in #3 and GeneD is trying to stay away from tilt but its lingering in his head. Should I just leave now...or fire the third bullet. Why not?. I am in a good game with some bad players and I am stuck 2 buy-ins. Lets get'er done. I am back on the table with my 3rd buy-in and playing snug...winning small pots here and there. Finally I look down at 8s8c in the hi-jack seat and everyone limps to SB who fires $50.00 in the pot. folded around to me and I go in the tank as I can't believe what I am about to do. I hate racing for all my chips...its just something I hate to do. I have him square on A-K/A-Q...or possible some lower pocket pair. Obviously, if I am wrong and he has a pp 9's or over I am dead. I jam all my chips in and get the anticipated "Call" from SB...he tables A-K. Board bricks and GeneD has a buy-in back.

They kept moving people to the main game and our must-move table broke when SB moved there. I hung out, bullshitted and drank a beer with Jimbo and watched SB lose the $600.00 in front of him...He puts out $700.00 more on the table and lost that in 4 hands on some of the dumbest plays I have ever seen.

Friday night I decide to head over 2 Harrah’s for some poker action and get there right at about 4:30pm. I get $200.00 and sit in a 1-2nl game and finally I get a run of good cards.I turned the nut straight on the 2nd hand, the nut flush on the 8th hand, get Kings 3 times, Aces once. I also had queens when I popped it to $20.00 pre-flop and see the guy in the ten seat kind of “Flinch” like I beat him to the punch. When it got around to him, he smooths trying to be coy…it was funny to watch. Flop comes out A-7-3. I knuckle and he fires out a pot sized bet of $50.00…I muck face up and the guy flashes his A-K and the girls next to me “Hmmms and Hawwws” like I made this great laydown…righhhht. So, at 6:30 my wife calls me with that voice like I am suppose to be somewhere …and I am not. You married guys know that voice... “Where are you?” she ask…I say, “Playing cards”…and the phone goes silent quickly. We made plans to go to her sisters house last Tuesday and it is now Friday night and I have not been reminded about it for 3 days…I forgot. I rack up and hit the door as fast as I could. Total cashout…$630.00. Not bad for being somewhere that I was not suppose to be.

Heading out to Boomtown tonight to play in the Wed weekly with Bill.

"Any man that's got the guts to sell his soul for love has got the power to change the world. You didn't do it for greed, you did it for the right reason. Maybe that puts God on your side. To them that makes you dangerous, makes you unpredictable. That's the best thing you can be right now" Sam Elliot as The Caretaker in "Ghostrider"

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Friday night push...Night at the Belle

Stopped in at Shorty's on my home Friday, and go there about 5:45pm or so. They already had 2 tables going and a list, but I was first on the list as I usually call when I get to New Iberia or so. I buy in the game for $300.00 and was not jumping for joy at the table I had...JoeB in the 1 seat, solid playing Dave from Lafayette who came with Tim H., Tex in the 6 seat, Tim Hebert in the 7th, me in the 8 and Golf Tom in the 9 seat. Oh well, I couldn't stay all night anyways as my wife was coming home and I had to pick her up at the airport in the morning. I really enjoyed the table and chatting with everyone. Got some good stories from Tim about his Vegas trip. He is thinking of heading to LA for the Legends of Poker, but he is not sure just yet as he said he wanted to stay close to home for awhile.

I was happy with my play as I didn't make any mistakes that cost me big, and I would leave after several hours with a "Push"...cashed out with $310.00. They had 3 tables going when I left there, and it was probably going to get crazy as all the action hounds were showing up. I am in Baton Rouge for a couple of days, and will be heading to the Belle of Baton Rouge tonight to get in some action.

Went to the Belle of BR last night at about 5pm and was finally able to get in a NL game 7pm. The new parking garage there is pretty least you don't have to cross the street...then the train tracks...walk 200 yards...climb the levee...walk another 100 yard to the Casino walkway...did I mention that it was still a 100yr walk down the plankway?? Kind of feels like your "walking the plank". So the new garage cuts out about 1/2 of that epic journey to play poker at the Belle of BR. I walk in and see that they only have 1 NL table and there is a list...DAMN. So...what do I decide to do? Yea...that's right...I decided to play "Lets just jab a sharpened pencil in my eye and love it" 4-8 limit HL. I always keep forgetting why I hate this game until I sit down and light a hundo on fire. One fo the regular NL guys there, Gary who is first on the NL list, is in the 8 seat so I take the 6 seat. The table commences to torture me with top pairs beat on the 2 pair loses to bigger 2 pair caught on the river...My KK losing to 2 pair on the river...did I mention that I lost 90% of my hands on the river??? That's limit poker...draw baby...draw..and re-draw...never fold anything that you can go runner-runner on...nothing. Gutterballs?? They were standing in line to draw at them

