Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Session at the Belle ...Chat with "Spoonman"

Stopped in at the Belle of Baton Rouge last night on my way to Lafayette. I was able to get in the game pretty fast which is really good there as sometimes there is a wait...BTW...I heard something about they were swapping boats with the Amelia belle...It was just a rumor. Had a somewhat good session. Small win but a win nonetheless. The crappy part is that both of the hands I have to talk about revolve around Quad 8's.

I am in the game for $200.00 when I make a terrible call against Rene Robert. A very good...known player in the Baton Rouge area. I had pocket 9's when Rene and I both called a $15.00 pre-flop raise. Flop hits 7h2c6s. Pre Flop raiser checks and Rene fires out $25.00. I smooth and the PFR folds. Turn brings the Jh. Rene checks here and I knuckle also knowing I should probably have fired here. River brings the 10c. Rene fires out $65.00...and I "choke" up the $65 as he shows 8c9h.

From here I am able to get my stack back up to around $250.00 when I had to move to the main game. On the 7th hand I get Pocket 8's in the BB...6 people limp along with me. Flop comes out 8-8-4. I knuckle...Everyone knuckles all around. Turn brings a 7. I knuckle and everyone knuckles to the Cutoff...he fires out $20.00 (Yea...finally I think). I smooth reluctantly in my best "James Dean" acting mode and we get another caller...SSCCHHHWWWEEEEETTT. River is another 7. I am trying to figure out if that was a good card for me or bad card. I try to trap thinking I am making a huge mistake...I tap. Other guy taps and the Cutoff goes for his chips ...YESSSSSS.. Fires out $70.00. I raise to $140 talking to the guy about "How we must be chopping"...etc. He starts to back away...I now know he is a good player and he will not call with his 7.

2 revolutions of the table later, I call a $15 Pre-Flop Raise with K-Qo. Flop comes out Q-8-8. I make it $15 to go and get 1 caller. Turn brings a 10...I check now and he checks. The river brings another 8. I check the guy bets out $65.00...and I call. He tables 8-7s. I left right after that and cashed out with $365.00 for a small win of $165.00.

What else...oh yea...a shout out to Tom "Spoonman" Witherspoon. Tom sat next to me for about 45 minutes last night...I think I heard 45 Bad Beat Stories. No Seriously...Tom is a good player and we get along. I like Tom's plethora of stories. He actually told me once about the time he got pissed at the dealer at Harrah's several years back. He claimed that the dealer cost him $78.00 in the pot. He said he would stop tipping until he got the money back. Tom was tipping $1 a winning hand back then and I will be damn if he did not wait until he won $78 hands ...and did not tip in all 78...and he resumed his tipping as usually...You gotta love a man with principles

John Phan has scored 2 bracelets this year...I have played with him several times and love his attitude and view of the game. He is go getter...full speed ahead. Pressure...Pressure...Pressure. Usually always has a Cup of Beer near him.

R.I.P to my favorite Comic ...George Carlin. He was a classic and he will be missed.

Thought I was going to make it toShorty's to try and play in the tournament there, but it is pouring down rain right now.

Pulling for Georgia tonight in the finals of the College World Series...GO DAWGS!!!!

"I believe in a long prolonged derangement of the senses to attain the unknown... Although I live in the subconscious, our pale reason hides the infinite from us" Val Kilmer as Jim Morrison in "The Doors"

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Win at Shorty's

Posted a nice win last night at Shorty's in a 5-5nl game. I have been kind of bummed about the way they have been running the nl games there, but I was able to actually get in a game last night. Last Friday I went there and didn't even play. That was the first time in as long as I can remember that I went to a casino to play poker and didn't even peek at a card. If you are reading this Ken, stop me next time I am there, and I will explain...not that it matters. They are going to kill off the real games because they jump off their nl games daily with a 5-10 game. I know several people who have stopped going there because of this. I am not against them running a 5-10 game, but they have built their clientele around 5-5, and you have to at least stick to your core game before you move up. You have to stick with what got you where you are. I think they are trying to appease 4-5 players, and they are going to wind-up killing their nl game...IMHO