...and to top it off...I get slow-rolled on my last hand, and unlike the idiot at Shorty's, this slow-rolling piece of crap felt the "Wrath of GeneD"...Monkey would be proud. I have about $15.00 dollars left of the hundo and decide I am going to play the next hand that I see worth anything strong and see what happens. I look down at favorite hand. Everyone limps around and I pop it to $8.00. We see the flop 6 handed. Flop comes out 10-5-4 rainbow I fire $4.00 and loser in the army get-up with the tattoos calls and we see the turn 2 handed and I throw in the rest of my chips before the turn hits...dude calls as the turn comes out a Jack..."Oh well" I think...I guess I am snaps off the 3d on the river and I stand up and have my cards and ask, "You got something man?"...Dude replies,"Nah man I ain't got nothing"...and he keeps his cards and acts like he is going to muck...I ask "You got nothing?" and he shakes his no...I reluctantly show my 10-9 for second pair AND sit back down in my chair when this cock bite tables Q-Q. WTF...I lose it. "You are one slowrolling piece of shit, sir"...and I call Gary's attention to what just happened and we start laughing...I look at the guy and he is getting pissed and talking to the other people at the table and telling the floor what I said...I announce to everyone within ear distance what just went down, and then I walk back to the table because he had this dumbfounded face on and ask him, "Hey...Dumbf*^%#...You don't even know what you did there did you? your too stupid to even know what happened". After I get warned by floor I laugh it off and my seat finally comes open and I buy into the 2-5nl game for $ out for $375.00 3 hours later.

I get fussed by Julie on my way home as she is quick to chew my ass out when I get out of line. I have quit berating people at the table when I lose hands to idiots, but being slowrolled just tee's me off. I explained to her, " wasn't that i was only $15.00...its the way he played the hand...I was not being a sore loser"...trying to fight a battle I can't win...oh well. I guess I do need understand that there are people playing poker out there that don't even know what slow-roll is. My Bad...

What else...watched this shit going on in Russia...Holy Cow this shit is serious. Wasn't it Tom Clancy's "Ghost Recon" that starts out with this same scenario? That is crazy. I watched the president of Georgia on TV this morning quoting incident in history that are examples of what Russia is doing now...Nazis invading Poland...Russia invading Afghanistan...etc. This guy was very articulate, calm and intelligent. For a guy that is getting his country invaded by Russian forces...I was pretty impressed. When asked by the reporter does he have forces on the roads prepared to stop the aggressors he commented that all of his country if poised to fight...every Georgian...we will not surrender...every man women and children will fight down to the last fork and steak knife if needed...WOW. Anyone who is a History buff and has read about these people fighting the Nazis can attest to their resilience. They would send men into battle with not enough guns and they were told to pick one up from someone who was shot.

Movie Rant...I know most people hate Mel Gibson as he is considered Anti-Semitic ...etc. I got to see "Apocalypto" this weekend...What a great movie that it turned out to be. There is no English and subtitles, but it is an amazing movie from a Historical point of view.

"This causes it! Information overload! All the electronics around you poisoning the airwaves. Technological fucking civilization. But we still have all this shit, because we can't live without it. Let me do my work" Henry Rollins as Spider in "Johnny Mnemonic"

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Slowrolled at Shorty's

I am pretty aggravated right now as I don't know what the hell happened with my last post but half of it "Disappeared" ...mysteriously. I typed it several days ago and checked it out yesterday...yup...its there and then today its carved up. I don't know what the hell happened. Oh well. If anybody read my blog and remembers me talking about the stripsearch case...let me know so I at least know I am not crazy

I headed over to Shorty's yesterday to play in the tournament and maybe play in some cash games. I am pretty aggravated about the whole trip yesterday as I skipped the tournament and just decided to play in the cash game. I probably should have fired the $70.00 at the tournament just to see what was going to happen. I never played one there before, but I was told that the structure sucks. Lets see who was in the room last was packed as it is every Wednesday. Tex, DaveyB, Matt, Big Mike, Mustang Mike, Tim Hebert, Cody...and other regulars. I played for a couple of hours and burned through one buy-in. I am aggravated that I had to leave a good game, but I was not in the right frame of mind to keep playing. I was rushing things and playing hands that turned out to be 2nd best and thats not good in that situation. I left really pissed off as there was this idiot in the 1 seat that kept slow-rolling people, and it bothered me...and then he slow-rolled me on the end and I come very close to going off on the guy, but decided to just quickly leave before I made a scene or anything. The funny thing is that I don't think that he even knows what he was doing. After talking to Bill last night, and he played devils advocate with me, I think the guy may be that clueless that he doesn't understand that its not good poker etiquette to do the shit he was doing. This guy just really had no class. Of course he was an older "Bumble Dork" kid of dude that I guess plays there sometimes as he kept talking about playing in Lake Charles...I don't know...the first time I played with him was last night.