So I got in the game last night with $200.00. They had two 5-10 games going and they finally decided to open a 5-5game, and I happen to just walk in the door. They had the same group of donkfish that come out to Shorty's on the weekends. 6th hand of the day and I have A-Jo in the cutoff seat, and the guy UTG raises to $20 and we get 3 callers to me...I smooth. Flop comes out JhJc5s. UTG fires out $35 and one of the callers smooths and I raise. UTG calls and other guy gets out. Turn brings the 4s...UTG fires again. What could this person have? I now put him on K-J or Q-J...maybe J-10. I jam, and the guy calls announcing to the table, "I think you have me beat but I call"...The river brings another A and I say "Yea...I think I have you"...your boy doesn't muck his cards...he tables 2c2h. The Real Estate Agent next to me just stare at each other...WTF??? Hey...great. I finished off the night with a monster suck out when I made a bad call against the guy to my left. I am on the button with A-Q when he raises to $35.00 and we get a couple of callers. He only has about $135.00 behind him. Flop peals out Q-4-4 and he pushes...everyone else folds and I go in the tank. I start talking..."You got Aces or Kings huh...I know you do...Damn...I am getting Pot odds though"..."OK...I will make a bad call...I call". Sure enough...your boy tables KK. At that point the guy did the worst possible thing you can do...He announces, "Don't worry man...I have been running so bad that your going to get there...watch...its coming"...BBOOOOOOYYYAAAAAAA The Ace ball on the turn. I rack up a little later after donking off a little of my stack with $515.00 and head out. I was content with this after a 2 1/2 hour session

Took down a LLSNG last night on stars and played in a couple today. I am playing in a satellite right now on my other laptop while I blog here. Its a small on into some tournament tomorrow...looks like the Hundred Grand.

What else is happening....
--We are looking at getting another tournament here locally to the guys that are in this area. You know the place and I will e-mail out logistics. Anyone wanting to get in on it e-mail me at gened@gulfcoastpoker.net

--Goondingy has come out of semi-retirement today and is heading to the felt at Harrahs. I know Wild Bill is heading out there to honor the occasion. I am looking for some killer hand analysis in the coming days

--Damn...Busted Out...Just started cooking something and wound up donking out of the sat. I think I could have cruised into a seat and I called an all-in post after we got a table full of limpers pre on a board of K-7-3 rainbow with K-Q...of course the jammer had A-A...and HAD ME COVERED...I didn't even notice this as I was trying not to burn my eggs. I thought the guy was short stacked...Oh well

--Looks like our favorite "Scarfiest" poker player has got a bracelet. I swear DarioM looks like my 13 year old cousin. I think he even had a pokerstars scarf...how do I get one of those??

--I can't even hang at Pokerroad anymore as it really gets me depressed that I am not there. I just watch the JC Tran/Amnon Fillipi video blogs...cools as shit

--Watching the Ultimate Fighter...if any of you guys watch that what an idiot that dude Jessie Taylor was. To get to that status and get hammered and go to a Casino and act a fool. They featured how he was doing this for his boy...etc. I knew he was going to cry on the post interview once he got booted...Come on man...grow-up. I was pulling for your from Breaux Bridge, Louisiana Tim...until he starts crying. Damn...Can Dana White run one series of TUF without one person balling like a bitch.

What else...oh yea...Tex, Goondingy, Slow Play, Joe, Matt...your all on the Greyhound. Davey is driving...Parfait is co-pilot and Rutt is bartending

Gotta go...

"Nobody has a clue. Least of all me" Val Kilmer as Simon in "The Saint"

Monday, June 16, 2008

The dream is over...

Thats a wrap people...I shot my wad last night for the chance to get into the WSOP Main Event this year in the $370.00 Super/Mega on Stars yesterday. That's what our boy Tex says every time that a circuit event comes to a close..."The dream is over...back to reality". I think we all have those types of dream. If you are reading this blog I would say that you have dreamed that dream. Mine played out like this...I had been grinding it out in LLMTTs for several months now trying to get my online bankroll up to where I could take a shot at the ME Sats and not sweat it...Bam, I get 2nd place in a $12.00 180 person MTT for $400.00. Its easy now, I just have to parlay that win into playing in the $370.00 super/mega on Stars...fade everyone except 226 people and Bam...GeneD and wife are packing their bags for a shot at the title.

We play up into the final table and come November...It happens....Move over Moneymaker!!! GeneD wins the bracelet and becomes a Pokerstars Champion...and multi-millionaire. From there, I buy a huge greyhound touring van and me and my crew (You know who you are) hit the road to dominate the poker world....Yea...that all came to an end last night with another bust out in donk like fashion. The same hand that busted me in the IP main event was my undoing here also...AK vs QQ. That is such a hard hand to play...but yet its so easy. UUHGGG

Yea...Tex has had this dream as did Ruttley and many others...Paul S...Mr. Mitch L. Everyone who has played in a Main Event where there is high/mid six digit prizes.

Oh well...its over and like TJ Cloutier says..."Everyday I wake up is a new day...I don't give a crap about what happened yesterday or last week...today I am going to play my best". (GeneD starts to drift)...That would have been sweet though...parlayed $12.00 into millions and got to be famous...for....those...3 ...months" STOP!!!!! quit thinking about it.

I started work off great today and was talking to my wife. She starting telling me about what was going on at the store...when...(GeneD starts to gaze)..."Damn...I made it past over half the field of over 7000...all I had to do was fade about 3000 more people"...

I am sitting at the table listening to the RVP in our 9:00am sales meeting and we are talking sales strategies when..."All I had to do was lay it down...Fold...its only 2 cards"...Oh well...Shake it off.

I have not been blogging the last week as I got trapped in the blogger quagmire of starting a blog...getting halfway through it and saving what you wrote so you can finish it later. You log back in 3 days later and read what you wrote and it is one of several things...1) Outdated 2) Doesn't seem interesting anymore 3) cooler things have happened to you since this....etc...and I start over from scratch.

OK...whats going on?...Bill and I are hoping to get some more bloggers soon. We are really getting lots of traffic and we are getting lots of e-mails from folks who are really enjoying the perspective of "Regular Joe" Semi-Pros thoughts on hands ranging from tournaments to cash play. Again...we want people to relate to the site. We are not ballers...by no means. We are everyday grinders handing out information and documenting our trials and tribulations...from the best cash session and tournament tale ...to the sickest bad beats. We hope you'll enjoy the content, and if so, do like countless others and drop us an e-mail and let us know.

-Special Thanks out to Monkey for the interview...we will be hitting more of you up soon. Don't dodge us ;-)

-Also good luck to all the Gulf Coast Players at the WSOP...Gabe and Claudia, TK, Allie Prescott from Memphis, Cub, Jason Gladden...and all who are there or heading there and giving it hell

-I think Wild Bill has been traveling. I haven't heard from him in a week...Maybe I should post up another pic of him to see if he surfaces ;-)
-We will also be adding people to the Gulf Coast Poker "Who's Who" section...Some of you don;t think I have pics of you ...but wait
-Beau Rivage Tourney coming up next month
-Shout out to Compton from FTF who is staying with Lusky and Virge...Congrats...Bounced back after a sick assss AA vs KK suck-out on the bubble in a Deep Stack Event at the Venetian to get right back in the cheese in several other tourneys...including snapping off a $150.00 daily at Ceasers

-Shout out to all the FTF'ers that support the site and read our blogs...THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT...for those of you that don't ...at least "Lurk" at FTF...our official forum for GCP.Net...go there now!!!!!

-OK...OK.... heres the url for you lazy F''ers http://www.fulltiltforum.com/.

"Men Plan....and God Laughs" NBC- Title of an episode in hit show ER. Episode 22/Season 1

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


PokerStars Game #17901420809: Tournament #90793193, $6.00+$0.50
Hold'em No Limit: 45 Players
Level XII (800/1600) - 2008/06/03 - 23:07:18 (ET)Table '90793193 5'
Seat 1: delucabr2002 (526 in chips)
Seat 2: Crystal-gem (12995 in chips)
Seat 4: BORAX111 (10675 in chips)
Seat 5: EasyDoesIt78 (10212 in chips)
Seat 7: hammer192 (14362 in chips)
Seat 9: GCPGeneD (18730 in chips)
Ante 75

***Dealt to GCPGeneD [Td Jh]
delucabr2002: folds
Crystal-gem: raises 1600 to 3200
BORAX111: folds
EasyDoesIt78: folds
hammer192: calls 2400
GCPGeneD: calls 1600

*** FLOP *** [7c Th Jd]
hammer192: bets 11087 and is all-in
GCPGeneD: raises 4368 to 15455 and is all-in
Crystal-gem: folds Uncalled bet (4368) returned to GCPGeneD
*** TURN *** [7c Th Jd] [9d]
*** RIVER *** [7c Th Jd 9d] [As]
*** SHOW DOWN ***
hammer192: shows [Ah Jc] (two pair, Aces and Jacks)
GCPGeneD: shows [Td Jh] (two pair, Jacks and Tens)
hammer192 collected 32224 from pot
*** SUMMARY ***
hammer192 (small blind) showed [Ah Jc] and won (32224) with two pair, Aces and Jacks
Seat 9: GCPGeneD (big blind) showed [Td Jh] and lost with two pair, Jacks and Tens