The reason that he comes across as a slowrolling donkfish is that he ALWAYS...ALWAYS things he has the worst of it. In this scenario below he pulled this crap on another kid about and hour before me. Somehow they get it all in and he is talking out loud about "Oh got me"..."The pots yours"...etc and he was called by the other kid and kid turns up his hand and Bumble Dork takes a few seconds 6 or 7, to turn up his hand and tables QQ to take this huge pot down.

I said, "Damn man...That was F*%$#ed Up...You slow-rolled that man". When we told him what he did, he said, "What...I committed a poker faux paus"...I said..."Yes did...Don't matter to me I wasn't in the hand". He claimed that he thought the guy had a set. He said when the guy called he thought he was beat. ...Whatever. I may be wrong but I think the Queens were an overpair to the board...I don't know as there might have been an Ace out there. Davey may be able to comment a little on it also as he was in the hand.

Now we are down to 5 people on a 5-5 table with Tex, Davey and Me all on the same table. Great place for me to be right...not. Finally, some more people started to show up and Tex snapped off 2 HUGE pots. I was in the 3 seat....and before the cards were in the air, Tex bounces from the 2 seat to the 4 seat. Damn I wish I had that kind of Jedi presence of the force, "Luke...move from seat 2 to 4...Luke...MOVE Luke....MOVE now"...that had to be going through Tex's mind. He got a sick run of cards and Aces in that seat. He got pocket Aces 3 times in 15 hands....220 to 1...I would like to see someone run those numbers. Anyhow, on one of these pocket rocket hands they get it all in pre ...3 ways with one guy having A-Q and the other holding QQ...How sweet is that? On another hand he got a guy to call his all in with the Nut Flush with 3 diamonds on the board...with 3d4d or was it get the picture. Any how...nice run Tex...I hope he was able to cruise along with that huge stack he had...Congrats brother. I was told that Big Mike and Davey all booked winners.

So on to the hand that nearly set me off on a rampage Monkey would have been proud of. I am bleeding off chips and getting a little spewey as Tex is just snapping off Monster pot after Monster pot in the seat next to me. I decide I am going to start making some moves to see what I can do. Tex has me itching to get my stack going upward. I play some hands I probably shouldn't have and I was trying to force things and next thing you know I am down to about $75.00. I am in mp when I look down at A-9s and decide I am going to make a play at the pot but bumble dork beats me to the action and fires in $35.00 to my left...Damn I want to play this hand...his range is just about anything here K-Q...Q-Js...even 9-10 or J-10. I don't see putting $35.00 in without getting the rest of my money in so I jam for $40.00 more and make it $75.00 to go ...Bumble Dork calls and announces, "Holy shit...Im behind...I need some help"...I do not show my cards. The dealer drops the flop of A-8-4 rainbow on the board..."Oh Im in trouble...I need some help...I need a Jack" this point he turns over one of his cards...a Jack and kneels on his chair. Obvious I think he had pocket jacks. "Hoohhhh I need help dealer...give me a Jack...I need a Jack"...turn bricks..."You got got me man" and the river hits the Jack of hearts. He sits there and holds his cards and then turns over the Ace as his down card. I come close to saying, " you realize how big of an asshole you are? You think you are funny and having fun but your a slow-rolling really don't get it do you? You don't see how big of an asshole you are".

Instead, I stepped away from the table and started to head for the top it off...this dickhead has the dealer fish my cards out the muck as show them...What an ass!!!!. Oh well, Bill took the devils advocate position and said the guy thought I had A-K ro A-Q...but you can see from my perspective that what he did was wrong...idiot. I also heard that on the previous table that Tim Hebert a $600.00 pot or something and this idiot asked the dealer to get his cards out the muck...and he wasn't even in the hand!!!!!

Oh well...heading back out there Friday night, and hopefully Bumble Dork the slowrollin piece of shit will still there

"Went into the store just to get a beer. Came out an accessory to murder and armed robbery. It's funny like that in the hood sometimes. You never knew what was gonna happen, or when. After that I knew it was gonna be a long summer" Tyrin Turners Character Caine in "Menace II Society"

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Snoozing to a win

Snapped another LLSNG last night when I got home from partying with my boys on Stars. I didn't start the game until late...something like 10ish. My boy J-boy called me up and we haven;t seen each other in a while. J was a usher in my wedding and one of those "True Blue" friends you know you can count on, will always be there if you need him and nevr judges you. Great guy. So we meet up some of his crew here in Lafayette (J was born and raised here) and it's 5:30 and they are wanting to hit Jagermiester...Yikes...I hate Jagermiester. Its just I never really like to drink cough syrup to catch a buzz...its not my thing. Give me a cold brewskie and a shot a goose every 3rd beer and lets party...Damn...Jagermiester. Found out they were some young whippersnappers...around late twenties and early thirties and that explained it. I remember those days. Anyhow...3-4 beers in and they finally get GeneD to start shooting Jager...not good. I felt like shit all day today. So, after drinking all night and slamming numerous shots of the eurpoean version if Vicks Formula 44D/Robitussin, I come into the hotel room last night and immediately log in to Stars as I think I am going to play a sng before bed...yea right. Well things went pretty OK.

PokerStars Tournament #100169077, o Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $3.00/$0.4010 playersTotal Prize Pool: $30.00 Tournament started - 2008/08/04 - 22:37:08 (ET)Dear GCPGeneD,You finished the tournament in 1st place.A $15.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

I have no F#$*&ing idea what happen to the rest of this mysteriously disapperaed and I don't feel like retyping it...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Nice pot at Shorty's and other rants

Was heading to Lafayette yesterday, so I decided to stop in at Shorty's and see what was happening. I show up and had to wait a few minutes as the table was full. I was glad to see that they were playing a 5-5 game and not a 5-10 game. The room was actually fairly empty, and at one time they only had two 3-6-12 tables and that is unheard of at Shorty's. There were a couple of regulars there as Doc was in the 3 seat, Fred in 10 and Golf Tom in the 8 seat...and then there were these a few huge donkfish that were sitting there also...Oh yea...Rutt was in the 1 seat and DaveB (AKA southpawrounder)was in the 4 seat. The Donks were in the seat 5-6-7

The table was typical for Shorty's with alot of erratic play and pre-flop raises. I would say ...Correct me if I wrong here SPR ;-) would see probably 85% of the hands were raised pre-flop with about 65% with $100.00 or more in the pot pre. $25.00 and $30.00 raises were par for the course and getting 5-6 callers was common place. I sit down with $300.00 and survey the stacks and the talent. Doc has a nice stack of over a grand, Davey is pumped and then I get "locked and loaded" on seat 5, 6 and 7. Golf Tom had a nice stack but Fred was running low and visibly frustrated. Rutt seemed about average. After about and hour the guy in the 6 seat, a Spanish guy that I am sure is an oilfield diver gets the LAG/action bullseye on the forehead. He is the one we want to get in hands with. He was making crazy calls and playing every hand and going for every draw in the book.

I burn through a hundo chasing a flush draw and trying to get in some pots cheap when I look down at A-Jo on the button. There are 5-6 limpers around to me when I announce, "Well...lets see if this can work for me" referencing the fact that everyone else was popping it pre, and I fire in a raise of $25.00 or $30.00...everybody calls. Flop comes out J-9 -brick. Everyone knuckles around to me and I ship in the rest of my chips, $150.00 or so as the pot was around that much at this point. Bullseye Boy goes in the tank. Now, I am hoping for a call. In a way, I would rather just take it down there, but I knew he had something like mid or bottom pair for him to tank like this. He would have snap-called with top doubt. I eventually ask him, "You got some of that flop" hoping to induce a call, and he flashes the 9s as he folds. I take it down and my stack is back up to around $325.00

I hover around that until I get my big hand, I look down at KK from mid position and bullseye boy UTG limps and the guy in the 7 seat makes it $25.00-$30.00 to go and gets 2 callers around to me and I re-pop it to make it $105.00 to go. Bullseye goes in the tank and calls back around the the original raiser who jams for another $130.00 or so. Everyone folds back around to me and of course I re-shove for the rest of my chips which was around $200.00 and bullseye goes in the tank. Now, I am sitting trying to figure out whether I want him to call or not here. I think I have seat 7 dominated, but this guys could have anything ...a weak Ace...something like 10-8 or J-9...hands that crack big pairs. I finally come to the conclusion that I want him to call as that was what I was here get in a big pot with him and try to snap him off a bit. He does eventually call and I immediately ask seat 7, "You got Aces man"...He dejectedly shakes his head no and tables K-Qo. Someone asks me if I have Kings and I nod yes and table my cards. We are all waiting on bullseye boy and he finally tables his cards K-5c...WTF!!!! Thats right folks...thats the way they play out there at Shorty's...but you know what..."They were suited". Well the board bricks out every which way possible for both of them and GeneD says, "Ship it to the Colonel" and stacks up a huge pot. (southpawrounder...correct me if I missed something)

I just called the Isle of Capri in Lake Charles and found out that all their daily tournaments in the evening are re-but events...WTF??? Are these guys just stuck on re-buy events there? Buy-in is $15.00 with unlimited re-buys for the first 3 levels. I just don't feel like playing when for the first hour everybody with 2 cards with paint are going to open shove to try to get chips...nah...I'll Pass

I see that Stars do have their new interface out...I like it a little better. Funny, just like Monkey I seemed to have crushed them as SNG's soon as the update took affect...HHHmmmm. 2 first and 1 second over the weekend.

Wow...just checked...over 14,000 people on UB right now...Amazing...Hopefully half of them are in the play money side of things.

On to Movies...I watched this movie this weekend called "Lonesome Jim" with Casey Affleck and Liv Tyler...its was cool in cynical kind of way. It was one of those films that I got into but my wife could just sit there and think it sucked. The movie revolves around Jim who is a writer and is caught up in the "World is a shitty place to be" mentality of Hemingway and Burroughs. He actually has a whole wall with writers pics on it that all have committed suicide or wrote about "Chronic Dispair"...It was something to watch for all you intellectual types.

Jim: You have a girlfriend, Evil?
Evil: Nah. I use hookers. It's cheaper.
Casey Afflecks character Jim chatting with his Uncle Evil the pot dealer in "Lonesome Jim"

Saturday, August 02, 2008

One week to go

I been playing as often as I can lately, and doing pretty good. I played every night this week as I had the room at Harrah's until Thursday. I had to got to Baton Rouge on Thursday, and I was back there on Friday night. Booked a couple of winners and pushed last night. I got to play with Davey and Parfait on Wednesday, and they got to see me suck out on a questionable play to double up to over $600.00.

I make it $25.00 to go from late position with QQ and get 5 or 6 callers...Damn. Flop comes out J-8-9 and the guy in the 3 seat that that has me covered and has been playing very erratic and poorly all night bets out $30.00 and then 2 people call around to me and I ship in the rest of my chips. Everybody folds and the seat 3 goes in the tank for a few seconds and then he calls and then ask, "You have a set of Jacks?"...I say no, and we both kept our cards hidden, and the dealer hits a Jack on the turn and the guys face turns into pain and pissed off...river bricks and he say, "Go me your over pair"...I table my Queens and he mucks. I stack up the chips and we all start chatting about how that hand went down. The guys never said anything, but we came to the conclusion from his verbiage that he must have had 2 J-8 or J-9...but probably he had 8-9 since he asked me about the Jacks. I shipped my stack in as 60-40 dog and sucked out, but I also had the fold equity which is crucial here. I don't necessarily like his play there. First calling $25.00 pre-flop raise with something like 9-8...and then calling another $250.00 after only putting $45.00 in the pot with 2 pair? I don't know if I like that call. I think my play is a standard play there. I should have bet more on the flop to get out the weaker hands, but I don't know if any of these people would have folded if I bet $50...or $100.
Oh well...Live and learn.

Plan on hitting Shorty's Sunday and as many times this week as possible...maybe even hit Lake Charles one night.

I thought the post by Monkey was pretty interesting when he talked about the guy bringing him up to the hotel room and showing him the computer where you could see everyone's cards. I mean it has now been proven that this has happened...all of us at some point got called when we thought for sure that that person could see our cards. How do we know that some of these online whiz kids have not got some sort of program and used it. I have a feeling we may see some more "Big Names" exposed soon...not just Russ Hamilton...but some of these known Internet kids

-We are getting tons of people hitting the site recently, and we are getting e-mails from all around the gulf coast....from Tampa, FL to Corpus Cristi, TX. Let us know you are out there with an e-mail and tell all your friends about the site.

-Just got off the phone with my wife Julie who was 1 seat behind Eric Sieldel on a flight from Vega to New York today...She said he didn't say anything to anybody the whole time...typical Eric Siedel.

-Bill is off on vacation in Pensacola...I hear I missed one hell of a bachelor party...Word on the street is he now has a "Wedding Planner"...that is actually good so he can stay off tilt every time the price of the wedding bumps up 5%. I can see him getting popped a couple of more times with raises before this thing is all over with... ;-)

"If you want the ultimate, you've got to be willing to pay the ultimate price. It's not tragic to die doing what you love" Patrick Swayze as Bodhi in "Point Break"